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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings fellow captains, for quite some time now (Actually since Alpha) I've never really gotten warm with higher tiers in WoWS. The most enjoyment I have in WoWS is around tier III to VI. I do own a Tirpitz (tier VIII) and a few tier VII ships, but I honestly don't feel like playing them too much. In fact, I'd rather set sails on a tier IV or V ship than a tier VI, but I've never quite gotten to the point where I fully understood why that is. I've put together a few theories to answer my self-imposed question. It all begins with a seemingly basic and easily identified issue of mine, firing range. Around tier V the firing ranges for ships suddenly make huge leaps, battleships gain the ability to open fire at ranges that mostly cover the whole map and cruisers don't have to get too much closer either. And these numbers don't stop, as the progression to higher tiers occurs the maximum firing range also increases. At first glance that's a decent idea, higher tiers equals stronger and more modern warships with the technology behind them to support long range engagements. It makes sense that a Yamato can fire far further than a Kawachi. However this brings up a completely different issue. Higher firing range translates into maps needing to be bigger and islands or other props have to be placed less frequently, since you'd otherwise be back to square one where everyone just fights at knife fighting distance due to being stuck inside a maze of islands. So already you've now got large maps that have large open parts of water with very focused island groups that amount to pretty much nothing much in terms of cover, be it from enemy fire or enemy spotting. And that wouldn't be too bad if another issue raised from the high firing range wouldn't interfere with this, too. The issue is that you simply can't get closer to enemies. Ideally you'd want to open up on long range, grab as many hits as you can and soften your target, then finish it at close range. However that's not viable, atleast not when the enemy team is playing halfway decently. Getting close to one enemy automatically means entering the firing range of one-third to half the enemy team. So now you find yourself in a situation where attacking isn't really a great idea unless you got the people behind you to support it. What's the end result of it? Players stay at mid/long range, firing salvo after salvo and those that haven't learned how to dodge enemy fire or angle their armor will prolly die sooner rather than later. Adding to this comes the way ship movement works. A person can turn on a dime, a car doesn't need much either, but a ship needs time and space to turn around. Hence once you're committed to a course, especially when trying to close in on an enemy, then you're committed. There's no driving around the corner of a hill, spotting six tanks and going "Nope.png!". There aren't any "panic buttons" either. (Atleast not on all ships) Sure a battleship (and high tier cruisers) can withstand some punishment and regenrate health, however at the end of the day even if a battleship survives a turning maneuver to get out of a nasty situation, it'll likely pay for it with a large number of lost hitpoints. Destroyers on the other hand can pop their smoke, turn considerably quickly and get the cake out of most situations. Which is probably why I enjoy playing destroyers the most. Cruisers on the other hand are likely screwed, especially before tier VIII where they can't regenerate their health. And this, again, punishes aggressive playstyles. Is it still possible to play aggressively and do well? Of course it is, playing aggressively is a core requirement to deny the enemy area, and that translates into more options for the player and his team. The problem though is, that it's extremely difficult to play aggressively when so many game mechanics counteract your efforts. These issues are lowered or completely removed in lower tiers. A tier V Kongou can fire it's first salvo pretty much from one spawn point to the other, but her accuracy is unlikely to grant her more than 2-3 hits and it's just opening salvoes... the Kongou will still have to move closer, because the map design on lower tiers supports mid to short range combat rather than fire fights at 18km range. At the same time despite the maps being smaller the ships can somewhat steadily attack without fearing salvoes being lobbed over mountains from outside their own firing range. This among other things makes the battles feel much more intense for me. High tier battles feel like a slow waltz while low tier battles are a speedy, upbeat melody. And that's what's breaking them for me. In WoT high tier battles are just as fast paced as low tier ones outside of the few people that don't want their "precious" to be "hurt". They require more knowledge and experience to properly execute maneuvers that improve one's survivability, but none of these take anything away from the arcady pace the game has set for itself. ... unless you're playing a T95, I guess. WoWS high tier battles are just way too slow, and I'm not refering to the basic truth that naval combat is slower than tank combat. In WoWS, atleast from my point of view, any of the high tier ships I've played since alpha felt like playing the Maus tank in WoT. Constantly busy fine tuning my angle, taking shots of opportunity and where it hurts most while keeping the enemy just far enough away from me. It's interesting for a short while, but quickly kills my motivation to play more. As for a solution... I don't really have one. Atleast none that wouldn't require major overhauls of core game mechanics like firing range or complete remakes of maps. Things that we know haven't really been an interest of the WoWS team so far. (*Cough* CV gameplay overhaul when? *cough*) So, at this point I doubt that we'll see any major changes and I might be writing about this more for the sake of discussion rather than in hopes for actually witnessing changes, however I still find it a topic worth posting. See ya on the SEAs, Retia