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Found 1 result

  1. I’m sure most of you folks are really curious and exciting at the same time with Missouri going to be released in game, however, you will certainly have noticed-why a tier 9 premium? Well, you are gonna find out soon! Long story short, when the Chinese server(run by Kong Zhong Wang (or KDW for short))was in its pre-launch stage-which is sometime after WoWs was officially published by WG-they put forward a crowd funding project-for raising money to develop the Missouri in-game. They needed a grand total of one million Chinese Yuan. Figure 1.1 more than 10k people actually funded for the 'project' Yep you read that right boys and girls. The greedy ass Chinese publisher asked their players to pay one million just to ‘develop’ a ship that was already in the goddamn game-it’s essentially an Iowa! (well, change the camouflage, mess the AA defence around a bit and u got Missouri) And they specifically said that (quoting official sources ) (Once we reached the goal, KDW will work with the Russians to develop Missouri, which will be released in the later version of the game) Not sure about you, but I found that very funny, as they made it sound so ‘realistic’ in the way that this is such a ‘time and money consuming’ project. Well, they made a promise, so they actually need to have Missouri in-game, and here we go-the first T9 premium in game.