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Found 4 results

  1. when i think, when u think, when we think, doing fine but............. that derp moment
  2. detonate_me_daddy

    Rank Battle is Broken (to a degree)

    After rank 15, match is almost dominated and decided by DDs. American/Russian/German Cruisers extinct, Japanese Destroyers extinct. Blysawica wins the day, Myoko is second to none, any BB that dare to appear either gets torped or burned to death. RIP ranked battle past rank 15 Your thoughts? Keep it civil. Go.
  3. Well since ranked bottles will likely kick off at 17 same day when the game is to remove its OBT tag (and I think will also kick off TGS?), had a lulzy discussion with some friends in regards to those that want to set off their competitive spirits hard although I think they'd be demolished by the more seasoned and skilled players early in the rung despite the whole unpolished bits in the game that is still being hailed in a flurry of discussions, derp or can picks up intrigue, not to mention said battles is probably a solo run and not the whole "pick ya people" kind of thing. If you were to be the one to select the ship lineup assuming the players in the vessels are solid players, how would you maximize the pop cap into a solid battlegroup if we exclude point allocation? This is already assuming that the ship cap is in effect of being hardlined to a single carrier and battleship for your capital ships but it may still be subject to change like increasing the pop cap to 8 people and the tier to VIII as well. From what is seen by this terribad's eyes, there are plenty of ships that are stalwart enough for gritty playing although I can assume that some builds may have stuff: DESTROYER - to be honest, I have no idea what will be brought with destroyers as Ninjakaze Destroyer of Verisimilitude the Devil Minekaze was probably a solid choice for some because of her... absurd ability but nerf she may have had, she is still stable. I think I remembered someone back then complained about the handling of Mahan as well as the restrictive limits of Mutsuki in successful torpedo runs although I am not sure if this applies after some messing around with params by the RUdevs. CRUISER - the Cleveland is going to be in almost every battlegroup, I'm sure of it. and why not? her absurd way of unloading rounds is equivalent to the Des Moines at tier X albeit 'slightly' slower and she's literally outmatched in terms of that by the Atlanta if one can stand her 11 km range in order to slug cruisers and destroyers. but what she has however is an impressive AA suite which is quite good in escort screens and chugging in the hydroacoustics to make her into a DD killer or a cruiser bruiser is probably inadvisable but that however depends on the player on the helm of the damn ship (I never installed barrage on the Aoba. EVER). a faint glimmer but I kinda hope flotilla leaders such as Tenryu and Kuma as well as the recon cruisers Phoenix and Omaha are fielded to be the dedicated DD killers provided the battlegroup can still afford to field them. its likely at tier 7 the Myoko and the Pensacola will both be used (a question: doesn't the Pensacola whack hard as well? sure she can be whacked but still.... those guns probably unload faster than her Japanese counterpart) depending on the battlegroup or if the enemy carrier is very dangerous. if this was tier 8 we'd probably see a Mogami or two. BATTLESHIP - well you can only pick one but its a bit anguishing that nobody may want to use slow-ass dreads unless the battlegroup is a defensive type they will use dreads to grind the brawl. CARRIER - I don't know if people would even field light carriers/escort carriers but one thing I am sure of is that those that wish to run in em may field fleet carriers rather than the light carriers unless proven otherwise or if the points dedicate on the gun warships instead of promoting the carrier Well this is just a strange discussion on my end however and I honestly am interested in what people may field their suitable battlegroups. Random babbling is over. That is all.
  4. just grabbed this pic from someone who upped it in the facebook page I frequent but after seeing a couple of carriers go derp at tiers 4-7, I think it fits. as a person who is still hesitant on getting on the helm and flight control of CV's in OBT/CS, I must ask the derp players: ... is the flippin fighter wing nonexistent to you that you don't even put flippin combat patrols in the proximity of your ship or even screen your strike aircraft? some of you whine that you expended your strike aircraft relatively early and blame us for not killing enemies outright, disregarding the damned fact that the moron just sent the strike planes into the gauntlet of AA suites. I know one is willing to eliminate their other counterparts ASAP but isn't it kinda the SOP to secure your airspace or if you're that much of a team player, screen those ships that have subpar AA suites THEN launch strike aircraft with the fighters covering it? its kinda demoralizing to see that among the first three ships to go down was either one or all of your CV's because strike aircraft got in or a DD ninja'd its way because in the words of a whiner I encountered one time while he was in the Ryujo, "we the surface ships did not guard his ass" or in the more humiliating way, entire air wings of strike planes are decimated. I've seen CV's become literally untouchable from the air because of fighter patrols near it but is it really that enticing to have mostly strike planes in your hangar and few interceptors/fighters? rant is over. that is all.