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Found 2 results

  1. I just mount CE for my Lyon and it is truly pointless. I regret it. This skill is not suitable for any ship that has garbage concealment. Even some websites out there like the official WG portal and WoWS wiki didn't recommend me to pick one. But one of you ever told me in the Fuso complains thread to pick it as soon as possible when I got 4 points. But I'm trying not to do that for a moment because I'm still confused. let's face it. It only decrease the detection radius for a few kilometers. It would be great if WG doesn't bother with percentage and tell me how much CE does on a ship by kilometer. Also the detection range increases when a ship is on fire. And French BB is very vulnerable to fire. and that kinda force me to reach SE which is quite expensive. This skill only suitable when you have concealment upgrade combined. I have tried this on Chapayev and it worked really well.
  2. There is no right or wrong way to play this game. If I enjoy playing tier 1s only everyday, then it's my right and problem. If I enjoy playing tier 4s because some of my favorite ships are at that tier and I'm also training my commander to transfer to higher tiers, whose to say to me you can't do that because I have played over 2000 games? If I want to play lower tiers just to increase my winrate, WG ain't gonna penalize me. But once I announce to everyone on the forums what my intentions are, then just be prepared to get positive and negative views. If you can't take the negative, then don't bother posting at all and just do what you want to do quietly. I am also a seal clubber, and I do it all the time in all my favorite ships from Tier 4, 6, 7 to 8. Sometimes I get clubbed back as it has been as you can see from my stats. I'm glad I can't play for this 5 days as I'm out of my country atm. Lighten up peeps. It's just a game. chill out.