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  1. G'day folks, Here's some GJ Maerker gameplay, from a rather good DD player; Chibirko. Yes, yes I know his clan is different now but it was NB at the time of the replay and that's what I go by. What have been your experiences with the new KM DDs? One of my fave edits to date, hope you all enjoy it! All the loves are always appreciated!
  2. G'day Folks, So she's finished... My Vampire II review. I probably put a bit too much effort and detail into this one, but every time I tried to cut things I had to leave things in. I suppose that means I love her more than my other ships? Still I hope you folks enjoy it! What do you think of Vampire II? Do you think Research Bureau is fair? She's not just a Daring clone, so if you had dismissed her as one you may want to watch review... All the YouTube and Reddit loves would be appreciated, it helps get the video seen. Darklab (my discord that has @notyourfather's amazing minimap renderer) : https://discord.gg/AApEFZquK9 YouTube: Reddit:
  3. S4pp3R

    Vampire II

    So I picked her up And keep in mind I'm not a DD main, I can play them, just not as well as the other classes... This is also not a final conclusion yet, just my impressions after one day. So is she good, is she worth getting? Yes but no... Yes if you are a DD main, good player or collector (many Aussies will be in this category simply out of a bit of patriotism). However for those with less skills, play Daring instead. A lot of comparisons have been made between V2 and Daring and that's a fair comparison but they aren't quite the same niche. Daring is sort of like a blunt force weapon, she has a range of tools that together make her a handful to deal with for any other DD... Vampire II isn't anything like that, she is a finely crafted small blade or tool. She is amazing in a pro's hands but many folks will find her hard to get their head around. Probably the easiest way to explain her is by explaining her strongest trait - it's her crawling smoke and Cruiser Hydro. It means she can mobile-zone enemy DDs out of caps and out of areas. Where long range hydro on Z-52 seems great until the enemy runs, Vampire IIs Hydro seems to have greater range, it doesn't the range is 5km to Zs 6km but because she can apply it while being mobile, it is far more flexible. The other factor with this Hydro is that Vampire II has the gunboat power to make other DDs flinch and that means folks fear her zoning power. Unfortunately she trades a lot for this tactical strength, her damage potential is actually lower or at least I've found that so far. Part of it is not being able to stop and farm every minute, but a lot of it is you can't quite play as risky as you don't have health to spare. Daring is a blunt force weapon, you can almost brute force good results. Vampire II is a finely crafted blade or tool, she needs some skills and favourable conditions to even hope for such results. Purchase at your own risk and be wary of enemy V2s in division combos with other DDs
  4. 現在這游戲的生態簡直糟糕到一塌糊塗,分房也是充滿問題 自從航母改版之後整個游戲基本就是一團糟,而分房系統也非常有問題 更不用説0.10的技能改版本來就讓本就有點烏煙瘴氣的亞服生態變得更慘 下面是我總結出的原因: 大量低素質玩家湧入,覺得輸了千錯萬錯都不是他們的錯 教學太少導致,新人買了金船往往都不知道怎麽玩 0.10的技能更新導致大多BB傾向22KM後面丟HE/AP 由於缺乏BB們的支援,CA/CL怕死而不願上前支援DD WG僅對Rank的情況作平衡,而忽視了隨機戰鬥的平衡 對輸出以外的貢獻的收益過少,導致人們比起合作更愿意單打輸出 分房單看勝率,而無視綜合實力 ----------------------------------------------------(以下是原文)--------------------------------------------------- 今天剛剛打開游戲看到我的業力不知道為甚麽少了1點 我開始想我到底搞了甚麽來,想了想也就開哥薩克打了一局惡心局 有多惡心?來我講給你聽: 一堆BBaby跟CACL都龜縮在18km後面不肯幫忙 列星頓不肯放戰鬥機也不抓DD,只顧著輸出 要我單挑對面兩個雷達船、兩個秋月還有一個CV 隊友基德開局五分鐘暴斃,一查水表基本全部都是紅色 然後我們隊的隊友還駡我說不抓DD不占點 抓個屁?媽的我被雷達照著,被CV盯上還不跑? 我只占了兩個點,傷害也只有21K還拿了全隊第二 由於那是昨天的局,心態炸裂死就退,我也沒拍照,信不信就由你們 反正這游戲遲早要完 ----------------------------------------------------(編輯記錄及原因)----------------------------------------------- 2021/3/3 13:24錯字編輯 2021/3/3 14:05冷靜後開始認真寫
  5. First of all, this not regarding the current update. I'm a DD main who enjoys the play style of the element of surprise and stealthy gameplay of the class. I’m being ok with constant cv spotting and screwing the precision gameplay. Cause if you are half decent DD player with a brain you can mostly avoid those things and play the objective somewhat better. My main problem is while you are doing that, when you are spotted by a CV for a short amount of time and if the enemy team takes potshots at DDs. They are pretty much screwed by HE spams. Most of the times even with the preventive maintenance and all the necessary modules, half of your DPM is permanently gone (especially European DD line) due to the torpedo tubes or main battery breakage (I don’t care about AA. No point talking about it because it’s a joke). So, DDs have a 1/4 or 1/3 of an HP pool compared to other classes and some DDs even don’t have a smokescreen to hide and you are taking this much of a DMP nerf with one Volley by some backline HE spammer. What is the point of playing DDs? I don’t know whether it is my RNG or other players are affected by this. Why WG does not address these issues?
  6. Happy New Year Folks! Hope you all have a safe 2021, or if it's not safe, that you at least come out alive... Right now we've got the pleasantries out of the way; DDs... I've been playing DDs lately (thanks to snowflakes). For those who don't know, I generally avoid playing DDs because I find the rewards meagre at best and insulting at worst. Yeah that hasn't changed, at all... Multiple times in the last couple of days I've single-handedly or working with 1 other player turned games around by doing clever DD things. All of those times because I didn't just kick back and farm BBs, I came middle of the pack in the XP screen... Two examples below... Why am I not top? Damage - both games I scored around 20k damage... How did I (we) influence the outcome? In the Blyska game myself and the Shira basically ran around and one at a time took out 6 ships that were pushing out cap... We (the two of us) were open-water gunning the Devonshire, New Orleans, Lazo and the two Jian Wei's not to mention a couple of BBs at times... The Shira managed to get near the top thanks to a couple of early torp hits, thus his damage would have been around 70k. In the Jervis game my allied Lexington positioned so poorly that a Cossack B and Talinn caught her out, Cossack doing the spotting and gunning. I managed to run across half the map, threaten the Cossack enough to force him into smoke, and cover our Lexington's retreat... In the process with him managing to take down both the Talinn and the Cossack... The match was a beauty and I may do a vid on it at some point but the question becomes... What's wrong and how do we fix it? We've known this for a while (and I've done a video on it) but the XP system is screwed and heavily damage biased. So what happens is it doesn't reward 'good' play and only rewards the team as a whole for certain players changing the outcome of the battle. The simplest and easiest fix is to better reward spotting and assisted damage elements (e.g. forcing a DCP with a fire, or allies getting perma fire damage because of it). Even potential damage isn't necessarily completely useless, in the case of Blyska and Jervis games I managed to divert fire from allies who couldn't sustain thanks to making myself a threat. For Blyska it was away from Shira (who was low HP) allowing him to in turn use his guns. For the Jervis game I managed to make myself enough of a threat that Cossack and Talinn focused me, and consistently forced them to shoot me for ages, over shooting the Lexington. Conclusion XP system is still completely screwed and damage biased and doesn't reward 'good' play. No class is this more obvious than with DDs and it's why I don't play them much. Simply put the rewards for playing well in a DD often don't align with how well you've played and as I don't like being given a pittance for hard work, I'll go play CAs and BBs thanks. In 2020 this was more true than ever and the XP system still needs an overhaul... At the very least it needs to reward Spotting, Assisted and Potential Damage FAR more. No I'm not going to link the video... ... You'll have to go find it 😉
  7. I unlocked the UU this evening. That means all my T10 ships have their upgrades, and I have no reason to worry about their upcoming move to the RB. So, Shimakaze. Straight up: if you have this ship, load up the 20 km Type F3 torps. Become a Super-Asashio. There's a simple reason Asashio is one of the most powerful DDs in the current BB/CV/radar meta: you can demolish enemy capitol ships from complete safety. With Shima, you can do the same but damage anything. 20 km torps are used rather differently than 10 km or even 12 km. It's almost entirely predictive. You know the areas of the map where ships tend to cluster, you find a firing solution that intersects that, launch the fish, then boost out across the map so when the torps land you are nowhere near where the enemy traces the incoming torps back to when the torps finally land. Yes, these torps are very easily spotted, but high tier ships are large and often camp. You'd be surprised how easy they are to land. Just having to deal with them demoralizes the enemy fleet. Their BBs are stuck being ineffective on the B line and still having to dodge waves of incoming torps. Can't emphasize the "get out of there" part strongly enough. Key to Shima gameplay is not being where they think you are, and the ships blistering speed means you can be literally at A cap by the time your torps sweep into C cap. The second wave of torps should never come from the same direction as first wave. Contrary to popular belief BB players are not so dumb that they'll fall for the same trick twice. It's usually better not to go for the cap initially. You want to concentrate on helping your team dismantle the flanking BBs first, before you tackle the DDs and cruisers at the caps. Of course spotting is a big part of your job, and with your speed and concealment you can do it easily. The Unique Upgrade is an extra -15% reduction in torp reload time in return for a -70% (!) loss of launcher turn time. Means they become useless in any kind of situation where you are under fire and dodging. It's an interesting option, but I'm not convinced the returns are worth the risk. The sneakiest of the sneakiest - Shimakaze. Do I like this ship? Yes. Do I love it? No. Too much of it plays out like drone warfare, it's neither especially difficult, nor risky, nor even challenging. Yes, there's some satisfaction when everything breaks your way and you can get around the enemy to torp their broadsides, but it's more about patience and luck than actual skill. Obviously, you have the option to mount the other torps and play much more aggressively, but there are simply not enough opportunities to use them in a typical game to validate the choice. That's my view of things at present, at any rate. Of my three T10 DDs (Halland and Gearing being the other two) Shima gets more damage more consistently, and gets more wins, but is the least interesting to play for me.
  8. Question as per title. As i've been grinding lately, i've notice that DD is getting detonated way too frequently, atleast once per day on average. Doesn't help when i'm climbing Kleber, Harugumo and Yue Yang. You know, DD whose module is so fragile that a random HE will cook it's ammo rack off whenever i'm maneuvering hard. This is really a big concern, as DD doing their job will likely fall below 80% threshold mark early in game and risk detonating way more frequently. Been unable to carry games because well, s*** happen. The plethora of hard hitting, large AoE HE spamming is really killing off DD competitiveness unless you mount that "save face" flag.
  9. The famous advice from The Godfather, part II comes to mind with the Z-23: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. This German Tier VIII DD is a lot like Mafia muscle. Brutal violence skillfully deployed at the right time and place. It is less fun to play than other DD lines as your job is straightforward and a bit repetitive: stay out of trouble until the time comes to smash someone's head in. That said, the Z-23 is an effective and useful ship, a bodyguard to keep your team safe and hold a flank solid. It is in no way a "bad" DD. Okay, so how to you play the Z-23? 1. You build for, and play around, your Hydro. If you aren't making bank from this consumable, you may as well play a different DD line. Equip the enhanced Hydro consumable, run SI. Find as many uses for it as you can think of: a. It's a personal anti-torpedo shield. When it's up, you cannot be torped. EZ cap is EZ. b. You can catch unsuspected DDs in smoke with classic "deer in the headlights" ploy where you hydro them and later smoke up yourself so you can shoot them and they can't shoot you back. c. It's an anti-torpedo shield for your teammates. Don't underestimate the value of this. Just sitting in front of a group of friendly ships with hydro up neuters enemy DD attacks for a couple of minutes, it can be a real lifesaver when facing e.g. Asashio. 2. Remember the "keep your friends close" part of the quote. You have 6.2km concealment, not good enough to be playing far away from your support. Stay close enough to your team that any enemy DD that chooses to get into a fight with you is going to take return fire from both you and your team. 3. CVs are a particular pain. If one has it in for you, you just have to retreat back to a friendly AA cruiser or maybe a Euro DD for help. Don't try to go stick it out. 4. KM DDs are something of an OG version of the British line, in that they are built to defend rather to attack. You want to wait for an enemy DD to blunder into you, rather than the other way around. General advice for DDs: "play carefully and don't overextend" is doubly relevant to the Z-23. When facing bad odds (i.e. T9 games, games with 12 km radar or CV) stay back until you see the game develop. No pressure to cap early. 5. I build with TAE to bring the already fast torp reload down. Torps are not great, but they aren't bad either, and while the Z-23 is a hybrid generally you'll not want to be open-water shooting at anything not a DD so the more torps you can pump out the better. Plus the buff to the already fast reload can catch people out that aren't expecting a second so quickly. 6. You have two options for guns, 4x 128 with quick reload and 5x 150 mm with slow reload. Less dakka-dakka on the 150mm means it feels less impressive, and it is in fact a 12% reduction in dpm - but the alpha increases from 6k to whopping 11k which is nothing to sneeze at. Plus the penetration on the AP makes it formidable when you are smoked up with broadside targets to shoot at. In my view both guns are viable, but on balance the 150mm are better. Build (0.9.9) [Lutjens 15 points] PT-LS-TAE-CE (PM-LS-EM) <- this is not ideal, but he moves between several other ships.
  10. Grygus_Triss

    How to Play DD Against Radar?

    Hi There has been a bit of talk lately about how difficult DDs are to play. In my opinion, DDs have become more difficult to play, with many matches filled with CVs, Radar and Hydro. Does anyone have some tips and strategies on how to deal with radar in particular? Especially with the new radar signal, which gives even longer duration? Do you think WG should change radar mechanics? Or buff DDs to deal with the current meta? Or is is just a case of adapting playstyle? Discuss.
  11. Friesland is a funny kind of DD, maybe the best way to think of this ship is as a Gearing with the torps removed. Critically though, you don't have Gearing concealment. So you have the "smoke up your teammates" role, the "AA support" role, the "kill the DD" role, and the "burn down BB" role, but you kinda suck at the cap contesting role and the "dev strike BB" role. So far as your guns go, there are two very distinct use cases, the long range firestarter and the short range DD knifefight. (While the AP can maul a broadside cruiser, it's rare that you are in a situation to do this safely.) I'm finding choosing the optimal captain build to be challenging. Between module and skill selection, the gunpower can change a lot. Maxing our AR puts it at +42% over stock. Wiki recommends PT-LS-SE-CE, plus AFT, AR, and SI. This is far from stupid. Most forum posts though tend to pick a series of 3-point skills to fill out 19, PT-LS-SE-CE, plus DE, BFT, and SI. I have a 13 point captain, debating whether to go with DE or BFT now, or hold out for AFT in a bit. AFT need to be discussed: base range goes from 12 km to 14.4 km, but we are talking Atlanta level arcs at this point so I am really doubtful of the utility. There's also a 15% flak dmg bonus. DE gives the shells 20% more fire chance. BFT is a straight up 10% dmg bonus, and 10% greater firechance as a result of more shell volume. AR have the same benefit as BFT once you are at half health, so depends on how likely/willing you are to drop health early in the game. There's also the question of how much extra resources you want to divert to the AA suite, and how likely you are to benefit from a 4th smoke, DFAA, and 3rd hydro charge. I'm leaning towards the wiki build, but would be grateful for some input on how well AFT works on this ship.
  12. G'day Folks, A new One-off that I've been meaning to do for about a week... (One-offs don't have commentary). Myself and my old man get to work... In Visby and Viribus Unitis. Enjoy!
  13. って結局どうやるのがいいんですか? ソロで活躍してみたいんですけど! 教えて上手い人
  14. Rina_Pon

    Gearing sucks now?

    Gearing was always a bit of a sidegrade to Fletcher: bigger, slower and clumsier - while the gains in return for that were questionable: some armor, better turret layout, higher dpm. Factoring the tier, I'm starting to think recently that it may be a flat out downgrade. A few recent changes to the game has in my opinion made playing Gearing significantly harder than it once was. 1. In order to prevent T8 ships from seeing too many T10 games, the MM has been adjusted. T10 ships now see lots of 100% T10 matches. 2. In T10, you have to deal with recent additionals i.e. Smolensk, Venezia as well as perennial threat Des Moines. Fair number of T10 CVs now, too. 3. You can be pummelled by any number of DDs now: Daring, Harugumo, Kleber. Nowhere close to the DPM alpha dog these days. The USN DDs T8-10 have always been the "good at everything" meme. Good guns, good torps, good concealment, good AA, good smoke. For that payload to be effective, in a typical game, there has to be opportunities to make use of all those strengths. If you can't use your guns and your AA doesn't do much, and offensive smoke is anyway out of the question due to radar ... you might as well be playing a Shimakaze. That's my case in a nutshell: Facing Smolensk, Italian cruisers, RADAR, and CV all you can really do as a DD is spot, cap, torp and stay well away from trouble. The opportunity to gun down enemy ships - the one thing Gearing is undeniably good at - almost never comes up. Open water gunboating is pretty much suicide. In that case, Shimakaze - faster, sneakier, more and better torps - is the better choice.
  15. Okay, so recently my low tier thrills have come from the Russian DD line, specifically the T6 ship Gnevy. So let me tell you about why I like this ship, and how to get the most from it. Gnevy is a very simple gunboat, and easy enough to play: just sit back and shoot. I call it the "squirrel" for a reason: While hyper aggressive, the attacks dont have much bite ... at first. kekeke. This is a ship that gets exponentially more fun as you get more and more captain skills, too. AFT being the main goal, since the guns are still fully useable at the extended range and being able to stay further back gives a huge boost to survivablity. BFT boosts your damage output by 10% and your fire chance by the same amount, while EM allows you to pull off bigger dodges and sill keep your guns on target. PT, PM, LS, and perhaps high alert to round out 19 points. There are some people who run a concealment build - it's valid option but I'd take AFT first for the range. Your main job in Gnevy is to annoy the enemy team. Keep their BBs burning. Pepper their cruisers with hits to distract them. Lay supressing fire on any enemy DD spotted. Players behave much more defensively when they are under fire, they'll tend to retreat off an objective, or you'll draw their fire, or an enemy DD will be forced to smoke up. All these benefit your team greatly in the long run. Don't mess with enemy DDs that can outspot you unless you know they are inexperienced and unsupported. In fact as a general rule you want to stay more than 6km away from any enemy ship, except when ambushing a BB to use your comically short ranged, but deadly fast torps. Gnevy is a great harasser, but a great "chasseur" too, particularely late game when the enemy ships are wounded and disposed to flee. Hunting down lower tier BBs is something of a special talent. A big, big part of Gnevy damage output is the fires. Switch to AP only when there is nothing left to burn, or you have cruiser broadsides to shoot at. It's been said that the Russian DDs have been powercrept by the French line. It's true to an extent, but Gnevy smoke has tremendous offensive potential as well as defensive. That is, use it not to get away from a tight spot, but to be able to stay and keep shooting for longer. Much like the French DDs though, you have terrible concealment (especially since you probably aren't running CE) and are not so nimble. Meaning, you suck at capping. How you deal with that defines what kind of Gnevy player you are I guess. There are those who will cap and die, those who will never cap, and the really good Gnevy drivers who will cap when they sense they can get away with it. You need to know your natural enemies: well armored cruisers with accurate, fast shells, particularely german, japanese, and italian stripes. Stay out of their killbox, or go dark and run. Carriers are perhaps counterintuitively not a big deal. You are spotted 90% of the time you aren't smoked up anyway, and can pop speed boost and dodge(tm) your way back into a friendly AA bubble if CV sends attack squadrons your way. Finally, a word about positioning. I think there is room for different opinions here, but I tend to stay close to my team. A little to one side or perhaps behind, depending on how close the enemy is. I'm not big on the wide flanking maneuver where you go solo and rush down the 10 line to kill the enemy CV. Gnevy doesn't quite have the speed to do it successfully for one, and for another reason it takes you out of the game (i.e. not shooting, not doing damage, not helping your team) for too much time.
  16. DolphinDog

    Carrier resupply for DD

    What if CV had a "Supply Drop Plane" that could drop supplies to repair DD. Could only be dropped in CONTROLLED Cap Zones and can only heal Fire and/or CV Plane Damage or even a percentage of it. Obviously can only be used in battles with CV, and will help reduce DD getting nailed by CV. Possibly called in as a consumable on the DD as opposed to the CV having to manually do it. Thoughts?
  17. Max_Blackman

    Tier 5 Destroyer Comparison

    Hey Everyone, I've come across a few posts of people saying that they don't like "X" destroyer and blah blah, you know how it goes. So I decided to look at the stats... and see what ships was the best for what. Here's the results table I got. (attached) Please remember these are only the stats, with no upgrades or anything. If anyone wants another table like this just LMK and I'll see what I can do. Regards, HESH
  18. Ok so I know I've done Commonwealth (CW) tech lines before (DD and CL) this post builds on that, shifting a few things around based on feedback, adds premium ships and **shock** even manages some CVs... Feel free to theorycraft, criticise or compliment any content in here, I'm doing this for the hordes of us folks from Commonwealth nations because we are often forgotten in the annuals of history... So this one is for you all you unspoken legends... The Commonwealth contributed some of the largest amounts of man-power and resources in the first and second World Wars, particularly in view of our populations and economic strength (or lack thereof). By an large these lines borrow heavily from the RN for ships but World of Warships is an arcade game and as such there's plenty of room for our own flavour. The priority was to get ships that were actually built and used and by the most amount of CW nations... Tech Tree would look like something below... Don't be quick to jump on certain ships, please read further below before dismissing a ship... I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X DD S-class V-class Scott-class A-class H-class W-class Tribal-class N-class Daring-class CL Grimsby-class Pelorus-class Challenger-class Chatham-class Dunedin Mod-Leander Bellona-class Crown Colony Swiftsure-class ZA Design CV Ruler-class (Bogue) Colossus-class Majestic-class Premiums DD HMAS Vampire HMCS Saskatchewan HMCS Sioux HMCS Haida CL/A HMAS Perth (CL) INS Dehli (CL) HMAS Australia (CA) HMNZS Black Prince (CL) HMCS Quebec (CL) HMNZS Gambia (CL) INS Mysore (CL) HMCS Ontario (CL) BB HMNZS New Zealand (BC) CV HMS Nabob (HMCS Crew) The CW CL line would be defined by frequently being older ships at higher tiers however CW nations often added extra gear or customised their ships heavily, borrowing from various allies and installing systems to suit themselves. The CW DD line is far more up-to-date, often having cutting-edge RN DDs that were then customised. They would often receive these ships as they were commissioned, so the DD line reflects that. The CW CV line is an amalgamation of the various CVs CW nations crewed or utilised during and after WW2. I know this one will be controversial but please bare with me and give it a read. [WIP] Edit: Removed Viraat from T4
  19. is considering if I should get this DD, the Neutrashimy, but I was reading all the spec and layout and it was like .. why not just play Ognevoi , almost exact armament layout. Yes its got a heavier hitting torp but the reload is a lot worse and Ogney is even better in some key area. Anyone play this ship and any comment
  20. Team Play , Team Play , its always Team Play ... What when all BB would sit, sitting at range and sitting far back , sit and sit , sitting far out .. what when .. Spotting, Spotting its always Spotting What when Cruiser all would only sail , sail ever at the back , sail, sail, sail ever out wide , sail sail, sail ever .. but never closing in .. what when , what when .. Cap , Cap, Cap .. is there anything but always being asked to CAP What when everyone , every gun would dash to the furthest they can get behind a piece of rock, what when , what when .... Scout Scout ... scout that enemy DD, scout that enemy CL ... What when they had the overwhelming fire power and they had the stealth .. what when .. it does not matter .. cause you are but one DD .. what when Smoke , Smoke, place a smoke, place a smoke ... What when .. it matters not you had but limited charges, matters not its on cool down, matters not you need it for self protection, cause you are but one DD .. what when .. My Fault, My Fault , My Fault .. ever when I dash out to cap and get killed My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when I sail back to nurse my wound My Fault, My Fault, My Fault, .. ever when I refuse to charge to expose enemy My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when I point out that I am not fire bait My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when I try to stay alive with only one fifth health left My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when , and ever when .. when I simply refuse to be the scapegoat when I refuse to be the bait so guns can farm when I try to play my part and stay alive .. no .. oh pardon .. no .. your life do not matter .. What when .. What when .. its another day just being a DD in play .. what when what when
  21. This has been bothering me all through, and now I'm a game or two away from Shimakaze settlement of the issue is long overdue. I played Shiratsuyu TRB. I played Kagero TRB. So I played Yugumo TRB but I've lost confidence that this was the right choice. At the heart of it is potential. If I take TRB I have to play a little more conservatively so on average I'm launching more torps from less ideal positions. With smoke I have that safety so here I'm launching fewer torps but from better positions since I can typically risk getting a little closer. Yugumo guns are far from bad, so being able to smoke-and-gun has significant value when engaging enemy destroyers, or when cap contesting generally. A smokescreen can also be useful for cleaning out wounded capital ships late game, and it's a get out of jail free card in CV games, of which there are more of these days. On the other hand more torps is more torps. Sending 16 instead of 8 is often the difference between a dodge and a secured kill. What think you?
  22. OK its one patch or is it 2 already and I am on the grind , and I had to say French DD at low and mid tier made no sense towards training a player or a captain for the high tier French DD ... WG say they want it to be speed demon and gun slinging charging Dracoon ; well T8 and beyond it might be ( even that is questionable ) but seriously anything T7 and below, the speed is not there, the guns ballistic is awful, reload is mediocre and concealment is lousy, but worst .. maneuverability is just not there , these boats lost speed so fast, so quick on any turn any speed it might had simply vanishes and speaking of speed until T8 the speed is simply not there too, so how can WG expect players ( especially new players ) to get to learn the way to play this speed demon charging Dracoon if you do not give them the speed , and coupled that with the inferior concealment and no smoke its consistently out spotted by fellow DD of same tier and had no way to charge in and expose the enemy either since its actually no better at the speed department and any maneuvering and the speed drop to CA posture , enemy can keep kiting away ; and let's not tell of the lousy sluggish rudder either ... that range on the gun is not useful either when the sell speed is stupidly slow. I really like to play DD, but I think WG just did it all wrong on this branch .. well at least on T2 to T7 .. they just do not work out as a viable alternative DD play style at those tiers
  23. SSが実装されたら、空母と駆逐の関係も変化するんじゃないかな? 現在 駆逐は空母にとっては敵。滅ぶべし。 潜水艦実装後 駆逐が潜水艦を索敵し、大まかな位置を伝えることで空母が予測される位置を索敵し、爆撃などで撃沈。 艦載機による観測中は潜水艦は浮上しにくいし、不用意に浮上すると航空発見からの砲撃等による撃沈が起こりえる。 空母は対潜水艦では良き隣人、いや、切り札になりうる? 現在の関係性 駆逐→戦艦→巡洋艦→駆逐(巡洋が他の3種に比べて有利になってる気もしなくないが…) 空母(駆逐に強く、戦艦には普通で巡洋艦には弱い(対空面)) 実装後? 駆逐→戦艦→巡洋艦→駆逐 ↓ ↖︎ ↙︎ 潜水艦→空母→潜水艦 図が崩れる可能性あり。 このことについて議論をしてみたいと思う。 勿論だが、非難するのはあまりしないで欲しい。思ったことを書くだけにしてほしい。
  24. ILLBBACK2604

    Will there a Friesland Frenzy

    Smoke, Hydro, Good AA, Dakka Dakka Guns, No Torps. Interesting Concept more like a Light Cruiser with low detection.
  25. First Kraken since the rework. In a CV game. With only a 6 pt captain (aka no CE). TIL: While most DDs can't dodge rockets in 0.8.3 (this is planned to change in the next update) Hatsu is more maneuverable than most DDs, and that puts it just over the threshold when it stands even odds of the rockets missing. Plus it has credible AA against T6 planes. The enemy CV attempted to attack me a couple of times, but got frustrated because he lost planes and did no damage. He then made the critical error to go and farm his damage elsewhere rather than keep me spotted. With somewhat predictable results, given that most of the rest of his team were ... inexperienced, to put it kindly. I've always liked Hatsuharu, but I've had a number of great games in her recently. She seems to thrive in the new CV meta. She faces very few real threats at T5-7. It's only in T8 games that life gets hard.