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Found 11 results

  1. ....because the front page of General Discussions isn't filled with threads of people screeching and howling against CVs. Aside from one or two threads here, forumers here are actually pretty chill when it comes to CVs.
  2. KaiserPhantasma

    [2019]Best Tier V Ships For Fun

    Hoping to get advice on which tier V ship classes is "good"/downright human rights violation for your enemy as I am hoping to get a good set of tier Vs for each nation.
  3. With the next patch, there are some premium ships will be added to the tech tree like Atlanta,scharnhorst, dunkerque, etc..So i'm going to buy a ship but i can't decide which one. For making credit, and fun to play. May you give some advice? please tell me, thank you. Well, there are two ships which make me feel so hard to deciced are Atlanta and Scharnhorst. I have grinded USN Cruiser to Des moines so i know how to camp and hug islands. I love staying behind these islands and spaming HE, that 5s of reload make me so intensive XD. that ship sure will be fun for me. But wargaming is going to split USN cruiser and introduce Worcester which most people calling "Mega Atlanta". She have HEAL,Radar and maybe have the same playstyle like atlanta. I don't know if i should pay for 9000 doubloons or just wait the worcester release and get her for free. And Worcester have 5s reload of 152mm guns, and a heal which atlanta doesn't have And about the Schanhorst, since i have grinded free exp and bought the nelson. I don't think that i would pay for any BBs because Nelson is too good and very very fun to play...But there were many people have bought the Schan and nobody had complain about her. In my point of view, she kinda like T7 geman Bb Genesaure (sr i forgot her name)... @@ of course not only them but there are a lot of choice like alabama, tirpitz, loyang, prinz eugen, Leningrad and atago. These are good ship and worth to buy too. Agh so many of choice :(( i have Nelson,Anshan, okhotnik,vampire and huang meh are my main premium ships. Yes, i read the littewhitemouse reviews alot but still can't decice for myself... anyway, thanks for reading and helping me^^ and i must sorry for my bad english :p Hope you enjoy
  4. Hi All, I know you will tell me to git gud. But lately it has becoming boring with divisional players with Massive AA and CV builds. Yes this is a rant... it will make players drop off and it is not good for the game. As soon as i see a division with CV's i can see in the MatchMaker that they all have a winrate of over 80% it must get boring for them? And people just won't play. IMHO they should ban CV's with Divisional play, it will make the game better... yes i know they can in theory do a count down, but it does not guarantee they will be on the same side. Being a unicorn with a CV division is not that hard frankly... I welcome your thoughts.
  5. ______________________________________________ alright forget the rant, 2018 is nearby and i must decide which path to choose.... fun or power? Gadjah Mada is VERY FUN SHIP, phew-phew, torpedo beat and FULL ACTION! even more fun than playing yolo Bismarck... the problem is i am as noob as playing Bismarck. i can carry hard... or messing around and sink early.... if i want to compare DD vs CV, i am obviously better play CV if i want to improve my stat. but playing CV is sometimes boring and LESS action.... if you think nuking BB in oneshot and strafe enemy plane is fun, you will get bored because the repetitive again and again. the CV have SAME TACTIC and STRATEGY.... SAME GOAL, NUKE, SPOT, AIR DEFF. a DD maybe have same strategy everytime, but to achieve such thing will require different TACTIC and Approach. CV and DD have biggest carry potential yet different option. a CV can basically multitasking, do everything in the same time! a DD MUST CHOOSE what to do and can only pick 1 or 2 task. playing CV is the most EASIEST, playing DD is the MOST HARDEST. LOL, its funny to think if playing harder ship is actually fun and challenging... too bad, EVERY TEAM dont want a noob DD on their side! i cannt imagine if someone really mad because a DD is refuse to cap or DD is busy phew-phew abandoning objective and making the team lose. i cannt resist to stop phew phew CV for EZ win...... or? DD for Dreadnought Daddy!
  6. feel my pain what have i done to deserve this
  7. Reverse_ldeology

    The fun and the unfun - some advice

    After taking a short break for WoWS to adjust my schedule during summer break internship, I finally got back to playing this game. Of course as a skrub with only 5000 games as someone who know many other players and am involved in the giving feedback on this game, I decided to re-start playing with a fresh perspective. No longer do I feel pressured to win, but instead I just play in divisions nowadays to have fun with other players (in various different ways). Here are some observations. 1. World of Warships is not a game to be taken seriously, as QnA implies. Ships are balanced based on how they perform with respect to other ships, and buffed or nerfed if the devs feel like they are under or outperforming their peers too much (by how much, and by what metric we don't know). WG communication has also stated that CVs such as Saipan are "fine". You can infer how seriously they take game balancing from that. 2. Winning in this game is mainly about knowing what to do in each situation (as a player). Carrying solo games is mainly about how well you can coordinate with your team, on top of knowing what to do as a solo player. Div carrying is mainly about ship selection, followed by solo game sense + div coordination. 3. Taking this game less seriously and just trying to do the most in each match (which is quite fun cos being alive = can do things = potential to have fun) is the best way to both increase enjoyment and increase win rate. Just play another game if you find matches unenjoyable. 4. Poor CV players, especially in high tiers are the most un-fun part of this game. Doubly so if your AS/Balanced CV cannot even control the air over a strike loadout. 5. Fishing teams are fun to face against, if you are in a div of skilled players. Otherwise having one (or multiple) of them in your team or the enemy team usually ends up in a steamroll, netting you little xp either way. Of course you can afford to aggro more if your fishing team is winning for you (if that is your definition of fun), or play more proactively knowing that said players in fishing div can cover you. But most of the time you get less xp and credits if they are on your team, and get steamrolled if they are on the enemy team. 6. Being bottom tier while your top tier players feed can go both ways. It can either be very un-fun, if you happen to be in tiers 5-7, and lack the survivability and DPM against higher tier survivors in the enemy team (you can only farm damage). Or it could be very fun if you manage to get some "High impact (insert ship class here) play" and carry the team while bottom tier. 7. There are many situations with "no counterplay", or "very little counterplay at best" in this game. Instances such as "radar cruiser Haven south spawn domination" or "Saipan who knows how to abuse strafe exit mechanics", or "Gearing Mino Hak", or "Belfast", or "Black, Balti, MO", or "Triple Black". These mechanics are fun if you are the one abusing them, but very un-fun otherwise. Of course WG has shown itself willing to change their maps over time, so maybe this will improve with time. 8. IJN DDs are more often than not driven by noobs who either torp at second line or YOLO into cap and die. Very few players know how to ride the fine line between being close enough to torp while far enough to react to enemy DDs. N. If there is anything else please feel free to add. tl:dr don't take this game seriously, just div and have fun. If you find yourself carrying to hard or losing too hard just play another game.
  8. CV_NMSL


    today, i detonated 3 times in 3 diffrent T10 ships once in gearning this morning, then a minotaur detonated from full HP, then my yamato detonated the very next match before the Minotaur even came out of the last battle RNG WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME, WHY DO YOU DO THIS *breaks down sobbing
  9. Ahoy sailors, Get excited, I've started my own YouTube channel. Who, or what is the Corn Cartel? No reason at all really, I just like the sound of it. Technically that's a lie, there is a story behind it but you'll have a subscribe to find out ;) About my channel; pretty simple really, just some fun WOWS replays, appalling banter, some banging tunes, and hopefully a few tips on how to win on the high seas. I'm not a unicum, I'm not some super creative video production genius; I just love my boats and big tunes. Get around it. Anyway. thanks for checking out my channel, hope you all like it.
  10. i was wondering if some people would like to squad up and play together honestly it does not matter if you are Australian just if you can speak English my highest rated ship is tier 4im rank 12 all most 13 add me if you are interested thanks name: C4OnYoorDoor #1
  11. benlisquare

    Destroyers are fun

    Destroyers are fun. Discuss. I'm certain that none of you will be able to negate the above statement.