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Found 5 results

  1. I know I'm still far from getting the Salem, (cuz I only have 50k coal atm) but I want to plan ahead whether if I should get the Salem or Musashi. What I want to know is, how does it compare to it's counterpart, the Des Moines, and does it compete well against other tierX ships? Also, how good is it with credit farming compared to other high tier premiums like Missouri, Musashi, and Kronshtadt? For playstyle, I think I know how to use US Cruisers, I already have Baltimore and Cleveland, and almost ready to get the Buffalo.
  2. Credits: Yuro Are we getting more DM with spotter plane? Or people will just protest with negative karma button?
  3. FenrirApalis

    Des Moines survivability

    Hello everyone, it's been quite a while since I made a post on the forums :3 Quick note before I start: No I am not saying the Des Moines is underpowered, it is powerful I am just saying it can use some help. Now that the new HMS battleships are arriving, having superb concealment at high tiers as one of their traits makes me feel a bit... Underequipped and under-gunned. Pretty much the entire USN Cruiser line suffers from one flaw, which is having little armour on their broadsides, making it impossible to angle and bounce shells from battleships of equal tier. At lower tiers where battleships have shotgun dispersion and you have a very slim profile, that is not such a massive issue. But as the tiers get higher and your manoeuvrability reduces, this start to become a problem. Everyone who looks at the armour profiles of ships will see that the Baltimore and Des Moines both have 27mm armour on the entire hull of the ship (Des Moines having 30mm deck), the citadel protection being the only exception at 152mm. This is quite a problem when facing battleships armed with 386.1mm and larger calibre guns as they will overmatch you almost everywhere they hit. Angling against battleships at close range is pretty much useless since you won't have the ability to bounce. Back to the superb concealment problem raised by the HMS battleships. USN cruisers do not have the best concealment, Des Moines can only have 0.9km better detection range than the Conquerer when running a full concealment build, together with 12 guns and extreme heal, if a Des Moines or Baltimore run into one it can only pray to RNGesus. Angling is useless and 0.9km is not enough time to react, the rudder shift combined with the armour just won't leave the two cruisers a chance. A few months back when the Henri IV was introduced to the game it was deemed weak in survivability because of the 25mm side armour being able to be easily overmatched by battleship guns and easily prone to IFHE destroyer HE shells. Why can't they give the same treatment to the Des Moines? I know it is not a bad performing ship but if you look at the statistics it has one of the worse survivability rates. Please, give the Des Moines (possibly Baltimore too) 30mm side armour, maybe even consider dropping her concealment range down a bit at least (just like what they did with the Pensacola). Thanks for your time
  4. FenrirApalis

    Des Moines armor buff :D

    *dances around the room while my dog stares at me thinking I went mad* NO MORE ******** DECK PENS FROM ANYTHING BUT YAMATO WOO HOO did they buff the side armour too tho it didn't say in the patch notes uwu Next step: buff side armour too?
  5. The Des Moines also has the lowest range out of all T10 heavy cruisers, and its shell tracery has always made it better in close quarters. But getting up close gives you even less time to avoid incoming fire, and completely avoiding battleship shells is practically the only possible way for a Des Moines to neglect damage, while other heavy cruisers can angle and bounce instead. Look at the armor screenshots I have attached below, the Des Moines has the worse overall armor amongst all heavy cruisers (Minotaur is not included, but it has great concealment, a smoke screen and very powerful Repair Party Consumable and it is a light cruiser) The Zao has an extra layer protecting the citadel (although 25mm), also forming a slight turtleback, just like the Hindenburg. Their citadels are lower in the water and not as wide as the Des Moines Please, World Of Warships development team, consider giving Des Moines better armor Thanks for reading, good luck on the high seas