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Found 1 result

  1. I just been through two consecutive matches where the MM went bonkers and decided to lopsidedly put one team in disadvantage. The opposing team has two lower tiered carriers than ours, and ALL OF THE DD. Exhibit one In the first match, it's a capture the enemy base mode so at least we could all hunker up together and formed a massive fleet to counter the enemy planes. The problem was, we couldn't see anything since there's no DD in the frontline scouting and spotting enemy ships. This is compounded by the nature of the Ocean map, which is a vast array of ocean. Not to mention the enemy had all the DDs and there were a lot of torps being spammed at our fleet. Fortunately, the enemy carriers seemed to run out of planes since they are T6 carriers after all against mostly T6-T8 cruisers. Exhibit two Well this is where it all went banana and this made me give up playing for tonight. Again i was put in similar condition where the carrier outnumbered our carrier, and the enemy had all the destroyers. It was also domination map where we need to capture flags to earn points. In the beginning of the map, the enemy carrier TB squadron caused our ships formation to scatter and we lost a lot of momentum. We didn't cap any flag until near the end of the match, and there wasn't any coordination at all between our ships and i wanted to protect our lonely carrier from enemy attack. The result, an astounding victory by the enemy team.