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Found 5 results

  1. S4pp3R


    Yoshino is beautiful, attached she has taken New York and is wearing her evening wear... Seriously though, love this ship. Currently running standard gun/fire prevent/concealment modules and the following captain skills: EL EM, AR BOS, SI AFT, CE Running the 12km Torps, she has 4x4, 2 per side. First is like the front ones on Atago, 2nd is like the 2nd on Atago with some more frontal angle. Her concealment is 11.9 and a big majority of her AA is mid and long range (thus AFT). Her gun range is 21.3km and her accuracy is on par with normal cruisers. Her shell speed and arcs behave mostly like Zao. She's so much fun I'm even considering picking up Azuma and I can't believe I'm saying that. One thing to note, her AP has been overpenning broadside CAs a LOT but even 1 cita hit from her can hurt. Her Torp tubes are damaged fairly easily. Still need to test HE/AP priorities a little more, conventional switching works but I want to push the AP further because it hurts broadside BBs. Her reload gets down to about 16s, and then to 11s with AR. I hope you've enjoyed this rundown. She's 186K coal with a coupon.
  2. G’day Folks, Ok so I’ve been reading up on IJN CLs lately and thought I’d do up a proposed IJN CL line. The line would be defined by stealth, accurate 140-150s, good AA and good speed with some torps thrown in for good measure. The idea would be to be quicker than USN CLs, have on-par stealth, more accurate guns along with some torp ability reflective of the CA line. The downside? No radar. They would have the usual IJN HE advantages along with the flatter arcs of IJN, however with slower turret traverse than their USN counterparts. I would suggest situating their torp quality around IJN CAs, however better reloads or quicker speed. The other balance would be higher tiers not having radar but compensated with spotter-plane, which in combination with better shell characteristics could make them effective long-range flamers. Alternative would be to balance out the range on T8-10s properly, the current range ups and downs on the CA line is stupid. My suggestion would be spotter-plane as ships like the Oyodo had significant Aircraft housings compared to other nations. The current IJN CLs end at T4 with the Kuma, which is essentially the same as Kuma-class and Nagara-class ships from WW2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuma-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagara-class_cruiser The CA line starting with Furutaka would branch off there at T5, with the CL line continuing. Mogami would be a T8 CL (155s) and replaced with Takao-class at T8 CA spot. Line would like like this: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X Hashidate Chikuma Tenryu Kuma Sendai Agano Oyodo Mogami (155) CL-9 CL-10 Furutaka Aoba Myoko Maya (Takao) Ibuki Zao I have provided wiki-links. Tier 5: Sendai-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sendai-class_cruiser Essentially the Sendai-class would be an ‘improved’ Kuma-class. It would function like a Kuma, stock, however with improved AA, speed and durability. Same initial gun config as Kuma Hull (B) would add more AA (due to 127s, 25s, etc.) and reduce the turret number by 1 (as per Naka 1943). AA should be very good for tier. Propulsion upgrade to reflect switch to all oil-fed boilers (upping to 36 knots). Range upgrade to 14km 2x4 Torps for 10km Consumables Hydro+F-Plane Tier 6: Agano-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agano-class_cruiser The Agano-class is an evolution towards late-war CLs She would be defined by: 3x2 152s Decent AA Hull(A), very good Hull(B), Agano was updated as the war progressed Range should be similar to Aoba 37knots 2x4 Torps, 10km Consumables: DFAA/Hydro + F-Plane Tier 7: Oyodo-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo The Oyodo-class transitions from 152s to 155s of the Mogami She would be defined by: 2x3 155s Decent AA Hull(A), very good Hull(B) Range of 15km 35knots 4x3 torps, 10km. This is not historically accurate, however keeps it in-line with the line. Consumables: DFAA/Hydro + F-Plane/Spotter. Oyodo should be able to use Spotter as she was designed with significant Aircraft housing. Tier 8: Mogami-class Basically as per Mogami in game currently, however the 155-variant and add a spotter plane option and increase AA rating a little bit. Tier 8 CA: Takao-class/Maya/Chokai Basically like a Mogami (203) but given access to a heal (a la Atago) and access to a spotter plane. By giving her a heal+spotter you are giving her IJNs ‘radar’ equiv. Keep rear-mounted torps and worse stealth than Atago to differentiate. Tier 9: CL-9 This would be a ‘paper’ or theoretical ship. Don’t get angry (yes looking at you Scott) a LOT of warships and tanks in WG titles are paper or theoretical. Just look at Soviet trees… The idea would take push the Mogami-CL idea to its fullest. 5x3 155s, improved turret traverse, slightly better reload Great AA Range 15.5km 36.5 knots 4x4 torps, 12km ones, 10km stock. DFAA/Hydro+F-Plane/Spotter+Heal Max conceal would be around 9.8km Tier 10: CL-10 I see CL-10 as a 155 Zao, perhaps a bit squishier though. 5x3 155s, or perhaps take the ‘Zao’ route and do 4x4 155s, someone here will know which is a better ‘design’ choice. Either way, better turret traverse, better reload. Excellent AA, IMO should be almost competitive with the AA beasts of T10 but definitely a ship CVs want to steer clear of. Range 16km 38 knots 4x5 torps, 12km ones, better reload than Zao DFAA/Hydro+F-Plane/Spotter+Heal Max concealment would be around 9.5km Basically all in all the CL line would blend the actual CLs that IJN built, with better AA values than the CA line but with the evolution of Mogami 155 playstyle. My idea is the combination of speed and good DPM and stealth make this line scary, even without radar. Thoughts?
  3. Subete_Yoi

    Japanese Battleship Kawachi

    Japanese Battleship 河内 Kawachi Specifications: Class/Type: Kawachi Class Battleship Displacement: 21,157 tons Length: 160.3 meters Breadth: 25.7 meters Shafts: 2 along with 2 Steam Turbine Sets Engine: VTE, 16 Miyabara boilers Power: 19,000 h.p. Top speed: 21 knots (39km/h) Armaments: 2 - 12-inch/50 Naval Guns 4 - 12-inch/45 Naval Guns 10 - 6-inch Naval Guns 8 - 4.7 inch (119 mm) Naval Guns 12 - 3 inch (76 mm) Naval Guns 5 - 18-inch Torpedo Tubes Armour: Belt: 127mm - 305mm Barbette: 180-240mm Turrets: 279mm Casemate: 152mm Deck: 30mm Conning Tower: 254mm Info: Fate: Sunk 12th July 1918 After reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?
  4. Subete_Yoi

    Japanese Battleship Satsuma

    Japanese Battleship 薩摩 Satsuma Specifications: Class/Type: Satsuma Class Battleship Displacement: 19683 tons Length: 146.9 meters Breadth: 25.5 meters Shafts: 2 Engine: VTE, 20 Miyabara boilers Power: 17300 h.p. Top speed: 18.3 knots (33km/h) Armaments: 2 - twin 12 in (305 mm) guns 6 - twin 10 in (254 mm) guns 12 - single 4.7 in (119 mm) guns 8 - single 3 in (76 mm) guns 5 - 18-inch (457 mm) torpedo tubes Armour: Belt: 102mm - 229mm Barbette: 178mm - 234mm Turrets: 178mm - 229mm Casemate: 152mm Deck: 51mm Conning Tower: 152mm Info: Fate: Sunk 7th September 1924 After reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?
  5. Subete_Yoi

    Japanese Armoured Cruiser Azuma

    Japanese Armoured Cruiser 吾妻 Azuma Specifications: Type: Armoured Cruiser Displacement: 9456 tons Length: 131.5 meters Breadth: 20.94 meters Shafts: 2 Engine: 24 Belleville boilers Power: 17000 h.p. Top speed: 20 knots (37km/h) Armaments: 4 - 20.3 cm/45 Type 41 Naval Guns 12 - QF 6 inch /40 Naval Guns 12 - QF 12 Pounder 12 CWT Naval Guns 8 - QF 3 Pounder Hotchkiss Guns 5 - 457mm Torpedo Tubes Armour: Belt: 88mm - 170mm Upper Belt: 125mm Barbette: 150mm Turrets: 150mm Casemate: 150mm Deck: 62mm Conning Tower: 75mm - 360mm Torpedo Room: 150mm Info: Fate: Sunk (Scrapped) 15 July 1945 After reading back, I can already sense that there are tons of mistakes that I might not noticed. So dear historians and warships experts, do tell if there's any inaccuracy or something to add or point out. Don't want to spread the wrong info in the historical section now, would we?