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Found 6 results

  1. hello~~~ our glorious teacher got another tip and trick for you guys CV captain how to NUKE DD out of existent with US Dive bomber. this method require some practice and timing, but almost guarantee a massive damage against DD. so, make a full use of training room and bot movement setting for practice. now you know how to Nuke DD out of existent, go out there and kill all of them with your glorious USN-DB cheers.
  2. My DBs keep feeding to enemy's AA :< so sad . They've a family waiting at home but they will never come back because this bug...1 vote fix = 1 prayer for all the men down... My replay : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8C5DEbzbwxKeF9oa25FYkd0UDA . You can see this happened when i tried to bomb the enemy's CV
  3. NguyenArchitakuVN

    Bombers are annoying.

    Do you think that it is annoying to be set on fire every single time you get hit by bombs from dive bombers? Every time i see a squadron of dive bombers approaching my ship... I know well crap... Another fire. I believe ships get caught on fire by dive bombers too often. Nearly 99% of the time i get hit by bombs, they set me on fire. And one more thing WG hasn't get it fixed yet. Torpedo bombers drop their torps too close to my ship. It seems almost impossible to dodge even for a destroyer. It doesn't happen very often but when ever a carrier player decided to "rush kill" an enemy vessel, he manually control his squadrons and drop the torps really close to the target. Of course these carrier players are good enough to estimate the correct distance of dropping so the torps will have enough time to engage. It makes gameplay somewhat frustrating for the victims. WG really have to do something, like increase the effectiveness of AA fire if enemy planes get closer to the warships. And I don't mean carriers are OP are something like that. It's just so annoying to be killed during the first 4 minutes of a battle haven't even seen an enemy.
  4. Hi. I'm currently playing with Bogue with 1 torp, 2 dive bombers setting. I'm pretty sure that I can use manual bombing correctly - I usually hit 3-4 torps for a cruiser/battle ship or 1-2 for a destroyer, and make fine hits(2-3) with dive bombers, too. But sometimes, dive bombers just do not hit anything. I thought it was a really bad luck since the yellow ellipse was almost perfectly matched to the target when dive bombers dive, but, yeah I know it randomly hits within the ellipse - so there still exists some probability that all the bombs are dropped to the sea. But I've met this weird situation almost every 3 games. I thought it should be a bug, but I could not found any threads/notices/blog posts or anything. I'm so confused about it. Does it really a bad luck for me that hitting NO bombs for an almost perfectly matched yellow ellipse to a target? Want to know if others also experienced it. Edit : I found that there is a water splash when the bombs are dropped to the sea and when I experience the 'NO bombs', I also see NO water splashes. So, I think this is a bug at the moment.
  5. Harpoon01

    0.3.1. Review, (Carrier)

    This is Review from my Perspective about the change their made to USN CV and about the New Tech tree Line IJN CV Let's start with the ship itself: - USN CV have more AA and at tier 8 to 9 (probably 10 too) could single handedly eliminate any single squad in quick succession before they even drop any bomb (except torpedo from far away) - IJN CV have..... capability to launch squadron faster than USN counterpart but worse AA, and their Concealment are really good compare to USN CV Flight Control: - USN CV.... have much better Fighter than IJN CV, 1 USN Fighter Squad might lose to 2 IJN Fighter Squad, but win in 1 vs 1 (easily) - USN CV from Langley to Lexington only can deploy 1 squad of torpedo bomber at a time, even at their all Bomber Flight Control which is Bad - IJN CV from Houshou to Zuiho only have up to 1 Fighter squad only,and each IJN Squad only have 4 planes - IJN CV rely on their Number of bomber (for example, Lexington All bomber Flight control only have 1 TB and 3 DB, while Shoukaku have 3 TB and 3 DB. Conclusion: USN 6 TB and 12 DB vs 12 TB and 12 DB, Completely outnumbered and for worse Both nation's TB's damages are not far different) Planes: (don't need to explain USN Planes since already there since even Alpha) - IJN Fighters as mention above have slightly higher speed but less damage against other planes - IJN TBs are next candidate to be called OP by BB player since even the patch make Torpedo Spread Wider (bad news for USN TB) doesn't change the fact that IJN TB can do Torpedo wave with very narrow spread (Their 3 TB squad could make even Narrower Torpedo wave than even 2 USN TB squad can do before the recent patch) - IJN DBs similar to USN counterpart with some have better speed and survivability, and same damage (My hearth Broke)
  6. Arthur_Kirkland

    Dive Bomber lack of damage logic

    me and my friend still discussing about this.. how Bomb with a weight 500lbs (US standards) has a smaller damage than 1005lbs torpedo (US standards too). torpedo were able to damage 2k for each. and so here come the logical question.. can we buff dive bomber ? i think bomb can dealing damage 800-1000 minimum for each one. :'3