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Found 7 results

  1. fighter9374

    Iowa upgrade

    So I finally got my Iowa after god knows how much credits I saved up. I noticed a new upgrade slot, and basically I'm trying to decide between Main Mod 3 or Artillery Mod 2 (Reload and traverse boost vs Tighter dispersion) I'm open to suggestions on which one to get while I get the 3 mill needed to get the upgrade, and also any builds for Iowa
  2. A glorious day it was for me sailing the Iowa when I had to defend base A from 2 Izumo.After a long time and didnt do any contribution for the team due to misplaced position,I charged forward into base A hoping I will at least take down 1 enemy ship with me and both he and I were prepared to die!However,I barely survived the ram with less than 5% HP remaining (thanks to the die-hard flag) and I narrowly avoided getting killed by the 2nd Izumo whom I later rammed into him and we both died. The ramming sequences
  3. legionary2099

    Iowa Montana guns

    I read on wiki that Iowa main battery could elavate different position for each of its gun in a turret. If this is so could we get a unique ability for montana , iowa and maybe NC ?. I mean with that ability those ship can maybe single fire from a turret ( one click wont go off with 3 shells) , or allow it to get a rather strange creeping barrage shot dispersion that reduce vertical ( long) dispersion in exchange for wider ( horizontal ) dispersion. I think that will be fine since most US bb dont get to use their AA alot of times. This may go to the suggestion thread but since ppl watch general alot more i will post it here. Dont know how to make a poll though
  4. Storm_Raiser

    About the Iowa "C" hull mod

    So I'm about to get the C hull for my Iowa and I noticed that it actually removes 17 of her AA guns but still manages to Improve her AA by 1 point ... how does that work exactly?
  6. swap1997

    iowa armor scheme

    Hello guys, I hd discussed dis previously in d developers section in d suggestion page abt d error in iowa class battleships armor scheme where it says d armor ranges frm 1-287 mm whereas it shud hv been atleast 1-310 mm according to real time data frm two authors books (Garzke nd Dulin , Norman Friedman). Also d wikipedia has also d same info abt armor as 310mm max. So cn anyone help whethervits going to b rectified or it will stay as it is. Plz note dat i dint gt any adequate response so am reposting it.
  7. swap1997

    Error in Iowa armor scheme

    hello guyz, i have seen d preview of american battleships on d channels of phlydaily and baron von gamez and i noticed on error in the armor scheme of the Iowa class battleships as that they had an armor ranging from 1-287 mm whereas i reality they had about 1-310 mm. if any of the admins or dvelopers have noticed this error then would there b a patch to address this issue or is it another of WOWS necessity. for the link on armor scheme here it is, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iowa-class_battleship