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Found 4 results

  1. here comes the 4th Video my triple seven (777) smoker div.. Not good for your health. but good for us enjoy
  2. Just to clear things out this is not a rant post. I just wanna know why did you guys(WG Devs) Nerf Kiev's hit points??? So that I wanna play it to it's full potential OGNEVOI:- I personally loved this ship because of it's Hit points at 15k and Guns were amazing compared to other DDs even farragut can lose to this ship in One on One situation. Torpedoes are very good but it is Russian so 4kms range is reasonable. But most important thing is it was like cruiser and i had to play it like a mini cruiser. KIEV:- I was so eager to use this one so I sacrificed my Minekaze and Ognevoi. but this ship turns out to be hammered with WG NERF HAMMER. like at T7 this ship's Hit Points are 12.6k!! I mean seriously?? How should I play it? Hide like all Hatsuharu players do?? Torpedoes are fine considering I've got used to that 4kms standard range of Russian torpedoes. But I'm also used to my high number of hit points from lower tiers. If i had to use my guns I have to give up concealment and I don't wanna talk about concealment issues because this boat is a GUN BOAT not a torpedo boat like Hatsuharu. Why did you take out 3k hit points from Kiev?? was it that necessary?? Not to say you've now released Leningrad with 15k hit points. With already existing Blyskawica and Sims. TASHKENT:- Now I played it on public test and this one has monstrous 19k hit points. Yes torpedo range gets better with 8kms. And it becomes a complete DD cum Gun Boat Now I wanna know how should I match with these ships?? With my speed? with first salvo shot they will know my exact speed and timing. Even if I do WASD hax their shells eventually get to me no matter what. I just wanna know what is my role and what should I do? and I must say there will be players like "Hey DD go cap!!!" "DD go scout". And I have to explain I'm not a DD and I can't fulfill a IJN DD's job requirements. With all this I had to play a bit passive and which causes me to be a useless member of the team. I can't go and spot. Nor I can be exposed for a longer time and With a CV in the match it is like hell. Note :- THIS IS NOT A RANT POST
  3. Aaditya_AJ


    At last I got that ANNOYING ship Kiev. Now I need to upgrade it. I've seen lot of Unicum players describe it as a mini cruiser. It was always a scary ship for me when I sail in a BB or in a DD. And looking at it's incredible 42kts top speed I was right about it, IT IS REALLY SCARY I wanna know how you played with it. What modules, Upgrades or Captain skills you've used in it when you played it. I just wanna know HOW TO KIEV Any advice is welcomed Thanks In Advanced EDIT :- Meh It is just a downgrade to Ognevoi only thing excites you is its guns when you don't have enough health to make a difference what's the use of it??? 3k nerf was really foolish. if it was like 1.5k it was fine But really??? now i have lesser survivability than a t6 DD of the same tree. and there will always be someone who says go spot DD do your job =_= And suddenly this post turned rant FML. But seriously WG's policy if someone leaves game ranting about something then just nerf that ship to death!! I've read Melo's thread so please don't send links of that thread.
  4. playing on Two Brothers map. having a last stand fight with my Tier VII kiev, a battleship and a cruiser allies. i watch all of the shot coming from enemy to evade them. specially the myouko HE is pretty devastating against a destroyer. i manage to evade all of the shot but one, this shell landed at the dead center of my ship and deal 3300 damage. that's the max damage of Myouko HE, i also hear that ringing sound effect whenever a ship got badly damage or citadel. or HE can deal max damage now without landing citadel hits. can someone enlighten me?