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Found 1 result

  1. Aniket_Sengupta

    Admiral Hipper Stats

    The Admiral Hipper is undoubtedly among the best Tier VIII cruisers out there. Historically its the most advanced cruiser built by the Kriegsmarine. Yet the in-game variant falls short in two important areas - 1) Deck armor 2) Firing range Deck armor: Historically the deck armor of the actual ship was supposed to vary from 20-50mm. In game, the value is 25-30mm, one reason it gets easily penned from long range salvos and hard to pen up close. Now although designated as a heavy cruiser, even with its historic armor figures it falls short to that of light cruisers Chapayev and Kutuzov(same class). So what kind of balancing logic made the Hipper come with a weaker deck ? Firing range: The Admiral Hipper's main battery firing range was only 3km short(33.5km) to that of the Bismarck(36.5km). Now owing to the size of the maps and game mechanics these figures have been shrunk considerably. By the ratio most ship's range has been shrunk(Bismarck/Tirpitz to 21.4km, New Orleans to 16.2km from 27.4km), Hipper's range would round up to 19.5km which would be insanely OP for any tier 8 or even tier 9 cruiser but then again you find the Kutuzov with 19.1km firing range which suggests the 17.7km range on the Hipper as another considerable set back. Honestly I don't think 5% buff to its firing range(makes it 18.5) can hurt much considering you already get a Kongo with over 21km range and that too in tier 5.