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Found 1 result

  1. Aussie_Thunder

    Dunkirk Jack

    If I am banned then so be it. I have noticed on many occasions that we on the Asian sever miss out on important things. We are told to use the severe and not to use the NA server but this is what is causing the problem. At present the Dunkirk Jack is on offer to the NA server and not to the Asian server. Please remember that there are those on the Asian server who are not Asian. Actually many thousands that are not. We are Australian , New Zealanders and as such end up having to deal with the Asian perspective of the Wars. this is not correct. I know its hard to keep every body happy but it may take some forethought to remember that many as mentioned are not Asian. I don't wish to piss anyone of but this is the case. Right now the Dunkirk Jack is on offer. It was not only British soldiers rescued that day. My Father a member of the Australian 2/22nd Armoured division was also on that beach and was rescued. along with 5 Guns. so can you see my disappointment to see that the Asian server doesn't have the same opportunities as the NA sever. If Asians don't want it they don't have to get it but give the Australian and New Zealanders the chance. PLEASE