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Found 7 results

  1. War gaming can you please fix the slow port options and overall loading of the game etc, Why does it log in when you launch the game via the game launcher when you are already logged in, it shouldn't take 15-30secs to recognize that before continuing, the port is one of the most spent/visited parts in the game and having a slow navigation does not make it thrilling especially to new players, no matter what hardware you have the game reaches a point of not loading any faster, due to how the game is. So don't invest in fast ssd's hoping that will make it load faster. Is this ever going to be addressed?
  2. ichi_zero

    "Battle" button bug

    Hello, the battle button is half hidden, it happened when entering operation of the week (when clicking the button) at first, but after i exit form operation of the week and change it to random battle the button is half hidden
  3. ichi_zero

    User Interface Bug

    Hello I've logged in to world of warship like always, entering battle but when I change the view mode in to sniper mode I've got this I'm try to enter another battle to see if it's fixed but it still the same Another thing is I'm Using En Language Pack, but when i selected an unsuitable ship for the hunt for bismarck (Tier 4 and below) it displayed some russian text (in Cyrillic)
  4. Ivanovikh_Makarov

    Port Interface not showing

    So I just fresh install the World of Warships, after log in, I came up to the port without interface. Random click resulting a normal reaction if the port is visible. When changing window size on windowed mode, it show a flicker of the port interface for a second then disappear. Changing to fullscreen doesn't help either. Anyone know how to fix this? PC spec: Win 10 64-bitIntel i5 3.2GHz 4CPUs8GB RAMAMD Radeon R7 250 series
  5. In previous versions, team members were able to CTRL + click on team mates in the Team List to jump to their ship when dead to view the team mates ships. Please bring back this ability as it's very frustrating when you want to view a DIV mate, once you have been sunk, and you have to poll through most of the team before you can view their ship. A simple CTRL + click on the team list and you will be there.
  6. DF_The_Space_Bamboo

    Interface error / bug?

    This is first time i got a bug and fist time to post here. A long time ago, far away on... oh sorry that not what I want to said. begin to the topic I got a little bug with my interface on World of Warships ver when I play as Fubuki and battle at very close range with Kagero. I press 'shift' to zoom then... boom! I didn't got a bullet hit but my interface was gone, minimap, ammo and consumption slot or even ship status, there start to blink and they disappear. I create a smoke, stop and start to run away from him then capture some screen shot. Unfortunately, this forum not allowed large png files so i tried to upload on another way.(my google drive and plz don't add me as your friend) This is minimap and you see? It doesn't have location point on this map (A/B location was gone) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_HfiXWLzKwvaEYxOEtCVGx4c2M and then https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_HfiXWLzKwvdHh3UGo2dTExMEk you will see interface just disappear. (now i switch to torps as you see) next is my interface blink and appear again... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_HfiXWLzKwvMVc1dC1lNzB1eWc inthis you will see a strange box on right side and i don't know what is it. last screenshot is here... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_HfiXWLzKwvTS1oaU85X1VFUG8 they blink a lot and result on this screen is all upper interface and mini map just lost! after i cap this.... as expect, I was sunk. hahaha but no problem, i can spectate everyone(allied) and interface can't disturb me anymore! yippee! just watch a nice match as full hd videos! the problem doesn't end here. there is a problem when i back to port. ka boom! this message poped up and games quit immediately! (OWWWW! my first upload!) when i start games again, it turn back normally. thanks for your attention. Ps. Sorry for some impolite and incorrect sentences but i though you not so serious. Ps.2 Thanks again for reading. XD
  7. Hi there, it's my first time playing World of Warships and I feel that I've gotten really good at it and enjoying the Battleship tech tree. I've built up a sort of a technique on how to play Battleships which frequently uses the tactical map, a big concern for me is how the tactical map "spins" into alignment, this prevents me from playing for extended periods times especially if I use the tactical map so frequently, the spin just makes me feel dizzy. Is there a way to turn it off or could the devs allow a setting for it to be turned off?