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Found 6 results

  1. Seriously Im just upset this only happen when i play my favorite Ship it look like the game try hold me down for some reason. -The problem appears Radomly. -only happen when im playing/match -is not My Internet and if is my internet i can just re-log but not when this problem happen. - sending ticket is just waste of time because they gonna blame my Internet/ISP. -Feels like i'm being sabotage
  2. 1. Description Cannot connect to the game server or websites on19 Feb 2017, 0005hrs (GMT+0800), a mass Disconnect. 2. Reproduction steps Maybe check Wargaming's server log. 3. Result Mass Disconnection 4. Expected result Supposed to connect to server 5. Technical details Screenshot of the ping result at that time (i know it is worldoftanks.asia website, but worldofwarship.asia also shares the same server) Edit1: added comment to point 5
  3. Locked into an aerial view at beginning of battle. The battle countdown timer and the battle clock both read 00:00. Am able to use WASD to steer ship but unable to use items such as hydrophone using the Y etc. Unable to use the chat. Didn't try firing for risk of friendly fire. Included attached screenshot for reference. Reproduction Steps: 1. Select the Murmansk 2. Enter the Battle 3. Problem occurred as soon as I loaded into battle Technical Details: Bug occurred at roughly 4:40 pm AEST. I have had several disconnection issues in the past few days particularly when loading into battle. Only reinstalled the game a few days ago.
  4. sub_standard

    No challenge reward on disconnect

    I did not receive any incremental ARP TAKAO challenge reward for this battle using my level 6 AC - possibly from having a disconnect during battle. Screen shot attached
  5. After this morning latest version update to, I noticed the more input I entered (any input, W,A,S,D,R,T, fire etc) during game, the more lag I experienced. If I stop enter any input, the ping is back to 90++, which is still very high compared to normal 34. PLEASE FIX THIS. I can't play anymore. Thank you.
  6. first of all, yes, it literally disconnect only when i log in to the game... it disconnects by itself (i tried other games like world of tanks and i don't dc randomly), sometimes my ping will rise up to 2 million(my normal ping is 80-100, and I'm the only one connected to my wifi), wonderful isn't it? plus this only happens in my laptop. I'm using Aspire E5-551G(win 8.1, AMD FX-7500 quadcore 2.10ghz, 4gb ddr3L ram, AMD Radeon R7 M265 series gpu, all drivers are updated) help me please!