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Found 6 results

  1. IS it only me or wha, I am seeing more and more that Domination having no real meaning as a game mode .. anymore ... since no DD nor CL can survive under hail of Radar coverage and increasingly all the guns , BB and CA alike not going up front to support and protect, cause they can be safe and stay way out and all the care is to stat their own little quest to see if they can kill more enemy .. the health and safety of their teammate is of no significance so the Cl and DD became just bait for enemy fire .. Almost all the Domination game I'ev come across lately became more a hunt for enemy instead sort of reverse standard battle ... the point of capping an Area became non issue so why bother My take, WOWS need to revamp Domination .. The point allocated need to reflect that, reduce the point in Domination game for killing enemy outside of the areas and increase granted point for areas controlled over time, and my recommendtion, stat this game mode wit no home base to any team .. the teams will have to fight for the areas .. not just all going out flank and wild hunting enemy ships only
  2. jagdtiger88

    I just don't get it

    Just want to share 1 strange game last night I just don't get it, what were they thinking?! In this battle, all of my team and the enemy team, ALL OF THEM just went to A cap and fight there most of the game I decided to went try to contest B cap and to my surprise no one is contesting me, in a Kiev and I ended up capping both B and C without any opposition only 2 enemy ships tried to contest B cap later but the battle has already but been decided I just don't understand what went through the mind of all those captains?! this just another suicide run by a kirov needlessly to say, he didn't get where he wanted to do i guess what about you guys?! had any peculiar, strange or unexplained battles that you can share?!
  3. Commander_GALEN

    Balanced DD in Domination mode?

    Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Question: can WG balanced the number of DD in domination mode?why? because it is so unfair... I'll always team up with 1 dd and the other team have 2 dd, of course we are in disadvantage when capturing.... and we lost because of the points! In Bastion mode, it is also unfair the more dd in your team, the faster you can capture(?) and fortresses will assist your team and spot the enemy (including DD) my wish is that make the number of dd balanced in every team (for Domination and *Bastion mode) Team 1 = Team 2 2 dd(same tier) = 2 dd(same tier) balanced Team 1 = Team 2 1 dd(high tier) = 2 dd(high tier + low tier) unbalanced
  4. I feel that the exp nerf on capping on patch 0.5.12 was unnecessary and needs to be reverted for several reasons. 1. The time it takes to cap was extended in 0.5.10 from 45 seconds to 60 seconds. 2. Combined with above, radar cooldown was halved in patch 0.5.11 and has made capping significantly more risky than before. 3. Exp is too dependent on damage output in 0.5.12. 4. Capping directly contributes to winning and rewarding capping promotes the 'aggressive play' that WG is trying to get people into. And one other things, I would like Bastion mode to give out more exp to everyone. I've seen so many battles with the top player on the winning team earn less than 1000 raw exp. Bastion is a high tier exclusive game mode and average exp gain should not be this low. Extra exp for the player who capped the forts would be a good start.
  5. Finally got some ships to tier 6, but I've been noticing that domination mode ends the match too soon and it happens regardless whether I'm on the winning side or losing side. I am not very good and I want to stay longer in a match to get more practice and get more fun but damn the 1000 point victory condition. Yes there are balancing issues so certain scenarios would see it wise to have domination matches but just from what I have been experiencing alone from random battles that threshold comes too soon too often I rather have the 20-minute timer expire or better yet win by eliminating all enemy ships. Maybe domination is more appealing for tournaments. I am not liking domination matches so much right now I suggest for it to be taken out of random battles at least.
  6. Be note that tomorrow this type of Game Mode will be adjusted as follows When an allied ship is destroyed: 1.Destroyers :45 (past version is 60) 2.Cruisers : 50 (past version is still 60) 3.Battleships : 60 (no changes, still 60 in the past version) 4.Aircraft Carriers: 65 (past version is 90, but hey they decrease the points by 25) Rewards for Destroying Enemy ships: 1.Destroyers :30 (past version is 40) 2.Cruisers : 35 (past version is still 40) 3.Battleships : 40 (no changes, still 40 in the past version) 4.Aircraft Carriers: 45 (Past version is 60) Battle will be on 5 minutes Destroy 2 Enemy ships to win Other team/s has greater points to the opponents i think that's all