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Found 1 result

  1. Hello WoWs Community, First post here so please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong section. I joined the game last September but due to personal issues I had to drop playing. Thanks to that I even missed the Arpeggio event . Anyways I picked the game once more and started down the IJN BB road. I read on various forums that Miyagi is the problem child of the tree and that from Kongo things start getting better. Unfortunately, it seems it is going in reverse for me. I admit, I did struggle with Miyogi but once I had it upgraded and got comfy with its quirks, I was doing pretty good in close quarters with that ship. Even at mid range I was able to connect quite a bit of shells. But once I got to Kongo... I don't know why but I am struggling hard to get past that high shell curve. Even at mid range the shell rises quite a bit. Thanks to that either I am going over the enemy ship or just throwing shells left or right. What is making it all difficult is that I am playing the US BB line as well trying to go down the carrier path and I am doing pretty good with US battleships. Right now I am at S. Carolina and most shots I make are almost straight with lesser curve so I am actually connecting quite a bit of shots even at 10KM range while I am somewhat missing targets with Kongo at the same range. So my ultimate question is, am I not suited to play IJN BB line? Are all Japanese BB blessed with slow speed/high arc shells past Kongo? I understand that Japanese BB are snipers for the most part but is there a trick to mastering them that I don't understand yet? I mean I do make advance calculations on the shell trajectory and where my target would be once my shell reaches it but while I am fairly succeeding in S. Carolina in doing so, I am mostly failing hard with Kongo. Honestly, I have nothing against USN BB, I just am smitten by the historical legend of Yamato so I wanted to sail that ship someday. But if it is gonna be a pain all the way to her, I might as well make my peace with that fact and stop at Kongo. Apologies again if this felt as a rant, I assure you that wasn't my intent. I am just looking for an experienced take on the matter and maybe some advice if possible. Thank You. Kind Regards, LonerPrime