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Found 4 results

  1. I Just play three hours but WOWS use 16G RAM what's going on bro?
  2. This is a guide for those who wants to get back their old game Launcher which they lose after installing WGC (Wargaming Game Center) Old Launcher Step 1: Go to control Panel find WGC and uninstall it do not tick where it says delete game files [Don't delete game files ] Step 2: Go to the game directory (the folder where you installed the game) by default its C:\Games\World_of_Warships Step 3: Get old launcher files from your friend or someone who's not using WGC and copy/replace inside your game folder. files are: WoWSLauncher.exe WoWSLauncher.cfg WargamingGameUpdater.exe 7z.dll (only if its missing) (P.S. I'll be uploading these files for ver. ASIA SERVER ULTRA Client) updating currently will post shortly) WoWs OLD Launcher Files Step 4: Run WoWSLauncher.exe That's it.
  3. LightDarkMaster

    game freezes with black screen

    At the begining of the Random Battle, the games freezes itself without reason. I tried to refresh my computer by minimize the game and refresh the whole desktop by right click and refresh. It did not work and the screen turn black and still freezes.

    34 Crashes in 2 days why?!?!?

    Why is this happening guys I need help cause my World of Warships has crashed 34 times in 2 days. and before anyone has the cheek to say "get a proper computer" well thats the thing my computer is a Rush Z170 with all the best components as I have a dream of being a Beta Tester (for a job) so I need the best of the best. And so I have the slight problem of crashing so often and I'm wondering why is World of Warships crashing on a computer that costed me $17,147.98 I have 6T of space on my computer with only 400GB used and my wireless router is superb I have no problems with it for the past 3 months. SO WHY IS IT DOING THIS TO ME!! :'(