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Found 2 results

  1. Those of you who follow my occasional posts know I like playing with numbers. Today I found wowstats have published a full list of ships with their stats, so went and tried to come up with a way to rank them in terms of how "OP" they are. "OP" means overpowered, i.e. a ship will score more kills, or do more damage, relative to the other ships she typically sees in battle. The trick is to work out how to balance the weighting between damage dealt and kills, and how to normalize against tier. Of course the relative power of a ship depends on the captain as well as the ship, so of course firstly "reward ships" and secondly regular premium ships are going to score higher as far fewer of them ever set sail in the hands of anything less than good captains. That's fine, you can still compare "like-for-like", or get an idea of how much better premiums tend to do above regular ones. I settled on the formula sqrt(dmg/tier)*frags^2. It first I didn't have the square root, but that favored BBs too much I thought. Overall the ordering doesn't change too much with those kinds of tweaks though. I then scaled the OP rating on a relative, logarithmic scale with the Karlsruhe marking zero point and KamikazaR as a 1.0 - the default reference OP ship in most people's minds. Ta da! To me, the surprising thing was how well it worked. The ship OP rank is pretty much independent of tier, and doesn't seem to favor any particular ship class. The ships you expect to be at the top are, and the ships you expect to be at the bottom are. Yes, it's officially proven: the Karlsruhe is really that bad. The most interesting thing though is the sudden uptick in relative OP over 0.9. The top OP ships are truly monsters. The full list is here, P.S. Old versions of ships like Kiev and Fubuki are removed from the list, and newer ships with less than 100,000 battles reported are also not included since there maybe insufficient data for good statistics. P.P.S. I think the list is generally "fair". The only ships that are not given their OP credit are fighter CVs since I couldn't figure out how to factor in plane kills into the formula. Rina_Pon Ship OP Rank List 180123.txt
  2. I'm on the verge burnout playing this game and plan to comeback next month or 2. But I don't want to re-install using launcher and download everything from zero. So do WoWs had a link to raw Installer somewhere ? Also the raw patch Installer of each version ?