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Found 11 results

  1. G'day folks, I assure you I'm not doing some sort of IJN themed One-off series, these are just the games that have a fun story... As the Leander review is ahead of schedule, I can drop this one a week early... I'm pretty happy with this edit, almost as good as the Atago edit if I'm honest (Atago has been my fave edit in a long time, not that much due to the editing but the story of the game was amazing) I'm not a great IJN torp boat captain but this game was something... What are everyone's thoughts on IJN Torp boats, particularly Kagero? As usual, any YouTube or Reddit love is appreciated
  2. Manacetamol

    Haifuri Skins DLC

    HSF Kagero (Harekaze/Okikaze) >>Donwload<< HSF Shiratsuyu >>Download<< HSF Akizuki >>Download<< HSF Shimakaze >>Download<< HSF Aoba >>Download<< HSF Myoko >>Download<< HSF Atago >>Download<< HSF Kongo >>Download<< HSF Hiei (Kongo) >>Download<< HSF Admiral Graf Spee >>Download<< HSF Edinburgh >>Download<<
  3. After a Lo--------------------------ng grinding in kagero I finally got my first tier 10 ship!! just hour ago, and use free xp for most viable torpedo (2nd one) but I don't have enough credit to buy all her upgrade. and without upgrade, she doesn't stand a chance out in a field. so... I was thinking abut selling kagero... ............................ .............. ....well... at very first time I got kagero (before the 'mega nerf'), she is very fun to play and can deal consistent damage. but after mega nerf... she soooo bad performance to that I swear I'm gonna sell this damn ship right after I got shimakaze. I really think that. ...but... after spend that long time with her... (you know how damn long grinding to tier 10 without any premium and 6 out of 10 match is losing) I... kinda feel 'attached' to her now... I mean... I know full well how bad she is ....but... we been through a lot together. wining, losing (most are lose actually, my lone ship stat say that my win rate in kagero is 40%) laugh out loud when make a success torpedo run and sunk enemy, scream in agony when got sunk without able to do anything. nearly guarantee in credit bleeding when go out (to battle) with her. HELL when I right click to her ship and prepare to sell her for credit to upgrade shimakaze. I can't bring myself to click 'yes' in selling confirmation and cancel it even mutsuki or hatsuharu I sell them without any feeling like this! what's wrong with me... guess I have to go back to tier 5 and play my 4 kongo for credit ... =w='a ------------------------------------------------------- in term of stat... she is potentially most stealthy ship in high tier (with CE) so.... maybe... just maybe... she can still be fun to be with and keep grinding her (commander) for CE and beside... keeping her may get me a new ship as well (Yugumo)
  4. The current high tier IJN DDs, the Fubuki, and especially the Kagerou, are already pretty bad in the current meta. They do not need more nerfs. As evidence, here is the terrible winrate that they've got for the past week from asia.warships.today. Kagerou is the worst ship tier-for-tier in the entire line. It is also worth noting that they are worse than their tier equivalents, the Benson and Fletcher/Udaloi in almost every way. Please be merciful.
  5. entah_lah

    Haifuri : Destroyer Harekaze

    I just hope Wargaming make a collaboration with this anime series. Anyway, what do you think about this ship?
  6. Kleiss

    more kagero stuff

    I ain't gonna sell it, sorry for being salty in the other threads. so, what are yall rolling with, shorter lead or lesser reaction time for the enemy? don't take reload time into consideration.
  7. 0.5.6 ...it's really painful now, every time i try to cap i get driven out by a benson or fletcher. my average damage in this ship now hovers between 15k-22k. my torp reloads are so damn long i can't afford to miss a single shot, and when my target is an agile USN DD, it's become a pipe dream. combined with the buffed vigilance and torp nerfs, and...radar. sometimes i really wonder why i upgraded to the kagero from the fubuki, which is now pretty dominant due to the faster reload and extra launcher for spread correction. anyone sold it yet? do share your thoughts too. and before you accuse me of whining, PLEASE PLAY THE GODDAMN SHIP FIRST.
  8. Can someone give me the numbers as of this patch for the Fubuki concealment, equipped with - NO camo - NO concealment equipment - NO captain skill - Hull B as of this patch? I've sold this ship, and what' I've noticed in the ship preview is that fubuki without camo on hull B has 6.1km concealment. Is this correct? If it is, I'm pretty worried as my kagero is 6.0 without tier 5 captain skill.
  9. Hello fools gods of the sea, I am back with more annoying polls. As poll stated. I am mildly short of credits. Feel free to discuss, but keep it salty civil
  10. Vicvin86

    Research bug?

    Hi I just researched Kagero B hull and it shows I still have enough xp for fire control system and hull C. The Ship Xp is same as the one before I researched hull B. This remains as long as I stay in the same screen.