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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I am BatsLaw I am an Indian, you can guess that pretty much easily after you've jus read the question. I've done my research on this. Currently India is the 4th most powerful nation in the world! And the countries preceding it are USA, RUSSIA, CHINA. All of whose ships are there in this game. The pan asian line doesn't have any battleships, same as the realtime Indian navy. Wargaming i have read is doing some pretty good work in India. It has upcoming plans to have a separate Indian server, host their naval legends show in Hindi. All that is really exciting, especially the server. But c'mon guys, India being the 4th most powerful country in the world needs some recognition. To make the developer's work easier, let me say, India has a lot of good cruisers, both before and after the World Wars. India also has a really good aircraft carrier "INS Vikrant", it holds the record for the world'd longest running ship. The cruisers,frigates,corvette's and destroyers are plentiful. I also really mean to bring in the Aircraft Carrier, it's legend. The more countries you bring in, the players you get! Simple! My friends seriously like the German and American lines, but at the end we jus wish there were and Indian one. I am not being biased, currently my in-game favorite is the german and french line, but cmon guys, you gotta bring in all the current powerful countries in the world and spice up the game with some more reality (It already feels real lol). Hope you guys can at least take up the idea Regards, Batslaw
  2. F835

    the Roar of guns

    It is obvious that the sound and animation of firing in the film aren't at the same time. separating the Roar of guns and firing animations, just like other FPS games. This will make the player more aware how far the enemy is. Does this affect the gaming experience?
  3. coldsteelfury

    Bismarck Tips When Not Close Up

    I normally play IJN BBs. I absolutely love my Fuso and especially my Amagi. Just recently got the Bismarck. A very impressive ship indeed and she can do tremendous damage in close and tank like nobody's business. The problem I have with the Bismarck is that sometimes it isn't possible to engage the enemies at close range. The "Tears Of The Desert" map in an "Epicentre" game style match is a classic example: everyone hides at long range and snipes behind the islands on their side of the map. There are no islands you can use as cover to get to the other side of the map, so if any Bismarck captain is foolish enough to attempt a close range engagement... they'll be doing it solo and be bush-whacked by 3 - 4 ships shooting at them simultaneously and killing them very quickly. Where close range engagements are not possible (either due to map layout, the type of game like Epicentre, or player psychology), I often find the Bismarck to be a very ineffective vessel. I don't know if it is the dispersion or the psychological effect of knowing my guns are only 380mm, but it is difficult to hit enemy vessels reliability beyond 15km. When I play my Nagato or Amagi, I don't have this problem. A big frustration I have is that when I sometimes hit cruisers, my 380mm shells will over penetrate. It happens quite often and I think to myself: Is the Bismarck really the cruiser killer people make it out to be? At that same 15km range, I can put the fear of God into cruisers with my Amagi. I have had success with the Bismarck's guns at close range but I think that's besides the point. Basically unless the map's terrain allows me to sneak up on the enemy, or I do a suicide charge, I find the Bismarck just really isn't able to assist my team. The inability of the Bismarck's main guns to hit targets or do damage aside, I'm obviously wary of getting into a 15km - 18km shooting match with the Bismarck because her deck armor is so thin and she's very vulnerable to plunging fire. What strategies do Bismarck captains employ to make themselves combat effective when close range engagements are not possible? When I do fire at enemies at 15km+, I either miss or do token damage... then I have to run like crazy to dodge the incoming plunging fire lest it wreck my ship before I get out of detection range. My Bismarck is configured as follows: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Secondary Battery Modification 2 Damage Control System Modification 1 Steering Gears Modification 2 Concealment System Modification 1 Side Note I have experimented with swapping out the "Secondary Battery Mod 2" with "Aiming Systems Mod 1" to reduce my main guns dispersion by -7%. I didn't really find it to make much difference and I found it really annoying to have my secondaries engagement much later where close range engagements did occur. Regarding "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament", I know some people prefer to avoid this Captain's skill because they like the idea of their ship shooting on both sides. I've found that having secondaries shoot at multiple targets wasn't the "hand of death" people might assume it to be: I've found that in practice, when your secondaries are shooting at multiple targets your firepower is divided and thus has less effect on individual vessels. Furthermore you do less damage due to lack of a secondary dispersion reduction you get with manual control. I once engaged three ships at once at close range and one of them was a DD, who could've cared less because whilst Bismarck's secondaries have crazy high DPS there are not that many individual secondary turrets and the firepower was severely curtailed when the turrets were divided over three enemy ships. Don't get me wrong, I did a ton of damage but it wasn't like my multi-ship secondary fire was making the Bismarck a killing machine who can take on multiple enemies and win. I think when your secondaries can target multiple ships, it leads to false confidence. Finally if you're engaging multiple targets at close range, at fun as it is and even if you do tremendous damage, you usually die because you're copping enemy fire from multiple directions. In my mind it's better to have manual control so you can concentrate your secondary fire on a single enemy ship and have a realistic chance of killing them (or near killing them). When your secondaries are manually targeted on a single vessel, it encourages you to angle more effectively and not expose yourself to shell fire from other vessels (which is normally how you expose yourself in order to have your secondaries blazing on both sides of your ship). The one area where I think forgoing manual secondaries might make sense is if you don't want the mental distraction of having to manually target your secondaries, especially if enemies are slipping out of smoke or islands all the time. That makes sense, but that again puts the focus onto the Bismarck's main guns which.... frankly.... I find very lacklustre. Unless I'm 10km or less, I don't really find Bismarck's guns all the effective. I've over-penned plenty of times at that range and I scratch my head thinking what purpose the Bismarck's guns are except for show?
  4. Aussie_Thunder

    Battleships main guns

    Battleships are at present disadvantaged by the fact Guns don't individually operate (Turn) can it be done that the guns can be operated as they are now or locked in one spot individually and operated as individual guns aiming at various spots instead of just the one. Mainly the turn speed is very slow and this would help
  5. I have a background as an air traffic controller student IRL and i find these problems weird that WG dont do anything about it : - Ingame balistic vectoring of all guns are not shown in game making me having actually send quite sometime to research a line to actually know how their gun perform. Nobody tell me that British CL got that floaty arc that is almost America esque and that kill my enthusiasm alot b/c i thought British might not suffer the US problem lol. I know KM/VMF/IJN has better trajectories but how much better , nothing is shown until i play them to know. Cant we get atleast 3 ballistic simulator for 3 typical : max , mid , CQC range for all ship shown as GIF image in port so atleast i know what to expect when buying the bloody thing. Danae floaty gun arc feels almost like firing a mortar not a gun. - Aircraft vectoring is also a major problem : when cyclone hit some ship will start rekting my plane and i cant see that thing until too late which is a major problem - why not make AA dont fire at things they dont see ?. Their deployment phase always makes me cry b/c a 5 squadron landing or taking off using the same duration - why cant we make the number dynamic based on actual planes in the squad ?.Cant Midway gets SCB-10 upgrade for double squadron taking off and landing simutanously in exchange for almost no AA ( screw jets if they are OP )? - Radar directed fire should be in the game and here is my form of suggestion : a Radar consumable in which for a short duration you enter flight assisted aiming view ( recon view ) , everyship are shown as radar signature return ( google it - working as an ATC there is a PSR and SSR but lets join them here for gaming experience ) with a vector showing their ground speed and heading , shell leading time ( kinda like aim bot with a vector showing the correct point to aim the gun , you get improved accuracy or much better dispersion for the duration. However like RL radar you cant see behind solid mass ( a bigger BB will shield a smaller DD hiding behind him ) so some ship will not be visible to the user untill the duration end. - Island , landmark are full of bugs or are jus queer : they are many a times i have camped right next to an island , make sure the muzzle pointed at ship is clear of every obstacle and yet the shell stop right in the air because of invisible obstacle ( what the heck ?). This is a major problem because many low height island are good hiding and firing spot for straighter firing ship yet i cant use them because the collision model for land objects are detailed enough for shell to pass through them. ( There are quite a few of those spot in 3-4 maps) Thank you for reading the text pals

    Nagato umm not worth it at all

    So umm I just got the Nagato this morning and I have been doing my research on it because I was looking forward to moving up 1 level, However I understand that stock ships have many drawbacks Nagato having many such as... (35 second reload time, painfully slow traversing turrets, 20.5 km range and 22 knots maximum speed) Now because its a stock ship I get that you know and if those were the specifications for just the stock Nagato then I would have no problem with that but its the range on the main guns I did a little digging in game and found that even with a maxed out Nagato the range stays the same why? Are you meaning to tell me that the tier 6 ship Fuso at maxed ability has more range than a ship of higher tier with bigger guns? seems a bit out of place to me in real life Nagato had a maximum firing range of 38.4 kms and like all the ships to balance the game they reduced the range to fit the maps but this 18 km reduction seems like a bit much and to see that throughout the upgrades it doesn't change at all so whats really worth it a Fuso with more range and more guns but lower caliber or a tier 7 Nagato with bigger caliber less range longer reload time and less guns you do the rest.
  7. karrablaster123

    Selective Gun Firing

    FIRST: I understand that this might make the game more complicated but its just a suggestion (Imagine a Cleveland) Now if I would like to hit a Furutaka with Gun Turrets 1 and 2, and hit a Wyoming with Gun turrets 3 and 4 there can be a system to engage One and Two on the Furutaka and locks Three and Four in their position and after I fire I can switch to Three and Four and hit the Wyoming. This might be effective in Battleships when you have multiple enemies(One in front and One at the back) I can engage both using my guns at full potential. How it might work: I press the key "H" on my keyboard and I click it gives me a layout of my ship in Up Down view and I click Turret 1 and Turret 2 activating them only while locking turrets three and four when I press H again I go into normal view. Then I fire and I press H again and click One and Two deactivating them and then clicking three and four reactivating them. You can have a shortcut to activate all turrets and this shortcut can only be used in H mode(or when the layouts are shown).
  8. errrr...... ive had a few battles and things have been ok but the lag has been getting worse and worse.....the ping was on 160 then it keeps going up and up each day 190 then 210 then 250, 290, 350, 360 it goes up a little every day now its on 380 and you can see the lag in game......im near Sydney Australia and its like the server is in moscow(russia) somewhere....the lag became so bad that the guns stopped aiming or firing or anything...I had to rage-quit !!! please can we have a pacific server for AU & NZ
  9. Is anyone else having this problem , doesn't happen all the time, you fire your main guns , they reload , target reticule tells you your guns are loaded, look down at the loading bar all guns loaded, go to fire at the enemy target , an nothing happens ,guns won't fire for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Its as though they are still reloading all though all indicators say your gun are loaded . !!1