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Found 2 results

  1. it's 7 v 7 match with pretty balance tier, standard battle compare to IJNDD, my experience in USNDD is like ... 10 time less so, I don't expect much than get in, pew pew do some damage but the match boiled down into 1 v 1 between me and graf spee hell, he a CA with 30k hp left while I'm DD with only 3k hp. he heading to my team base and I'm too far to cap his base, there's no way I'll win in cap compete since he got there first. so, I'll just go and try fight, there's no way I'll win out in the open, so I just use a small rock (too small to call island) poke in and out try do shot as much as I can whole match decide in one last shot if he hit me, I'm dead/lose if I hit him, he'll dead/I'll win and even now I still don't know how the hell I win in 1v1 against graf spee luck on my side to day I'll leave replay here if someone like to see 20170712_023358_PASD005-Farragut-1944_05_Ring.wowsreplay
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