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Found 4 results

  1. Uploaded camo design yesterday but the image is not displayed in Gallery section of the page Had uploaded yesterday - it said thank you for submitting your entry, but today it says nothing. My design does not appear in Gallery section likes others that i can see. So how can i know whether my design has been accepted, rejected ? Am i suppose to upload it again or just wait ? or assume it got rejected and redesign and re upload again ? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/contests/camo-content-helena/ This is news link for camo contest details http://paintmyhelena.hscampaigns.com/#enter-now This is the upload page and Gallery section
  2. Sting_Ray_05

    Signal Flag Contest # 2

    May I know when exactly would the winners of the above topic be announced? It is already March 21, 2018. Thank you.
  3. Storm_Raiser

    How many coins did you get?

    Just wondering how many coins everyone manage to get for the elements challenge. I managed 735 over the 3 rounds plus 2 MVP awards of 100 and assuming everyone who entered the forum contest wins (it doesn't say how many winners of that there will be) is another 150 for a total of 1085. Edit: While I'm here I can share that if you already have the Kamikaze R and you buy another one with your coins you will receive a port slot, 6 million credits and the new camo.
  4. About this [Contest] So you already know which Warships are here. Time to test their powers! From 23rd to 30th March, get a victory with a Soviet Cruiser from the new tech tree to win a set of 170 flags! 1) Screenshot your victory 2) Comment with your screenshot3) State your IGN Snapshot has to show clearly your IGN and the Soviet Cruiser used. 30 winners to be selected among all participating players from our Asia WOWS pages. Contest ends on 30th March, 11:59PM. where can join this contest and post the screenshot ???