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Found 9 results

  1. Admiral_Yularen

    [GMV] WoWS X Kantai Collection Opening

    after 2 Weeks finally i finish it ( Rip prem time ) [GMV] WoWS X Kantai Collection Opening Special thank for everyone that help me
  2. Kaga Misaki song ( World 4-4 Boss node BGM )but using Kaga real form as an Aircraft carrier Song name: Kaga Misaki artist: Iguchi Yuka. nigh mod: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/61734-the-world-of-warships-modpack/ youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgCzdMINXVY
  3. Admiral_Yularen

    [GMV] WOWS x KC Ending (Fubuki)

    special thanks for the one make this music Music: ~ 吹雪 (Fubuki) / ED Kantai Collection ~ by: Shiena Nishizawa Lirikis: minatoku Komponis: Hige Driver Aransemenis: WEST GROUND/Yuuya Saitou and special thanks for everyone that help me Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sqRH9h0HMY
  4. Admiral_Yularen

    (MAD) WOWS X Kantai colection Opening HD

    This is my second MAD enjoy Link: (Use the subtitles feature for the lyrics there are Japanese and English, still working on Indo)
  5. outank

    abyssal worshipping

    this thread is for worshiping abyssals. Feel free to leave comments and post pictures
  6. Greetings, captains! From the ashes of ♦ Team 20.3cm ♦ (One of the most famous and followed modding group dedicated to Kantai Collection modifications on World of Warships) ♦ Rising Sun Modding Team ♦ arise. I decided it was time to come back but with a focus on making standard GUI or simple flash modifications and maybe sound too about Kantai Collection, Warship Girls and Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio. A very chilling activity that isn't heavily affected by updates! (Unlike what I've personally done in the past year with the game) Additionally, ♦ Rising Sun Modding Team ♦ is recruiting members to expand the lineup of content we can deliver to the community. If interested send me a PM or leave a comment below. «Social Links» «Important notes» If you want to share these modifications in the forums of different regions, that we didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT US in said post. Re-upload is strictly FORBIDDEN. «Mods List» Link to the modifications list within ♦ Rising Sun Modding Team ♦ website. Click here! OR Please, follow the thread and BROWSE THROUGH THE POSTS in order to keep track of the new stuff. Hope you enjoy once again my work!
  7. ♦ ORIGINAL TOPIC IN THE EU FORUM ♦ CLICK HERE! In WoT I used to make anime based Mods to the game for myself, this included a bunch of skins as well. So, why waste the "potential" of WoWs when it comes down to KanColle? *** NEW *** Notes before starting: The list is now OUT-DATED with the current progress of the modifications. Personally, I don't have the time anymore to update the links whenever something new is available. Please, follow the thread and BROWSE THROUGH THE POSTS in order to keep track of the new stuff. *** NEW *** Notes before starting: If you want to share these mods in the forums of different regions, that we didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT THE AUTHORS in said post. Re-upload is strictly FORBIDDEN. Asking directly in this topic about HOW TO MOD something is FORBIDDEN from now on. Do it through a PM, if you've to, and we MIGHT answer. *** OLD *** Notes before starting: Currently checking, togheter with Bwaka, the files of the new CBT client to understand what has been changed from the CAT build and specifically how. This means there might be some "bugs" in the releases of the following weeks. If you happen to find one please report back here! = New = Updated «Skins» «Tech Tree/Dock» «Flash/Configs» «Commanders» «Consumables» «Missions» «Loading Screens/Loading Assets» «Login Screen» «Flags» «Packs» Hope you enjoy! Thread closed on OP's request. ~amade
  8. Figured out how to make these. Anyway, replaced the login video with this: Download link. Safe install instructions (Recommended): Step 1. Extract the login.usm file into your world of warships mod folder. Place it in World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.4.0\gui\video Step 2. Edit your paths.xml (open with notepad) so that it reads the following: Lazy install instructions: Step 1. Back up your original login.usm, found in World_of_Warships\res\gui\video. Or don't back up. Your choice. Step 2. Copy and replace modded login.usm into the above folder Video quality is a bit poor due to conversion. Can't seem to get around it. Might tweak the settings in the future and update the mod. Audio will only play when starting up World of Warships. If you log out from the port screen, it'll default to the original login music. No idea how to fix that at the moment, I'm doing this completely through trial and error.
  9. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6i798837fvq8yx6/[0.3.1]Mod_KanColle_-_Rank_Icons.rar Extract to WoWs folder, confirm any overwrite message.