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  1. Gifts for Sincerity was announced in which players playing world of warships were invited to share why they play world of warships ? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/my-wows-story/ Results of this was announced recently - https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/my-wows-story-results/ Now this article had said - If we missed your video for some reason, let us know by commenting on this article with a link to the video you uploaded and double-check that you included the required hashtags, your in-game nickname, and server As bad as my RNG gets, my name was missing from this list from Asia Server. Two other players also had similar problems. So its been 3 days now, whether the concerned team have gone through our videos and whether we are eligible for 5 Free containers as mentioned in article ? If yes then when are we going to receive the said containers ?
  2. Ok, so already having bought an Eagle camo, and having earnt 95 Shark tokens, I was looking to buy a few containers with 10 tokens of each in order to get myself another camo. Even though the event ends on the 22nd, the containers have already been removed from the shop. Is this right? Am I just missing something? Has my client gone funny? It does not make any sense, this is the point where lots of people are going to make last minute panic buys to avoid missing out.... Did I miss a warning last week or sometime when it said the containers were being removed early, was I just not paying attention to the warnings? It doesn't make any sense... I'm disappointed, it seems WG doesn't want my money...
  3. I seem to recall reading somewhere (can't remember where) that you could set it so you have a chance to get items for the new french collection from normal daily containers as well (after you earn/buy your first one) ... did they forget to implement this? or does it come at a later date? because I'm not seeing that option anywhere right now, even after buying one from the shop and earing 3 more.
  4. Halloween event

    Even though I scored 3 & 4 stars in two battles and didn't get any pumpkin containers. Is this some kind of glitch? Am I the only one who didn't get the containers?
  5. signal and camo containers stuck

    Getting the same rewards from signal and camo containers - thought they were a bit more random before A single type one camo 5 juliet whisky 5 siera mike
  6. So WG is basically giving us a chance to get a free ship for 5$,3$,1$ in their santas wanted event. Since I'm new to this, I'm skeptical about where I spend my money. However this seems to be a good deal. I Ask all those who purchased 1 or more container to reply what they got in each together with which value of containers they bought. It would really help me know what to buy. Also feel free to give me suggestions. I really want a premium ship(mostly not an emden or ishizuchi )....so tell me what you think is worth spending. Cheers
  7. Well, since the new loot crates are in the field displayed by that simple freighter beside your ship like this: I gotta ask: what did you find in the bawkses when you opened em? Happiness? Or disappointment seasoned with salt? Looking forward to see people rejoicing at fortunes gained in that deck... be it tears that they drew a prem ship or a pot of gold or simply lulz that ensued as RNG gave you a hard middle finger. In the Game of Bawkses, you either score big or generate more salt. There's a bit of a middle ground. Oh right gais, it would help if you include this bit as well. This was the old survey Lordofcaptain did before the whole bloody thing was merged to my thread (apparently, the Altar of Salt requires a singular sacrifice) so please do fill it up. Change name edit to : Cargo ship containers: unpacking. I for one welcome the freighter ship's deck being the singular Altar of Salt. Edited topic title after merging all the super container threads ~dead_man_walking