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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, just wondering how slim the chances of me being able to get my account transferred from the ASIA server to say maybe the A NA server? Reason I ask is that generally the game itself is fun to play, but the language barrier on the Asian server is making the game not fun, most of the time all I see are Boxes, and in a team game communication should be paramount, but being able to understand or be understood is quite a challenge...... If it wasn't for the fact that I have quite a few ships on this account I would simply just start a new account, but would rather persevere with this account, and considering I have spent money on this account, id rather not go to another account. Considering this is still BETA I wouldnt think it would be a drama too much, if this account stopped and I started another, the game has not lost or gained an account.....
  2. Tewaka

    No Carrier Maps

    Hi WG, is it possible to have a few more maps where its carrier excluded? The game is waaay more fun going toe to toe with BBs and DD and CAs......Carriers ruin this game with the 500 million planes they seem to have, maybe then we could actually employ some tactics in this game, DDs might be able to creep closer to enemies for example, instead of being spotted every 10 seconds by one of the 50 planes flying around the map..... Or maybe a feature where we can tick a box or something so we can go into maps without carriers, that way players can make a conscious choice on if they want to play against CVs or not....