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Found 1 result

  1. Anti Aircraft Guide Recommend Ship. - US Cruiser Tier 6 or above. (High performance Anti-Air guns) - Why US cruiser? Because US Cruiser have better Anti-Aircraft gun but IJN cruiser have better main gun. [1] What are Anti-Aircraft guns? - In naval battle, Anti-Aircraft are important to protect any warship from any air raid even enemy scout plane and naval battlefield is too large only main gun won't enough to destroy enemy fleet. The Attacker aircraft can do this better than main gun of warship. So anti-aircraft gun are important to protect our fleet. [2] Parameter of effective to against Air attacks - This parameter will show how much effective of Anti-Aircraft guns to protect your ship and your allied. (US cruiser will have this parameter more than IJN cruiser) [3] Range of Anti-Aircraft guns - When expand AA guns topic you will see list of AA guns and point them to see performance of AA guns. - Then point at AA gun It will show DPS (Damage Per Second) and Firing Range. - Dual Purpose have light damage than AA gun but long range. [4] Recommend skill (Captain) - Basic firing training ---> Improve 10% of AA guns effiency (improve Damage Per Second) - Advance firing training --> Improve 20% of AA gun firing range (can use with AA guns Modification2) [5] An upgrade of Anti-Aircraft guns - AA guns Modification2 ---> Improve 20% of AA gun firing range (use with Advance firing training will improve AA firing range 40%) **Tier 5 or Above - AA guns Modification3 ---> Improve 20% of AA guns effiency (improve Damage Per Second) (use with Basic firing training will improve AA guns effiency 30%) **Tier 9 or Above