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Found 3 results

  1. Few day ago I was playing a game but my internet got screwed and end up disconnected mid game. It took several hour for my internet provider to fix issues, I log in again and prepare "welp, I'm gonna get pink again today" but... this is unexpected ... "for observance".... is this new algorithm that separate people that accidentally got disconnected from intentionally AFK? or someone really did investigate the case? whatever the case, it's good... really good.
  2. Anyone else got disconnected at around midnight 7-22-2018??? Played a match at around said time and got disconnected. Once i logged in, i noticed that majority of players in that match got disconnected as well I attached the Replay files of my last match, the smaller one should have the evidence of mass DC... 20180721_235618_PGSB106-Bayern_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay 20180722_000413_PGSB106-Bayern_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  3. I got a few times since till now it still exists that I got disconnected right at the beginning of a match. Not even the match loading page were shown and I got kicked out to the log-in page. That were not be a problem if I could get back to the game immediately but the thing is that I just CAN'T GET BACK no matter how many times I restart the game, the network router or my computer. What happened was when I tried to log in, it dropped like 10 sec after loading, and when I retried, it just stuck there and keep loading. Turns out I can only get in the game after I can't get back to the battle. I thought they fixed this problem on the current but apparently it still exist.