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Found 4 results

  1. There should be a big changes for arpeggio ships in WoWS . All arpeggio battleships: Faster gun rotation from 60sec to 35sec with commander skills. Also more powerful AA guns and secondary guns. Fire chance reduced to 20%. ARP Takao: increase the damage of all artillery and AA. ARP Myoko: increase the damage of torpedoes. ARP Nachi: hydroacoustic search radious increase to 10 km. ARP Haguro: defensive AA fire replaced with speed boost and better manouverability. ARP Ashigara: reload time of all artillery decreased to 5% while the consumeable decreased to 10%. All of those characteristics are not applied with commander skills except for gun rotation. Those characteristics are based in the actual arpeggio series. From now on, Arpeggio ships are able to mount secondary hull Why i suggest this? Because Arpeggio ships are nothing but stock ships with useless camouflages. Aside from that, their gunfire sound should be replaced by laser gun sound. Also, their shells should be replaced with lasers. Their camouflages and models looks bad and should be improves too.Please don't ignore this feedback. It's crucial for the game.
  2. Was thinking of putting this somewhere as idea spark up beside asking WG to make flying formation a reality. I was wondering if allowing CV to gain access to a 2nd crew member the Ace guy who will vastly improve a single squad abilities in exchange for longer rearm if his squad die in combat. US Ace abilities of buffs will be stronger than IJN Ace for balancing reasons ( IJN has more squads after all ) I mean it can help in balancing if you one to have one stronger squad that can be the fire brigade and help you deal with disperancy to some extent. Maybe a seperate skill tree for him will be a gud idea so that you can buff him tactically as you see fit, from my RTS perspective
  3. Loshirai14

    ARP Ships Special Effects

    I was thinking for some ideas that will make the ARP Ships feel unique without giving them buffs. - Klein Field Effect when the "Repair Party" consumable is active. - Klein Field Effect on the first Half of the ship's Health. - Make torpedoes launch upwards then dive into the water when it reaches near the activation range. - Give ARP Nachi's Hydroacoustic search have the same effect as the one on the anime when she activated her long range sonar. I'm sure WG will not implement any of these since it would take a lot of work and they would not give ultra unique ships for free. But if there's any dedicated modders out there, i hope you could try doing these
  4. biq27

    PC upgrade ideas

    Morning all, Slightly off-topic question (although related). I need to buy a new computer, I'm not really a 'gamer' but enjoy casual gaming and have really gotten into WoWs (I'm not very good but enjoy playing nonetheless, it is incredibly addictive). I need a new computer, my shitty laptop just isn't doing it for me anymore. I was planning on buying the components and a.) putting it together myself or b.) taking it to the local computer shop for them to do it. This seems to be the generally accepted way to do things without it becoming cost-prohibitive/getting value for money. My requirements - I need a computer that will last me for the next few years and cope with WoWs like games, I don't play any super competitive games etc. I was also planning on buying Warhammer total war (and, again, similar games). It would ideally be sub- $2000 (AUD). I already have 2 monitors, keyboards etc. Anyway, would love some advice! Merry Christmas and happy sailing! Cheers