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Found 8 results

  1. The IJN DD line is split in two. I find I prefer the alternate tech tree boats, the stealthier Minekaze/Hatsuharu/Shiratsuyu over the larger, main line DDs, Mutsuki/Fubuki/Akatsuki. Though I liked Mutsuki well enough, I could not adjust to the high detection radius and low speed / maneuverability of Fubuki or Akatsuki. My favorite ship of the combined lines up to T7 is Hatsu. Over time my IJN DD playstyle has adapted to (and stuck at) the ultra-stealth ability of that particular ship so I'm struggling to do much of anything with Akatsuki. How do you do well in Akatsuki when you are so easy to spot and so sluggish to move? I can't seem to be able to effectively contest caps given the high number of Russian and USN gunboats in play, and even spotting for the team risks being outspotted by enemy DD and deleted by the supporting high tier, high DPM cruisers... I'm definitely missing some key point somewhere. Maybe play much closer support to friendly ships? Maybe do the lone flank run and torp enemy BBs?
  2. Admiral_Yularen

    [GMV] WOWS x KC Ending (Fubuki)

    special thanks for the one make this music Music: ~ 吹雪 (Fubuki) / ED Kantai Collection ~ by: Shiena Nishizawa Lirikis: minatoku Komponis: Hige Driver Aransemenis: WEST GROUND/Yuuya Saitou and special thanks for everyone that help me Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sqRH9h0HMY
  3. for eg: So I have my fubuki(current T8 IJN dd) that will move to T6 and I will get a new Kagero and the Xp stays with her. All the premium camo will be 50 % since Wg is compensating for both the old and new line.So if you have or buy the permanent camo for the Hatsuharu now, you'll then get it free on the Akasuki. One question:I have trop acceleration skill in my Fubuki.Will they provide captian skills reset this time?.cause i don't want trop acceleration for my new kagero. Sauce:https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5eo6gl/ijn_dd_compensation_from_tuccy_tldr_version/
  4. The current high tier IJN DDs, the Fubuki, and especially the Kagerou, are already pretty bad in the current meta. They do not need more nerfs. As evidence, here is the terrible winrate that they've got for the past week from asia.warships.today. Kagerou is the worst ship tier-for-tier in the entire line. It is also worth noting that they are worse than their tier equivalents, the Benson and Fletcher/Udaloi in almost every way. Please be merciful.
  5. Vio_Strygun

    Need opinion

    So I have Fubuki for quite long time, my current build is not good enough for ranked and to be honest, the Torpedo Acceleration tempted me. I have 15 point captains but knowing fully well that new Japanese DD would be released makes me reluctant to reset since I have no plan to keep Fubuki after she downgraded to tier 6. So I need opinion regarding these: 1. Should I reset my commander? 2. Where would this commander be in the future? The New Fubuki or Kagerou?
  6. Can someone give me the numbers as of this patch for the Fubuki concealment, equipped with - NO camo - NO concealment equipment - NO captain skill - Hull B as of this patch? I've sold this ship, and what' I've noticed in the ship preview is that fubuki without camo on hull B has 6.1km concealment. Is this correct? If it is, I'm pretty worried as my kagero is 6.0 without tier 5 captain skill.
  7. Post .5.3 poll What do you guys think? I'm running the 12km ones but they don't seem to have a very noticeable success rate over the stock 10km ones... I got last stand, and am planning on torpedo expertise since i dont really need to use my smoke often.
  8. Rocking the Bucky and still can't decide between these two. Propulsion Modification 2, or Steering Gears Modification 2? The reason is because I see that the Bucky is very slow, but she has decent rudder shift BUT poor turning radius. So I am confused. Suggestions anyone? Please back up your answers with justification.