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Found 1 result

  1. GrampsAU

    Ships Running The Blueline

    Hey guys, I searched this a little (TBH Not that much - First 4 pages in this section) and I am wondering what steps the devs are taking to reduce the amount of this ingame. I have now racked up 400 games since the wipe and I am seeing people who are making this an artform. You can see that they run for the border from the start of the match (Witnessed by own team). Once reaching it they then "Run the Blue line" for the entire battle twitching the angles of their ships making nearly imposable to land hits on them by inexperienced players. This brings me to the point of this post. May I suggest some form of penalty for ships that perform this action, maybe incurr "Flooding Damage" after 10 secs on the line and then adding "Fire Damage" after 20 secs (Times are a general indication). This would deter people from abusing the map boarders to the extent that is occurring ingame as: 1. Flooding damage would force them to use a repair or run the risk of sinking through their own actions. 2. Adding the fire damage as well would really force them to use repair. 3. The use of the repair could reset a timer and start the whole process over again. I think this would solve this problem once and for all. Regards AiM_Tru3