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Found 13 results

  1. Question as per title. As i've been grinding lately, i've notice that DD is getting detonated way too frequently, atleast once per day on average. Doesn't help when i'm climbing Kleber, Harugumo and Yue Yang. You know, DD whose module is so fragile that a random HE will cook it's ammo rack off whenever i'm maneuvering hard. This is really a big concern, as DD doing their job will likely fall below 80% threshold mark early in game and risk detonating way more frequently. Been unable to carry games because well, s*** happen. The plethora of hard hitting, large AoE HE spamming is really killing off DD competitiveness unless you mount that "save face" flag.
  2. As some of you might know, WG recently have changed how detonations work by making detonations only happen when a ship has less than 75% HP, and the rest is all based on RNG. This saves players from getting detonated in their DD's from the first HE shell hit, but there is still 0 skill in detonation anyways. Therefore, I purpose a rework on detonation as detonation is a fundamental part of this game and is historically accurate to make detonation as skilled based as possible. 1. Divide the citadel zone into 2 types, the engine room, and the ammunition chamber. Hits to the engine room will still result in the engine having a chance of getting knocked out and deals the current citadel damage. 2. For shells that hit the ammunition chamber, the gun turret corresponding to the ammunition chamber either gets knocked out the whole game, or the player detonates immediately. This change will make detonation more skilled based. Players will change to aim at the ammunition chamber of their foes to severely incapacitate their ability to fight or straight out delete them from the game. Instead of taking citadel damage from an ammunition chamber hit, players will now either get detonated or get their turret knocked out for their whole game, this makes players be aware of their weakness and try to angle so no AP shells will hit their ammunition chamber.
  3. So, I would post this in the comments for 0.7.2, but the thread is locked..... Anyway, Detonation. It is true that when you are on full HP, you can't get detonated. That's great, I approve. It's been happening to me a bit too frequently for my comfort. However, then the patch comes out, first game out I take my Gearing for a spin, and from across the map, a Yamato spies me when I get caught in Radar. I turn, I dodge, I hit speed boost, I get detonated. The very first salvo fired at me, detonated me. So I was curious about what was going on. From what I can tell, I was hit by three shells. Shell 1: Penetration. Shell 2: Overpen. Shell 3: Detonation. Why did I detonate? Because Shell 1 and 2 took me to below 60% health. Yeah, not sure if that's a code bug, or what. Still, at least it was the 3rd shell. I'd have been so embarrassed if it has been the first.
  4. i just got detonation (this time not using flag,but still have -70 detonation upgrade) but the weird sheet is THIS GUY IS JUST T5 Okhotnik, IT GOT KILLED FIRST! i repeat IT GOT KILLED FIRST! he got first blood? and i got detonation too? oh he also get devastating strike, it mean its not his first time detonating ship..... the ultimate luck is come! even after being sinking by other ship, you can still got kill and deal high damage.... eh wait...... do you think its luck? NOPE! its Russian SHELL! imagine if Gadjah Mada also got stalinium infused! it will make my life easier! the real first blood Russian DD Okhotnik got both achievement..... AND HE GOT MORE XP despite losing??? man this is it! i want the Russian Stalinium on my Gadjah Mada! #GadjahMadaneedbuff #MakeGadjahMadaGREATAGAIN (its already great actually) #GadjahMadaLELWATERTORPEDO _________________________ since GadjahMada is badly need buff, here is what i suggest to WG * 50 more HP * 5 second faster torpedo reload * 0.5knot ship speed * 0.1 sec faster reload main gun
  5. Well, probably everyone who playing this game will getting ammoracked (or detonation or something like that) at least one time. After getting ammoracked. you get "Achievements" called "Detonation" which is given to anyone who is getting trolled by RNG by making their ammorack explode. and the game will send "Honor to Heroes" for you, with a stupid, ugly flag called "Juliet Charlie" that can "protect" you from ammoracking. This is how the game mocks you when you getting ammoracked, They send a flag of shame that can protect ammoracking to not getting that awful Achievements again for at least 10 times. and it labelled this flag as "Honor to Heroes". Who the hell in the World is getting honored for making the ship he's commanding get ammoracked and explode? If you saw anyone hanging this flag on the ship, you'd think that this guy getting this reward. and this achievements will display on your profile to show everyone how many times you get trolled by RNG. Every time I get this ugly flag, I sell it. I didn't want to hanging this flag because everyone knows why I can get this shameful flag. One question for you is: What do you think about this Achievements no ones ever wanted?
  6. KillStealz


    Personally i'm getting a bit tired of this game mechanic, no skill involved... 100% RNG based and just a frustrating mechanic. Yes I have had my fair share in the past week, hence the post. It does not make the game "fun and engaging" in my opinion, and if they aren't going to remove the game mechanic then at least make the Juliet Charlie flags more easily available, getting them only through actually detonating and crates is not enough. Anyway interested in others peoples thoughts and whether anyone actually likes this mechanic...
  7. when i think, when u think, when we think, doing fine but............. that derp moment
  8. CarbonMonoxide

    Detonation in co-op

    Last night, I give co-op a try I sailed with my hatsuharu an AI enemy kiev rushed towards our fleet at the beginning I opened fire, landing several rounds on him our AI concentrated on him that the kiev lose 90% hp within a few seconds then the kiev did his last resort, 4 130mm shells towards me then my hatsu exploded 12100 damage can you imagine my feeling at that moment? It really hurts and I feel even worse than detonation in pvp being one shot by an AI is already an big insultation but here, I can't even get the reassure reward(the 100% no detonation flag) and you know what? the 2 living teammates reported me!! I think either the detonation reward should cover the co-op mode or detonation of ship should be removed in co-op sometimes people suffering from bad luck or RNG or what, would play PvE for reassuring themselves I don't think detonation in PvE would make the game any better
  9. As title says... I have been detonated twice in scharn in 18 games now. I am even using the module which reduces chance of det by 70%... Aside from the fact this stupid mechanic shouldn't even be in the game, does anybody know whether there is a bug? Or is it just bad RNG?
  10. ...Derpitz! This doesn't happen for me often but when it does it is against 2 ships, Cleveland and Nurmberg. In the screenshot below just above the bomber squadron in the middle of the picture you can see the results of a full salvo of HE from the Tirpitz. I had that loaded because I new I'd be facing DDs. Shortly after this I died to torpedoes from the DD that was trailing the Cleveland after eating 3 from one that came in from C. Don't know how the battle turned out thanks to my crappy ISP. I've not been able to log back in to find out either.
  11. It took me about 3 hours looking for materials to make this video. Please enjoy and blame RNG everytime you get detonated
  12. SZYZWY

    How Lucky are you?!

    What's the percentage at which you detonate? DetonationBadges / Number of non-CV matches x 100% I got 0.588% Rather low I think. I'd say I'm quite lucky then. Unless until I want to farm detonation flags at least (Exclude any CV matches as they don't detonate anyway)