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Found 1 result

  1. The KGV-class battleships were the best ships the RN got. But after the destruction of HMS Hood, and the sinking of Prince of Wales, and Pearl Harbor, they realized that they needed a better battleship. The Lion-class Battleship, were modified KGVs, elongated and fitted with 9x16 inch guns, just like the North Carolina & South Dakota class of the USN, and an improved version of the 16 inch guns of the Nelson & Rodney.. But they were scrapped, realizing that the new 16 inch guns were still in development, plus the resources were scarce to scrape together for the British. So they made a parallel project, using the 8x15inch guns on the Courageous-class and learning from the lessons learned to make a true successor to the KGV-class. The result, was HMS Vanguard. Underwater protection was top notch, design against hit from 1000kg Torpedos. Unfortunately, she was too late to see action in WWII, being commissioned in 1946, due to the constant delays and overruns in development and design of the ship. She was then used for the Royal Trip to South Africa and Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Review in 1952. So, when the Royal Navy comes in the future patches, HMS Vanguard would most likely be Tier X BB or Tier IX BB of the RN, and if it were to be tier IX, then most likey, the Lion-class Battleships would be the Tier X BBs