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Found 6 results

  1. Given the current meta of HE spam and Russian battleships literally dominating everything, anything with a large HP pool just sinks quickly. And the Germans have taken a beating from that. Their inaccurate guns cant even hit a large mountain at long range, their HP melts away quickly and they are mostly geared for close range combat which quickly is thwarted by HE spam. I myself had been a German BB main but giving the abysmal performance of my T6 BB, SMS Bayern in Random Battles (I did play Coop for some time just to take a break) I am now thinking of shifting elsewhere, maybe the Russian BBs. So my question now is this: Should the German BBs be removed because of their abysmal stats and performance?
  2. swap1997

    How to play the Bayern?

    Hello, I recently managed to get the Bayern after a brisk research of the Konig class BB. At first the Bayern was a temptation hard to resist with her bigger 380mm guns, 25kts speed and good Tactical radius. However, 10-20 battles down and having the researched the ship to the fullest, I have simply come to the conclusion that I am playing her wrong. I feel she is different from her predecessors in some ways. After pondering a while and trying out some different playstyle methods, I have come out none the wiser. So, can any experienced German BB Captain give me some pointers on how to play and handle this potent German Superdreadnought.
  3. So I am trying to a build Secondary focused Captain for my German BBs. I will be transferring this Captain from ship to ship as I move up the tiers. The tier III and IV Captain skills I am looking at are: 1) BFT 2) Superintendent 3) Manual Control for Secondaries 4) IFHE 5) AFT The problem is I won't have the points to get all of these, so I must give one of them up. But which one should I give up? BFT also increases AA damage in addition buffing Secondaries, so it also protects against CVs. Superintendent gives an extra heal, and together with flags plus the Premium Repair Party consumable allows me to tank quite a lot of damage, plus its a lot easier to farm to farm more Dreadnought achievements for flags, which would allow me to farm even more and so on and so forth. Manual Control improves accuracy which is important considering the Secondary guns are manned by Imperial Stormtroopers. I heard IFHE is good for German BBs, as the secondaries fire mostly HE in higher tiers, and can penetrate enemy BBs. AFT increases range, which is probably the most important factor in a Secondary build. So which skill should I forego? I'm inclined to drop either IFHE or BFT. Is that a good idea? Should I lose Superintendent instead? Or should I grab a totally different skill like CE? What do you all think? Thanks in advance!
  4. After playing my beloved Bismarck for almost 300 games, highest for any Tier 8 I have played, I managed to get the necessary XP and the credits needed for FDG or Friedrich der Grosse. Kinda disappointed with it to say the least as she isnt that mind blowing as Bismarck used to be. Played about 10 games with it to realise that while it is a Hard-hitting BB, compared to other tier 9's she is underwhelming. Any ideas on how to play this double-edged sword? And how to build her in terms of modules?
  5. Hello, after a rather brief stint in my Gneisenau, which was rather short for a tier 7 Ship, or any tier 7 BB, I finally unlocked the Bismarck. Fine ship, I would say though I miss them torpedoes. But the Secondaries more than make up for that shortfall as I have had quite a few good games in Bismarck. However, there lies a confusion within me as to how to play her well, because being a non-Premium account holder, I am not able to make much money out of her as I would in the Gneisenau. I also find that many a times, cowardly teammates often become my undoing because while I push any flank or a Cap, I alays find myself in the thick of it. This always pisses me off and I feel it may also be because of my own misreading of the tactical situation. Hence, I request some tips and advices on how to play Bismarck and also how to strategise effectively for various scenarios such as when a Bismarck goes against a Higher tier BB or the same tier BB.
  6. Capt_Brownpants

    Konig Albert

    It's looking like we won't see Albert on ASIA until the next patch. If they do that, they could well do what NA did and put it on the techtree as well as the premium shop. I hope that's the case since they've made us wait this long. Albert's a good ship and deserves to be around for a while.