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Found 2 results

  1. To Developers and Staff at Wargaming; As you are aware, Users of Eyefinity and Nvidia surround have been unable to access the game in full resolution since patch Furthermore, You would be aware that while the game never officially supported Eyfinity/Nvidia Surr, the beta and release of the game worked well with multi-monitor configurations. At present, the only issue is the server selection screen which is grayed out which means that the server cannot be selected while eyefinity is enabled. I am bewildered why it is taking the developers so long to fix what seems like a fairly straightforward UI bug. I will admit I am not a developer, But one only needs to point as far as Naval Action to see that game functions BRILLIANTLY in eyefinity despite being in early Alpha with a relatively small development team behind the game. Whats more bewildering that despite the issue being marked as urgent in the FAQ and that the team was "working on a fix immediately", three weeks have passed and several small patches have been past and yet the issue has not been resolved. I am aware that the issue can be bypassed by disabling eyefinity and running in windowed mode, but this is not a solution for someone who likes to be immersed in the game and expects to enjoy the game in the same manner one enjoyed during CLOSED BETA TESTING. I have "wasted" 30 days of premium subscription patiently waiting for the developers to address this issue and yet it seems that those with multimonitor setups are being ignored because we chose to invest in a premium gaming configuration. Pick up your act Wargaming; we are tired of waiting, we are tired of being ignored. (For others wishing to comment, there is a very big difference between Eyefinity and SLI/Crossfire. The game does actually work with Crossfire (at least it did on the 7870 configuration I used to run before upgrading to the 390x.))
  2. nsyxavier

    Crash On AMD Eyefinity

    I have just linked 3 monitor with AMD Eyefinity and I face these problems: Ships and Ports were flattened Display Options were empty Is there any solutions? Here's the hardware details and the screen capture