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Found 95 results

  1. Team Play , Team Play , its always Team Play ... What when all BB would sit, sitting at range and sitting far back , sit and sit , sitting far out .. what when .. Spotting, Spotting its always Spotting What when Cruiser all would only sail , sail ever at the back , sail, sail, sail ever out wide , sail sail, sail ever .. but never closing in .. what when , what when .. Cap , Cap, Cap .. is there anything but always being asked to CAP What when everyone , every gun would dash to the furthest they can get behind a piece of rock, what when , what when .... Scout Scout ... scout that enemy DD, scout that enemy CL ... What when they had the overwhelming fire power and they had the stealth .. what when .. it does not matter .. cause you are but one DD .. what when Smoke , Smoke, place a smoke, place a smoke ... What when .. it matters not you had but limited charges, matters not its on cool down, matters not you need it for self protection, cause you are but one DD .. what when .. My Fault, My Fault , My Fault .. ever when I dash out to cap and get killed My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when I sail back to nurse my wound My Fault, My Fault, My Fault, .. ever when I refuse to charge to expose enemy My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when I point out that I am not fire bait My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when I try to stay alive with only one fifth health left My Fault, My Fault, My Fault .. ever when , and ever when .. when I simply refuse to be the scapegoat when I refuse to be the bait so guns can farm when I try to play my part and stay alive .. no .. oh pardon .. no .. your life do not matter .. What when .. What when .. its another day just being a DD in play .. what when what when
  2. This has been bothering me all through, and now I'm a game or two away from Shimakaze settlement of the issue is long overdue. I played Shiratsuyu TRB. I played Kagero TRB. So I played Yugumo TRB but I've lost confidence that this was the right choice. At the heart of it is potential. If I take TRB I have to play a little more conservatively so on average I'm launching more torps from less ideal positions. With smoke I have that safety so here I'm launching fewer torps but from better positions since I can typically risk getting a little closer. Yugumo guns are far from bad, so being able to smoke-and-gun has significant value when engaging enemy destroyers, or when cap contesting generally. A smokescreen can also be useful for cleaning out wounded capital ships late game, and it's a get out of jail free card in CV games, of which there are more of these days. On the other hand more torps is more torps. Sending 16 instead of 8 is often the difference between a dodge and a secured kill. What think you?
  3. OK its one patch or is it 2 already and I am on the grind , and I had to say French DD at low and mid tier made no sense towards training a player or a captain for the high tier French DD ... WG say they want it to be speed demon and gun slinging charging Dracoon ; well T8 and beyond it might be ( even that is questionable ) but seriously anything T7 and below, the speed is not there, the guns ballistic is awful, reload is mediocre and concealment is lousy, but worst .. maneuverability is just not there , these boats lost speed so fast, so quick on any turn any speed it might had simply vanishes and speaking of speed until T8 the speed is simply not there too, so how can WG expect players ( especially new players ) to get to learn the way to play this speed demon charging Dracoon if you do not give them the speed , and coupled that with the inferior concealment and no smoke its consistently out spotted by fellow DD of same tier and had no way to charge in and expose the enemy either since its actually no better at the speed department and any maneuvering and the speed drop to CA posture , enemy can keep kiting away ; and let's not tell of the lousy sluggish rudder either ... that range on the gun is not useful either when the sell speed is stupidly slow. I really like to play DD, but I think WG just did it all wrong on this branch .. well at least on T2 to T7 .. they just do not work out as a viable alternative DD play style at those tiers
  4. SSが実装されたら、空母と駆逐の関係も変化するんじゃないかな? 現在 駆逐は空母にとっては敵。滅ぶべし。 潜水艦実装後 駆逐が潜水艦を索敵し、大まかな位置を伝えることで空母が予測される位置を索敵し、爆撃などで撃沈。 艦載機による観測中は潜水艦は浮上しにくいし、不用意に浮上すると航空発見からの砲撃等による撃沈が起こりえる。 空母は対潜水艦では良き隣人、いや、切り札になりうる? 現在の関係性 駆逐→戦艦→巡洋艦→駆逐(巡洋が他の3種に比べて有利になってる気もしなくないが…) 空母(駆逐に強く、戦艦には普通で巡洋艦には弱い(対空面)) 実装後? 駆逐→戦艦→巡洋艦→駆逐 ↓ ↖︎ ↙︎ 潜水艦→空母→潜水艦 図が崩れる可能性あり。 このことについて議論をしてみたいと思う。 勿論だが、非難するのはあまりしないで欲しい。思ったことを書くだけにしてほしい。
  5. ILLBBACK2604

    Will there a Friesland Frenzy

    Smoke, Hydro, Good AA, Dakka Dakka Guns, No Torps. Interesting Concept more like a Light Cruiser with low detection.
  6. Ok so I know I've done Commonwealth (CW) tech lines before (DD and CL) this post builds on that, shifting a few things around based on feedback, adds premium ships and **shock** even manages some CVs... Feel free to theorycraft, criticise or compliment any content in here, I'm doing this for the hordes of us folks from Commonwealth nations because we are often forgotten in the annuals of history... So this one is for you all you unspoken legends... The Commonwealth contributed some of the largest amounts of man-power and resources in the first and second World Wars, particularly in view of our populations and economic strength (or lack thereof). By an large these lines borrow heavily from the RN for ships but World of Warships is an arcade game and as such there's plenty of room for our own flavour. The priority was to get ships that were actually built and used and by the most amount of CW nations... Tech Tree would look like something below... Don't be quick to jump on certain ships, please read further below before dismissing a ship... I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X DD S-class V-class Scott-class A-class H-class W-class Tribal-class N-class Daring-class CL Grimsby-class Pelorus-class Challenger-class Chatham-class Dunedin Mod-Leander Bellona-class Crown Colony Swiftsure-class ZA Design CV Ruler-class (Bogue) Colossus-class Majestic-class Premiums DD HMAS Vampire HMCS Saskatchewan HMCS Sioux HMCS Haida CL/A HMAS Perth (CL) INS Dehli (CL) HMAS Australia (CA) HMNZS Black Prince (CL) HMCS Quebec (CL) HMNZS Gambia (CL) INS Mysore (CL) HMCS Ontario (CL) BB HMNZS New Zealand (BC) CV HMS Nabob (HMCS Crew) The CW CL line would be defined by frequently being older ships at higher tiers however CW nations often added extra gear or customised their ships heavily, borrowing from various allies and installing systems to suit themselves. The CW DD line is far more up-to-date, often having cutting-edge RN DDs that were then customised. They would often receive these ships as they were commissioned, so the DD line reflects that. The CW CV line is an amalgamation of the various CVs CW nations crewed or utilised during and after WW2. I know this one will be controversial but please bare with me and give it a read. [WIP] Edit: Removed Viraat from T4
  7. First Kraken since the rework. In a CV game. With only a 6 pt captain (aka no CE). TIL: While most DDs can't dodge rockets in 0.8.3 (this is planned to change in the next update) Hatsu is more maneuverable than most DDs, and that puts it just over the threshold when it stands even odds of the rockets missing. Plus it has credible AA against T6 planes. The enemy CV attempted to attack me a couple of times, but got frustrated because he lost planes and did no damage. He then made the critical error to go and farm his damage elsewhere rather than keep me spotted. With somewhat predictable results, given that most of the rest of his team were ... inexperienced, to put it kindly. I've always liked Hatsuharu, but I've had a number of great games in her recently. She seems to thrive in the new CV meta. She faces very few real threats at T5-7. It's only in T8 games that life gets hard.
  8. NishikinoMaki21

    reduce amount cv in tier 8 to one

    With upcoming CV premium sold again,can are you guys reduce amount of CV player tier 8 in tier 6-8MM like in tier 8-10? it's so (EDITED) to see tier 6 always stuck in tier 8 MM. And i have solution for DD to live again. Make a MM without DD if any there possible to create MM with CV Make DD invisible for spotting planes for period 5-7.5mins, this allow DD player to contribute more for team without getting first target by CV. P.S. if DD turn on the AA guns they will be visible, and if they turn off the AA they will not visible until expired duration invisible. edit if any hydro or radar spot DD in invisible duration, they will seen by planes CV. this is for make punishment for DD who caught miss play Inappropriate use of Medical Terms, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  9. Rina_Pon

    Shiratsuyu OP?

    68 Shiratsuyu games got me from Hatsuharu to Akizuki. The stats are in: Will WG hit this ship with the nerfhammer? Because I can't be the only one posting these kinds of numbers. Which would be unfortunate: Shiratsuyu is a pretty great ship. (Fubuki and Minekaze were some of the first ships I played, back when I was a complete scrub. Ignore.) Considering Shiratsuyu as 90% of a Kagero and considering that Kagero can more than hold her own in T10 games (I have a 68% WR in Kagero to prove it) and you have to conclude that Shiratsuyu in T5-7 MM is more than a bit OP. Specifically, TRB is OP. Load up on premium TRB consumable, SI, reload buffs, Shira is dropping 8 torps every couple of minutes, and spreads of 16 fish four times a match. It doesn't take a whole lot of skill to convert that into a victory, even before you add the spotting damage and some reasonably potent gunnery into the mix.
  10. I know I am going to be downvoted for this but I am gonna do this. I mean players playing DD should stop crying about the change towards the CV saying they are being perma spotted. Learn to disable your AA with the "P" key and stay undetected during the match. Learn to not rush into cap during match start and kill yourself blaming it is the CV rework killing all the fun. Learn to go into cap when CVs planes are on the other side of the map. And learn to switch your AA sector when necessary. The thing is I feel like players nowadays are crying so much about having a disadvantage whenever possible. To me, CV spotting is actually a lot better because CVs now can only send out one squad a time instead of multiple squads, which they can use to scout several spots and caps of a map. DDs on high tier are just not used to having CVs in their game because they were so rare back then. And now when people are playing CVs in high tier they start to cry whenever they see CVs in their pre-match lineup. They are already talking about to nerf radar so that only radar ship can detect you for the first moment. How about we just remove detectability from DDs once and for all......... For god's sake, stop crying and learn to adapt to the new meta.And yes, pls play CV yourself to learn how they are gonna spot and kill you so you can adapt.... Oh and Yes, CV planes can no longer spot torps too...... Cheers
  11. 我是入坑兩年的玩家 本身玩得艦種非常平均 基本上BB CL DD CV我的場次平均起來就是BB32%CL.CA28%DD30%CV航母10% 所有國家線除了英國外,全都最少都爬到九階,日本德國全都慢慢爬完了! 航母美航研發到中途島,只剩日航卡在九階大鳳,因為各種艦種都玩得很平均,新版航母我是非常期待的,這次改版後所有艦種玩一次感受真的很深,就是除了航母玩家爽到了,但對其他三個艦種來說無疑是場災難,雖然我自身覺得航母這樣挺有趣的也很真實,但這海戰競技遊戲,平衡性很重要,即使是一個CV新手,他不太會攻擊,但擁有近乎無限機庫的他卻可以幫隊友無限開光,這對極其需要隱蔽掩護的CL CA DD種種傷害很大,平衡性就此完全喪失,我開BB原本就是想要扛線被亮皮厚所以我還可以接受,但我開CA發現卻超過有一半非交戰時間我都是亮的,這點真的傷害很大,聰明的白龍和中途島,看到DD一直開火箭攻擊機全程盯你掃你,,讓DD隱蔽變成了笑話,航母也沒再怕,因為飛機也打不光,接著只要打中一波DD必然大量耗血,讓DD作用無限弱化,過去推測對方走位等鬥智斗勇局面不在 +無限飛機無腦死盯著你,DD就是個悲劇。 的新我航母開自己掌控好中隊耗損,基本上我的飛機中隊從來沒空過,有場只剩我一個人,我雖然新航母不是很上手,但我憑著無限機庫還是可以慢慢跟對方兩艘BB打消耗,開航母時我是很爽了,不用在擔心飛機噴完,但是無限機庫對戰艦世界的遊戲平衡無疑的毀滅性的,因為我本身不是只有CV一個艦種,即使我也開CV特別要這麼說,官方認為航母很少人開只有10%太少,但是航母才兩條線,首先其他國家那麼多戰艦有18條線難道放著不去開開只玩CV那兩條線嗎?航母自身也只有10%的份量啊! 航母人少沒人玩,在舊版就可以透過修正機庫或調整防空平衡來吸引玩家,舊版多中隊出動很真實,新版直接操作飛機也很有亮點,但WOW看來完全不知道為何先前航母很少玩家的原因出在哪,在於高階過於強大的防空輾壓了航母的.生存.空間,數量略少的機庫又限制了航母的施展空間。 我本身不是非常強大的大老型CV玩家,前期斷斷續續爬航母爬得真的是辛酸,我也不是年輕的小伙子玩家,對於手殘黨的我在航母前面一半打得真的很辛苦,飛機常常被強大防空船掃一掃就全沒了,碰到亞特這種走AA路線的更是連人都沒看到,一不注意數量不多的飛機就被掃光了!雖然想幫隊友偵查,但對於這些防空圈比他航空隱蔽範圍還大的戰艦來說,只要偵查就一定噴飛機,被人吃雞吃完了CV就廢了!所以有時候有經驗的隊友能理解CV的苦,但不清楚的就會在地圖在頻道一直罵你,或是點防空船的位子叫你去幫他開光,這時候真的是充滿了滿滿的無奈。 不是不想偵查,而是對方卡的位子很好時,那時候犧牲掉了飛機中隊,但隊友也吃不掉她時,真的很傷,更難過的是開了光又不打,你的簡歷就是一個犧牲品。雖然到後面漸漸開始也能用八階以下航母打出10萬傷,但對於高階房九階十階大群強大的防空船,時常感到很無力,就算常態能打出10萬傷,最常見是碰到分開跑的兩船團,裡面有防空強大到不合理的美巡英巡壓著,加上可能帶著防空技能的戰艦,常常一個兩個中隊在開始俯衝投彈階段飛機中隊就被掃光了,這也是為何有的航母艦長開啟航母打的綁手綁腳,,他要善用每一次機會,因為機會有限,加上飛機被打完他就只剩下逛街的份,只剩下對隊友感到深深的抱歉離場,所以飛機其實看似很多,其實面對這些高階高防空戰艦時,其實是不太夠的。 對於這次8.0改版,如果我是個以航母為主的玩家,我將會非常高興,可惜大部分人都不是,對於航母飛機的攻擊其實不高通常被打我也不擔心,但他最傷的其實就是破壞了隱蔽系統。 飛機有製造整備時間,當中隊出發時,空缺的位子就開始整備新的飛機,只有每一次出去都被全部擊落,才會有飛機整備速度來不及的問題,目前每輪攻擊又會有兩三架飛機返回母艦,飛機不是無限的,但在掌控好飛機耗損,基本上在一局賽場航母的飛機就相當於無限飛機。 我目前只有幾個個人想法建議: 海戰競技遊戲,平衡性很重要 近乎無限機庫的航母,嚴重破壞平衡 隱蔽喪失意義的巡洋與驅逐艦,威脅性將會大幅度弱化及讓玩家遠離或是艦少使用 現前戰略式CV模式不是不好,問題在飛機數量及高階防空平衡沒做好,但就遊戲平衡性明顯優於新版
  12. This has nothing do to with anything but whatever, gotta post it. Information on most classes could be found on: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/index.html And Wikipedia. On Type 1937J: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_1937J_destroyer The split is as follow: Historical note: All German 127 mm are actually 128 mm, and all German 150 mm are actually 149.1 mm. I doubt WG use 149 mm anyway. I use 128 and 150 for convenience. Characteristics on the 150 mm line: + Carry 150 mm guns so IFHE won’t be an absolute requirement. Also those guns have slow-ish reload (6,7s – 7,5s). BFT and AFT will only be required for AA builds. + Are very big (basically overweight) so expect massive HP pool and big detection range. T10 will get full BB AP pen damage like Khabarosvk and Harugumo. + Similar to the main line, they have sluggish rudder and large turning radius. About Aki-Kita-Haru (and Khaba) level of maneuverability. + Decently fast having at least 36 knots speed on all ships. + Roles: cap support (only cap when it’s safe to do so), HE spammer, potential DD hunter (don’t go against Kapparoast, Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo though), torpedo sweeper (because German Hydro). + Consumables: I think they don’t need any consumable gimmick, aside from the German Hydro the current line already has. Maybe Heal at T9 and T10 in the same slot as Smoke, like Khabarovsk. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (but I did some tests and the results are very close). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. Some side thoughts: German torpedoes on DDs are spammable, mobile and stealthy yet short in range. Torpedo B modules are always straight upgrades from Torpedo A modules. A somewhat boring trait. The 150 mm line can have a different set of torpedo modules that have long range and more reload time. More damage is 100% optional. They need long-ranged torpedoes. That’s all I’m asking here. THE SHIPS TYPE 1936A - Z25 Tier 7- 150 mm guns TYPE 1936 - Z17 DIETHER VON ROEDER Tier 8 - 128 mm guns TYPE 1936A – Z23 Tier 8 - 150 mm guns Now no longer carries 128 mm guns, only – 5 150 mm guns (one twin in the bow, 3 single in the aft). Nothing else will be changed. TYPE 1938 A/AC Tier 9 - 150 mm guns SPÄHKREUZER 1938 Tier 10 - 150 mm guns PREMIUMS TYPE 1938B Tier 7 TYPE 1937J Tier 9 TYPE 1945 Tier 10 SPÄHKREUZER 1940 Tier 11
  13. waichung1823

    Is Aigle worth 50K coal?

    As the title said, do you think it is worth for 50K coal? I m not a DD player anyway, but love to collect ships.
  14. waichung1823

    Question About RN DD

    Is it true that RN premium DDs (Acasta, Icarus, Jervis, Lightning) will lost their Premium status and convert into tech tree line?
  15. Farlesquew

    Brit DD upgrades

    I've so far got the Acasta and Icarus (tiers V and VI) and equipped the rudder upgrade on both, but every one I face appears to have chosen the gun rotation upgrade instead. I figured that being able to turn faster was going to be useful indodging incoming shells, but I do note the moments where I'm turning faster than my guns can manage, which sometimes makes knife fights difficult. (That, plus the poor concealment which means we're constantly outspotted, and can only stealth torp against on-coming ships). DDs are definitely my weakest ship type, but I'm frustrated with my performance and wondering if this upgrade choice is partially to blame. Guys: DEFINITELY a wrong upgrade choice, or do I simply need to keep working on my overall DD skills (I feel I'm improving, but then I had a ahocker run of losses yesterday, argh)?
  16. So this, I'm not sure if I'm posting on the right section but.. I am in dire need of veterans or a clan that can speak and understand english. I realized I needed to improve my skill on playing DDs preferably KMS line and Z23 to be exact. I don't really know what I'm not doing good with my Z23, whatever the game is my MM is sucking real hard, like 1 in 5 games are a win for me.
  17. _FARANK_

    RN Normal Container OP

    So This is what I got from playing missions and opening normal container. What did u guys got so far?
  18. Skarhabek

    Karma for Ignoring cap

    damn, this pheasant downvote.... i am going to teach em how to Daddy!!!! ....... GWAHAHAHAHAHAA NYAHAHAHAA . . . . . . ..... SUDDENLY.... OH MAI GAD, WHAAAAYY!!!
  19. SilentFLame

    Recommended Premium DD

    Hi All Been getting back into the game recently and was thinking of dropping some cash on a premium ship finally. Been enjoying my destroyers to no end so i'm thinking of grabbing a premium one of those. But having been out of the loop for a while I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on which one will be a sound purchase? I've heard a lot of good things about the Loyang due to it's hydro but thought i'd check in again since that thread was from 2017. Thanks in advance all! (and sorry if this is a question asked hundreds of times before, I don't dwell on the forums and couldn't see a similar thread in the more recent posts)
  20. S4pp3R

    Ranked XP issues...

    So basically after getting to rank 9 I'm down at 11/0. My issue is thus, I get 100k+ damage in Zao + caps, get 3rd XP if I'm lucky, same story with Hindy. I get 100k in Yamato and top XP consistently on losses. This is not even to mention DDs. I'm starting to think T10 XP is very BB biased and subsequently this is why we're seeing games at 10+ with 0 DDs... I'm a good Zao player, particularly in CB or ranked, yet I perform superbly in her and won't top XP on a loss outside a monster game. Yet in Yamato, I'm average, I have what I would consider an average game and I find it easy AF to get top XP on a loss. Thus I reach the conclusion that BB is better for ranking up. Thoughts?
  21. Does anyone have experience with both the german DDs? I see they are about the same price for base ships. I am looking for a trainer for when Igo up the German DD liner propper currently at the Gaede Had a look at the reviews and they seem similar enough that I cant decide which one is better. Any Ideas?
  22. My crappy ISP may have prevented me in sating my ships (and blue bawks duties) gameplay this few months, but at least it won't screw over whats long overdue: badposting about ships. Might badpost about Mogador if I'm that eager to. I PRESENT TO YOU THE LE FANTASQUE Because large destroyers carrying big guns and scoffing at fellow destroyers' speeds make peepees hard apparently. Back in the days, the notions on how2destroyer wasn't exactly clear as day to most and people got raving about what a destroyer is all about. I mean after the "stop spamming dreads" rule that is the Washington Naval Treaty as well as the tonnage enforcement it lugged around, France wasn't exactly waiting around since they had some stuff to laugh like madmen for... I mean THIS destroyer impressed everyone: ... and it ain't helping that nations were also looking at torpedo tech, better ship design via trial n error and improved boiler stuff since designs had to be chopped up in order to be sort of compliant to the Treaty. Then come the French laughing like madmen in the design board with their own versions on how2destroyer. Normally, there are two 'lines' on French destroyer thought: the torpilleur d'escadre and the contre-torpilleur, basically torpedo oriented destroyers and destroyers that kill destroyers. the TE's are the ones that aggressively torpedo big ass ships like cruisers and battleships but if there's a destroyer squadron near the targets, they run away from that while also torpedoing them in the hopes of blasting one or two in order for the CT's to move in and just pulverize the crap out of them WHILE TORPEDOING THEM as well if they get to optimal range. Now this notion is presented because the contre-torpilleurs have big guns (and they can not lie), and I mean big since what madman crams 138's on destroyers? the CT's that's what. Oh and did I forget to mention the CT's also have the potential of chasing destroyers and gunning them down with speed? The first of these were the Jaguars but the most gritty and fastest ones are the Le Fantasques, THIS destroyer being very most notable because GLORIOUS 45.1 KTS SPEED DURING SHAKEDOWN HURR. Mogador and her sisters can't be gritty enough as they manly death'd at Toulon to give the Germans the giant middle finger. You guys already saw an example of a torpilleur d'escadre and played one before: Cyclone of the Bourrasque class during the Dunkirk evacuation and to those that bought Aigle, congratulations, you are playing the lead ship of the Aigle contre-torpilleur destroyers. BEHOLD, LE TERRIBLE. and yes I shed manly tears when I saw this DD, stats be damned I WANT ONE. Lets talk about big sister Le Fantasque. Contrary to looks, this destroyer and her sisters are legitimately thicc. No really, they are. Apparently the Vauquelins need more beef and hax and the most ideal solution is to start building a destroyer while chanting "stronger, faster, better, tougher", the end result of those shenanigans being the Le Fantasques. The destroyers got better 138's (longer ones to be exact compared to the 138.6/40 aboard the Aigle as they were 138.6/50 and had better charges) in single mount AB-Q-XY's, some 37mm close-in AA guns, 13mm machine guns, 550mm torpedoes with nine tubes divided to three each, one in the aft on the centerline and the others on both starboard and portside as well as depth charge racks which were within the stern (the depth charges literally exited her ass in two separate racks), later got some 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons as well as some radar and sensor hax after sitting idly in the US. The damn things could run at 40 kts nominal but as it stood, 43 was just full-on flank for the things, and this is saying much on Terrible running naked during shakedown which made her reach 45.1 kts and to this day, no ship can still catch up to her. most of her space is just gritty engine. And boy there were big... not just the guns... they were larger than the contemporary destroyer. I mean because the madmen made these monsters of destroyers without batting an eyelash, its not really surprising yet weird at the same time that skubs had to reclass em as "light cruisers". yes, LIGHT CRUISERS. let that sink in. About the guns... Normally, being destroyers whose single mode of existence during surface warfare is to rip apart other destroyers, getting dakka was fine, but somehow the French wanted RPC (Remote Power Control) where the gunner with the rangefinder slaves the guns to where he's looking at up top but for strange and derpy reasons, it didnt exactly quite work out with destroyers which is a shame since the Fantasques were quite decent gun platforms that didnt list a lot in rough swells but at least the things were working in Richelieu's 155's during Dakar so there's that. Running out from the Lorient Arsenal, she was just doing some runs (and showing off her blistering speed) and then some when Germany steamrolled on Poland and the threat of red flagged raiders loomed so she and Le Terrible decided to become privateers (Jean Bart and Surcouf shed manly tears in their graves) and actually plastered as well as capture merch ships and was part of the forces that tried to whack Graf Spee. It wasn't helping that the Germans were also beating the hell out of the hardened French units on the ground so they were placed at Dakar along with Richelieu when a Brit task force was rolling towards the port in order to drop a gigantic STOP in their faces since DeGaulle believed that he can convince the garrison there to join the Brits since the whacking at Mels el Kebir was apparently a big oopsie on the Brits' part via Force H apparently and be sailing as part of the Allied fleet and things went sideways... A LOT. I mean bad weather was getting in the way and add the fact everybody was just poking shells at each other without gritty effect and Richelieu was still not exactly combat ready but a turret did respond to Barham and Resolution after getting hit while Le Fantasque and another destroyer was running smokescreens to cover the more tougher units at Dakar which included a couple of cruisers as the local station but because GLORIOUS SPEED, she was bracketed but goddamn didn't even suffer a brutal hit. Torch happened and both her and Le Terrible went to Brooklyn for a facelift that gave them a load of stuff like ASDIC, surveillance radar, better AA dakka than what they had, and overhauls and sent them to be Richelieu's aides as she herself was in there with turret B practically blown up because lolshells. Then they reignited their privateer blood and started wreaking havoc on German convoy lanes, one of them getting rather daring to plaster the crap out of the convoy by doing what they were made to do: get in and plaster the crap out of enemy ships and get out like a boss as well as provide gun drive-by's. Ran later in Indochina and eventually rested after a long and crazy run. Now people might say "lol France has a navy?" and shens like that but if there's one thing their grit carried on, it was the Le Fantasques. Sure it wasn't as manly tear inducing as Taffy 3, the Benson Laffey getting in the deep at Guadalcanal or the crazy game of tag the convoy at Ormoc, but these destroyers served their tenure. Derp.exe is over. I'd like to thank my friend for letting me borrow Jordan's book about FRDD's
  23. Anger_Lehner

    Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    WG is planning to nerf (actually buff) DD armor? This will make DD's immune to BB AP shells.

    ASASHIO torpedo

    I'd like you to increase the type of ASASHIO torpedo As cruisers' new trees are implemented, cruisers will increase very much in random warfare so it will not be possible to sort out with asapas I paid about 60 dollars to buy this ship but it is sad that I do not have the chance to use it for quite a while Because I live in Japan and I'm not good at English made this sentence in Google Translate so I think that the sentences are wrong I'm sorry I am praying for the development of this game Thank you!
  25. >Shimakaze >Got no fish because so many radars >Mom bursts into tears >just for me >thanks mom >But mom aint my fish wtf