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Found 1 result

  1. First of All I wanna Thank WG for Putting up Discounts on Ships from Every Tree..... Which Enabled me to spend some(Huge amount) of credits which I earned by grinding..... Really the guy who came up with Discounts idea needs to be applauded.... Because peasants like me(Ofc in game and I don't really wanna spend real money) cannot actually afford ships above T7.... Lot of you players were really asking me to play in T8 and above thing is I don't really wanna lose credits... I just wanna be in a grind were I update my port time to time..... This season of discounts.... I bought these..... 1. Hosho 2. Langley(Don't get scared I won't ruin lower tiers with my poor CV skills they're just for co-op) 3. Skipped Emerald and got Leander(Thanks to WG because I got 50k free xp from SC) 4. Shchors Upgraded it(again thanks to WG because of 50k I got) 5. Pensacola 6. Nurnberg(Well I need to get Yorck so yeah I'll be grinding this detonation magnet) 7. Caledon (Sold It to get Danae in the initial grind) 8. Konig (Sold it to get Gneisenau in the initial grind) 9. Furutaka (Sold it long back because of me being noob) 10. Kirov (had to sell it for Benson) 11. Konigsberg (Just because German AP FTW) 12. Well Kiev (yeah I know I sold it before because I was frustated)... 13. Bayern (Yup me being an Idiot and selling ships when i got frustrated) This could happen because WG's discount system.... THANK YOU WG....... And What have you bought in this discount season???? I really wanna know..... Thanks again WG I bought Nicolas