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Found 2 results

  1. 1. Description Cannot connect to the game server or websites on19 Feb 2017, 0005hrs (GMT+0800), a mass Disconnect. 2. Reproduction steps Maybe check Wargaming's server log. 3. Result Mass Disconnection 4. Expected result Supposed to connect to server 5. Technical details Screenshot of the ping result at that time (i know it is worldoftanks.asia website, but worldofwarship.asia also shares the same server) Edit1: added comment to point 5
  2. After updating to 5.12 Im now experiencing multiple Disconnection problem, is this problem with the server? because prior to this update i never got any disconnection problem at all unless it from my ISP. I got DCed twice while loading a battle today and Thrice while trying to log back and after i got killed and in spectator mode i got DCed again and need 3 tries before i can log back to the game. For Reference im not running any mod at all during the DC (waiting aslain to release his 5.12 mod pack), and im using the user Music only. Im sure its not my ISP as my other game is running normally. And my ping while playing WoWs is stable too so i wonder what caused it.