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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, I would like to thank all the people that gave me advice on which tech tree line to start first. In the end, I decided on the KM destroyers because they looked nice compared to the other nations except russian ones cause they look nice too but they play as a destroyer role too poorly for me to try them out yet. So my first ship was the Hermelin........ nothing too special, just a tier 1 after all. Then Dresden came along and it was horrible to play it. *Enjoyment level C* After that the V-25, G-101 and finally the V-170 was a little bit pain to play because the torp angle on them was terrible except the front one. The front one made torpedo rushing fun. Overall it was mediocre. *Enjoyment level C+* And then came the T-22........ and it was a ton of fun! 6 torpedos that I can launch quick with decent stealth torp range. It was a nice break from the previous tiers. I seen many review saying it is a bad ship but in my opinion, it was wonderful. Just the start of something glorious. *Enjoyment level A* Gaede and HER big guns were very lovely to use against cruisers and citadeling them. Ahhhh. Played only one match in it though before using the 80k free exp I got from the referral code and going into the next one. *Enjoyment level Need more data* This ship was the start of the true KM destroyers in my opinion. With its 5 guns and quick reload on both torpedos and guns, the Leberecht Maass was really fun to play. The guns absolutely obliterated any kind of destroyers with ease (subjective to change) and made capping so easy with hydro and smoke combo. *Enjoyment level A+* The next ship, Z 23 also had the big guns available just like Gaede. At first seeing that it had only 4 guns made me go what is this nonsense but when i upgraded to the big guns, the front one had become double gun turret with 150mm caliber! It blew my mind away at how incredible it looked!!! Such a beautiful turret with a 30 mm frontal plating! But one thing I hated encountering the most in this ship was either kagerou or yuugumo and their ridiculous low detection range. Make life so much harder if they are cap contesting me. But I have no problem destroying either of them when I see them. I would like to thank you all for all the helpful suggestions that you people have given me. Makes me hard to believe that KM destroyers are not considered the best destroyers compared to others. Like how the Maass has 5 guns with 4 second reloads and the Mahan also has like 4 second reloads except that Maass has so much more HP too with such good torpedos.