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Found 3 results

  1. Guys, What's is your recommendation for commander skill in HOSHO? Since 0.8.0 there are several updates in commander skill. I'm looking in wiki.wargaming.net and shipcomrade.com it needs to be updated. So far I'm using improved engine boost and torpedoes acceleration.
  2. So, one of the reasons for removing manual drop was to prevent seal clubbing? Auto drop is OP. You just group your bombers with a little bit of gap between them and you create a perfect wall of torpedoes. My first game in Hosho and overall second cv game. Nope WG, still very much seal clubbing at low tiers. I am happy tho, got the only achievement I didn't have, a Liquidator.
  3. Sooooo finally finished the last Project R mission I have - CV wins... FYI to all haters, CVs don't need nerfing, the tier-matching and number matching of CVs did that. So got a Hosho, did my thing... Don't get me wrong I'm not fail (I did fail for first 2 or so matches, but got the hang of it pretty quick) 1v1 Langley... What's the counter? 4/5 times 1v1 my fighters would lose... And yes, I have all the modules and upgrades... Any pointers peeps?