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Found 1 result

  1. And I didn't mean press alt, click on target like that. I have played Zuihou for a long time. At the time, I resign myself that I could hit 2 torps per squadron at most, because the spread is so huge. Then 2 things happen. 1 I got "distracted" by some USN CV game and forget how I play IJN CV. In USN, I drop as close as possible, (and regret choosing torp accelerate for captain.) If I do that in IJN CV, I could possibly hit with just one torp. 2 The patch make IJN torp converged, So If you drop from afar and target don't turn you could hit 3 or 4 with one squad. Now that I play Ryujo, I could auto-drop all day and get 2 torp per squad often, Probably the targets are bigger. And I have to approach with 2 group now, AA are better in this tier. Long story short, how far do you drop your torps? And how many group you bring in together. You can add how you drop in USN as well but I won't cover it in the poll