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Found 7 results

  1. dinh_19

    Narai free xp issue

    When i finish narai operation and done all secondary tasks, the 10000 free xp award shown up. But when i came back to port, only regular free xp from ship added (~1000 free xp) and after restarting the game, it still didn't change. Is this an issue or i done something wrong? Thanks
  2. GreenCatcher

    Stuck at the Battle Loading Screen

    [BAD-ENGLISH] While i was playing WoW ASIA, I was trying to join a Random Battle Matchmaking... I got a lil' bit annoyed because of the Loading got stuck. I can even see the "Real-time" statistic (How many enemy/ally ships got sunked) in the Loading screen. I have waited for over 3+ Minutes but yet it haven't finished loading. After waiting about 4 minutes the game suddenly freezed. When i try to click (on something), The screen suddenly becomes "Unresponsive/white". It already happened twice today, I (My Ship) have lost several Signals and Upgrades. And, I have never ever experienced this issue before. Also, I did not installs any mods in the game... Do you mates have any idea how do i fix this issue?
  3. S4pp3R

    The CV issue(s)

    CVs are broken atm, and I'm not talking about 'OP', I'm talking about useless... Ok, no manual drop - that's stupid and has made CVs in low tiers utter bollocks but that is not my primary issue. The loadouts are all bonkers. eg. Zuiho v Bogue You can have a situation where Bogue has 14 fighters in 2 wings vsing Zuihos 4 in 1 wing. And yes I realise this was influenced by Captain Perks, but still 12 v 4 is stupid. I could handle 8 v 12, but 4 v 14 is simply stupid. And I know this imbalance goes way up the tiers, swinging both to either nation with various configs. So my suggested solution: - Firstly why remove manual drop? Newer players? Removing it has removed 50% of the skill involved in playing CVs in the first place. (The other 50 being positioning of ship/planes). - Reduce the variation in the CVs loadouts. There should never be a situation where the numerically superior USN wings have more fighter wings than a IJN loadout, - The primary variation in CV loadouts should be between DB v TB, make it so a DB build is viable and equally a TB build is viable. If the Loadouts tier-tier have balanced fighter wings, make the loadout variation in how many TB or DBs they can bring to the battle. - Eliminate pure fighter loadouts, I'm sorry I know there are CV Captains out there who LOVE to control the skies, sweet - but with pure fighter loadouts you kill planes and spot, that's it. - Eliminate the variation in wing sizes between USN/IJN, this basically made balancing the whole thing a nightmare in the first place. Have the variation in speed or damage or health. - Let people be punished for being out of position. AA when ships group up being insane? That's fine, hell even buff it a bit at some tiers. Solo ships should feel fear when they see TB/DB wings closing in. To compensate, introduce proper tutorials about how to have effective AA (in this scenario, by staying with the fleet). So happy I didn't spend a load of creds and XP getting higher tier CVs when the entire ship type is crud.
  4. On the challenge 'Super League Mission', it's requirement and completion criteria are impossible to achieve simultaneously. Requirement: "Play a battle; Complete the combat mission in a Ranked Battle" Completion Criteria: "Tier V ships" Unless I'm missing something, as far as I'm aware no matter what the combat mission is, the current ranked is tier VII ships only and so this shouldn't be possible.
  5. TamedReka

    Claim Container Text Issue

    Whilst collecting the 12500 exp container, the notification in the bottom right upon receiving and later hovering over the "Container Collected" note in the notification history reads 10500 instead.
  6. anjuls

    No sound

    Issue: No Sound from login to lobby Screenshots: Ship: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: AlwaysTested: Still occuringSeverity: Playble buy annoying.Details: Fresh install. No sound. Tried moving volume bar as show above.
  7. I got a few times since till now it still exists that I got disconnected right at the beginning of a match. Not even the match loading page were shown and I got kicked out to the log-in page. That were not be a problem if I could get back to the game immediately but the thing is that I just CAN'T GET BACK no matter how many times I restart the game, the network router or my computer. What happened was when I tried to log in, it dropped like 10 sec after loading, and when I retried, it just stuck there and keep loading. Turns out I can only get in the game after I can't get back to the battle. I thought they fixed this problem on the current but apparently it still exist.