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Found 7 results

  1. Smolensk_Museum01

    Eurobeat's How to Guides

    Greetings fellow sailor, this thread will be dedicated to all my upcoming How to guides of various ships i play in the game For the premiere episode, here's the How to Atlanta guide!
  2. Player_3356594408

    The Hermes

    I've got the Hermes and my impressions are. Attack planes good but I need to get better at using them. What number of rocket hits would be considered a good strike? Using rockets is easy, but tricky to get good hits. I normally hit the stern of the enemy. Are there any good places to find hints on using rockets. Bombers? Why do I get so many non penetration hits against battleships? Is this just a feature of British bombs or does it mean I'm doing something wrong. Torpedos. Practice and more lead. And learn how to release further out! The ship. I'm trying to learn to follow in behind the fleet so I reduce my travel time and can lend AA support. The ship can take a bit of a beating but once it starts, I'm a big target. Setting a course that follows the fleet (without going backwards, I won't be repeating the zig, zag pattern anytime soon), means setting waypoints with 45 degree turns regularly. Usually I do this after a squadron has taken off and been sent the right direction. Strategy, scout and get my team something to shoot at. Then once the battle has started find out where the destroyers are, once that's done, blow shit up. Any tips or hints I could use? How is the Hermes different from other carriers (those bombs?).
  3. There's definite reasons why players get reported and plays badly. This game doesn't have any Guidelines. Naval Training? It only tells you about basic things (shooting, torping, etc). For example, if you're on T6 dd. On this tier, you should begin to concern about Radar ships which can spot you even in the smoke. Most new-players doesn't even know radar ships exists! and its not their fault, because the game never told them. I mean if player reach T5 in a DD, there should have to be additional tutorials. There's just so much more to learn such as Commander Skill Recommendation Using Concealment (out spotting tactic, stealth torp, etc) Smoke mechanism Concealment of various destroyers Radar duration and Sonar / Radar ranges of Certain cruisers All those things are critical for riding DD So the game tells player about that? No. It applies same with BBs and CA,CL,CVs too. Even the game was many years old, the Guideline system is probably the worst I've ever seen. Adding tons of Noob-friendly features has to be priority on WOWS.
  4. How to enable the hidden "Training Room" function without any downloaded mods There is actually an easy way to activate the hidden "Training Room" function. No downloads or rocket science needed. Difficulty : 1/10 Time needed : Quicker than James May in a Dacia Sandero Tools needed : Keyboard, Notepad, and Electricity. Step 1 : Find res folder in your World of Warships folder. ([Your Drive]:\Program Files\World_of_Warships\res) Step 2 : Find scripts_config.xml in the res folder. Step 3 : Make a backup of the original file and paste it somewhere safe, then start editing the script file in the located in the res folder. Here is the hardest part of the entire process, you'll need to open the scripts_config.xml with notepad. And when you opened it up it should look like this. The only thing we'll need to change is the last line, " <disableTrainingRoom>true</disableTrainingRoom>". Just change the "true" to "false" then save and you'll be able to see "Training Room" in your battle selection menu. Step 4 : Enjoy your Training Room Shenanigans Edit : IIRC any client update will undo this "mod" , you will need to repeat the process after each client update.
  5. Pseudoscope

    How to play Baltimore?

    Hi all, Just wanted to know how you play/ed your balitmore and if it is indeed a sh*t ship or if I need to do something different. Most games I ave ~30k damage if I'm lucky. Great games ~50k (very rare) Let me know what you think/how you play Cheers Pseudo
  6. Destroyer's and How to not suck at it Short Introduction to the ship: -Destroyers (or DD for short) are small, fast maneuverable warship. They are intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet (mostly found outside of the formation next to the Heavy Cruisers). What's that? Escort other ships? Yes, they escort other ships too against other DD's with the intention of taking out your team's Battleships (BB) or Carrier's (CV) -Since DD's here is based on World War 2 our armament is the Torpedo (I will explain the Torpedo later) and several guns of different caliber and AA mounts to fend off other ships and aircraft. Short Introduction to the Torpedo: Bliss Leavitt Mark 8 Torpedo (the Torpedo you usually see on the USN DD ships) Type 93 nicknamed as the "Long Lance Torpedo" (you usually see this on the IJN DD ships) - Okay into the Torpedoes themselves. All torpedoes that hit the water both your teammates and enemy torpedoes are dangerous. So tread lightly when dealing against Destroyers both allied and enemies. - There are 2 kinds of Torpedoes used, the ship based Torpedo which packs a punch due to the size of the warhead, and the Aircraft based torpedo, although each torpedo lacks the punch of the ship based one what makes it hurt the most is the number of Planes that drops them. - Once hit by a Torpedo, depending on the location will cause flooding and a flooding icon will pop and your crew will say "Hull breach, were taking a lot of water". While your ship is flooded your movement will be reduced and you will receive constant damage if not repaired. What it looks like when you hit and caused flooding on an enemy ship. - Torpedoes vary from each nation, in terms of operating range of the torpedo, USN DD's tend to have shorter range torpedoes in exchange for rapid fire guns and fast turret turn rate. IJN DD's on the other hand has longer range in exchange for slow turning guns, some of which can reach 20km or so. The speed of each torpedoes may vary from ship to ship, some torpedoes has a speed of 50kt's some has 64kt's. - Detecting Torpedoes once on the water may also vary from the PoV (Point of View) of players, some may detect them early on and some being detected almost near your ship that it's impossible to dodge it. Usually they are detected around 5km to 1.5km. You will hear a distinct beeping sound/alarm once a torpedo is traveling near your ship to warn you and your crew will warn you on which direction the torpedo is ("Torpedoes to ____" ). The warning also applies to the torpedoes fired by your teammates. Destroyers and How to not suck at it: - Okay, onto the ship it self. one tip when using a DD is checking the range of the torpedoes first. For low tier DD's range may vary, USN DD on the low and mid tiers has a range of 4km to 6km, IJN DD's on the other hand on the low and mid tier has a range of 7km to 12km range, while on the higher tier USN DD's has 7km to 9km range and the IJN DD's range from 15km to 21km. - DO NOT FIRE TORPEDOES WHEN YOU HAVE FRIENDLIES NEAR YOU, I noticed some new players that they indiscriminately fire their torpedoes at random causing other players to dodge them and break formation or worse hit them and kill them in the process. Killing an ally ends you earning a negative score and a status of Team Killer (TK) >I'll continue tomorrow<
  7. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3! Now you too can be a useful carrier to your team, instead of messing around like I see a lot of carriers do.