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Found 5 results

  1. Even wonder why we got ultra noob team? MM is unfair? MM is trolling? MM is etc..... yes? YESS?? YESSS? Then Yes, MM is actually unfair and some problem NEED to be fixed! MM is not random at all! 1) the intention of MM by WG basically, MM is designated to be make your win rate around 50% (45%~55%) no matter noob or average are you.... but there is exception rule on this. the CV and DD could actually decide your match because its nature. so if you want to get high win rate i suggest you play CV if you are noob or play DD if you are godly skill. if you are on BB and CA with average skill, expect some loss streak and win streak..... the problem is when someone got win streak it just forget it..... when got lose streak? hahahaha RANT INCOMING!!! the MM put YOU ON NOOB TEAM IF YOU ARE BECOME BETTER..... or the opposite! that is why, no matter how noob are you (BB or CA) you can always get WR atleast 45%.... if below that? that is badluck and WILL REBOUND! why it will rebound? because you will GET 2~3 player that actually carry and your win rate pop up to be 45%~50%.... too bad if you lose, the carry player will go rant and said he got noob team..... why WG doing this? to distinguish the real unicum and just average skill but lucky boi! tell me if someone solo LUCKY ENOUGH to get 70% WR in 100 match! that is why people with 5K match always said WR reflect your skill...... Solution: "Carry the game and your win rate will increase" 2) the intended badluck RNG by WG its funny.... WG also try to rekt unicum player by not only give it shitty team.... but also shitty RNG! why there is detonation? WHY THERE IS SHITTY Dispersion? WHY there is AA aura that unreliable? this game actually have a lot of RNG.... WHY WG doing this? to prevent unicum being bored and leave the game saying WoWs is EZ..... its also the perfect way to balance between noob and unicum player! and ale mane, i remember i detonation a Des Meme with AADF active but the weird thing is 1 torp hit amazingly..... and the most miracle is DETONATION...... why CV is OP before? BECAUSE ITS LACK of RNG! in the end WG try nerf it by adding more RNG like REMOVE low tier manual aim and add more AA to ship especially DD. 3) the Myth and truth of MM there is a lot of myth like Karma, premium time and radar MM..... its MYTH.... they didnt affect MM! the truth is WHEN QUEUE, Type of ship and division.... time when queue is very important! imagine you are queue when most AUS player is online! its easy to speak and there is less non english speaker.... so expect some teamwork. or the moment when there is "kill" mission.... expect some KS... and the most worst and expect lose is "WEEKEND WARRIOR" because 100% bonus XP.... Yolo sink, change ship... rinse and repeat..... i actually do it before :V if you play at weekend warrior time or holiday peak.... GET SOME FISHINg DIVISION huahahahaahaha ROFLSTOMPING the noob.... and btw, WG actually remove the premium ship team MM like getting 3 belfast or Lolanta.... yeah, its just happen recently... 4) lower tiered ship team its the most annoying crap and truly unbalance... its NEED TO BE FIXED! getting noob team is fine! but getting this MM is CraP! well, its about point number 1..... BUT CRAP IS THIS? THIS IS WAAAY TOO FAAAR!!! there is actually a lot of SS but here of example : i bet 10 silver, OUR TEAM IS NOT NOOB! we did fight back! the battle is actually harsh.... too bad we still lose -_- enemy got more BB and higher team ship.... Conclusion : FIX MM in the point 4! its too imbalanced ! ship tier should be same and ship composition should be same! the moment enemy got more BB and DD..... its guarantee 90% lose to us! carry??? not only unfair ship composition... we also struck by insane RNG badluck intended.... detonation.... SHELL MISSED IN CLOSE RANGE.... delay enemy of being spotted.... etc alright just make MM random but ship tier should be same and the composition of the team not different..... ________________________________________ ssshhhtt dont tell anyone i got this UNLIMITED SMOKE WORKS! in pan asia DD..... LEL LEL super container....... after 4 lose streak.....
  2. see this thread for reference : as you know, even WG itself stated in its video..... Pan Asia DD can basically cover the entire map with smoke for more than 5 min! min 3:07!!!! https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/dev-diaries-PADD/ ..... well, its not really suspicious until you realize..... WG said they want "smoke and smoke gameplay too much smoke gameplay" is removed from the game! but, what did they have done? 1) Offer to Refund Buyfast and Mikael Kalashnikov! 2) promise never sell belfast again...... 3) BUFF entire RNCL to get as longer smoke as DD! 4) player who refund belfast is regret their decision 5) add Pan Asia DD with ultimate smoke of damocles 6) creating new meta " T6 2 Pan Asia DD + T7 radar ship " 7) of course, since T7 MM is special (get highest tier most of the time) this division will benefit A LOT! 8) and LELwater torpedo is guarantee to not hit Atlanta and Belfast if enemy have Pan Asia DD 9) the LELwater torpedo will punish a BB who try to destroy the radar ship now think, unlimited smoke plus radar..... i must admit Indianapolis is not flamethrower, but Belfast and Lolanta is superb Flamethrower. with inside the smoke, it can firing and firing.... delete anyone.... oh wait, there is smoke nerf! ok, still with radar, the gunboat pan asia DD can still rekt any ship especially a small torpedoboat.... anyway, a person behind this scheme is REALLY GENIUSES! _______________________________________________________________________________ well, here is the theory why WG doing this! A) WG want to sell more Indianapolis and Lolanta because this meta this is the most logical sense, since belfast removed from shell... Lolanta is crappy ship compared to Belfast. to increase the sell? introduce the pan asia DD with unlimited smoke works. no CV dare to get close, no BB dare to get close, enemy try to get close will get tribuchet of flame to their ship until sunk and regret after that rant to forum which is only feed the troll and finally forced everyone to get the meta by buying Lolanta and then we have a new meta and then there will be ranked at T7 that benefit pan asia DD and Lolanta. conclusion : more smoke, radar division with pan asia DD, new meta, >> Profit >> yeah! i am [content removed] genie! B) some ultra rich and powerfull person is order WG to do this! if you know this guy....... if you are noob but want to gitgud? MONEEEIIIISSS!!! yep, money will solve the problem.... imagine you are the only one who use belfast and NO ONE on enemy team use belfast..... and in your team there is 3 pan asia DD...... oh well, you will be easily win! without effort! the hired unicum pan asia DD will lay smoke and protect you..... and what will you do? just pop up radar.... sit and relax.... let the unicum pan asia DD do their job! but here is the problem! there is TOO MANY BELFaST! how to get rid it? give $$$$ to WG, WG will pretend to nerf the smoke meta and offer to refund! tadaa! less belfast! conclusion : life is easier when you have money C) WG want to sell Belfast in the black market so if Belfast is not sell anymore where you can get it? of course you cannt buy it in normal way..... WG have actually have its own black market called "Russian Bias". did you know the commander called "Russian Bias" in april mop even and commanding the submarine? IF YOU DECODE the message, it want to tell you "find us, RussianBias at Deep Web" and surprisingly there is really someone name called "RussianRedCat" selling some weapon in deepweb...... well, i am just peek there to find information about China next economic move. i am suspect he sell belfast in the deepweb. sell the redeem code! but there is a hole in this theory......since the silk road is closed, where is reliable black market when you can sell something anonimously? are there a new BTC black market? D) WG just want to punish player who refund belfast staff A : bro, there is 90% player refund belfast and mikhail kutuzov! staff B : dang it! we are just want to balance the game and they betray us by refund the OP ship? staff C : bro, i got an idea! lets get our revenge! create the new meta and show em, wooo is da boss! staff B : LEL, nice idea! staff A : how about Pan-Asia DD with unlimited smoke works..... the smoke is smoke at all tier? staff B : i dont get it what you say..... but LETS DO IT! _________________ WTF i have done Profanity. Post edited. User already warned. ~dead_man_walking
  3. are you even think about some weird stuff bad advice behave? if you watch think deeply, there is simply some mistery involved on bad advice! there are a few theory about the real self of bad advice captain. what is that? # A Rogue Mercenary well, as you can see... there is a lot of scene Bad Advice using paint on his face including this scene whut? also what nationality he has? he command Conqueror and Bismarck!!! what the?..... # The Misterous Fish this fish is really FISHY!.... well.... if this fish is really smart, why the heck it leave Bad Advice and command its own ship? # is bad advice captain really noob? well, this is the most intriguing after all. if you watch carefully, bad advice INTEND TO LOSING! even if you are very noob there is a moment when you can just do nothing and win the game. but look : he just need to do nothing to win the game! even a VERY VERY NOOB PLAYER WILL REALIZE THIS! but?? WHY?? and here another evidence : the bad advice IS INTEND TO SPARE THE ALMOST SUNK ENEMY SHIP! if you are noob and greedy, you will want to kill as many ship as possible! (just look at Bad Advice character for lust of killing in "never cap never surender") and there is more mistery if you watch and think it carefully! Obviously HE IS NOT NOOB! HE DID EVERYTHING ON PURPOSE! # a former unicum WoT player? look! this is common tactic in WoT, and HE WANT TO TELL THAT WoT TACTIC WONT WORK! at least we know he used to be WoT player. and the photo in the last minute tell us that he is soldier! (i suspect he is mercenary) # if He is not noob, WHY HE DID THIS? ah nice question, finally we got the conclusion! HE WANT MONEY! WG simply pay him for every Video he made about warship! here is the proof! there is subliminal message "W" with 2 arrow symbol when he command the Plane to attack enemy CV ! if you play CV, ITS IMPOSSIBLE to create CURVE WAYPOINT! well.... he want to tell us he just did this on purpose because WG pay him! Conclusion : Bad Advice is actually unicum in disguise, until now... no one know about his true identity..... _____________ this is my last thread as Skarhabek, since WG ban my account because saying i am using "aim assist" mod. later my friend told me it wasnt aim assist mod.... it was "navigator" mod..... hell sheet, he should tell me earlier about the mod name..... LOL i called it aim assist and got banned because using it. of course.... i still play warship with my new account.
  4. even wonder why there is noob in T8 or T9 CV? or why there is CV look likes bot? well, as you know CV is the least played ship but the most influencial in the game. here is some theory that will blown your mind! prepare for PLAYING CV!!! 1. The Bot CV on T8 its REAL!!! may be some on farming stat by creating opponent bot CV? 2. Allies CV let you get bombed,.... howling sheet, both of ally CV and enemy CV is actually friend..... just what the....... 3. if USN CV is so poor, why recommend it to the noob? well, they said IJN CV is full of multitasking.... they said USN CV is very easy because you only control a few squadron... they said USN CV plane is a lot stronger...... they said USN CV is easier for noob.... the fact, regular USN CV (premium not count) is the HARDEST CV to play! the lack of versatility and flexibility is the dead end for the noob. the USN CV player need to carefully thinking "WHERE", "WHEN", and "HOW" to planning their action. the lacking number of squadron limited their option to spot everywhere while maintaining strike and air support. also FEWER of hangar capacity in lower tier make them very dangerous to play for the noob. Langley, Saipan & Enterprise is the exception. 4. Unicum said to the noob "Dont play CV" or "AA in higher tier is so Deadly" in fact CV is the most easiest ship in the game and not every ship have insane AA like minotaur in higher tier. they just dont want you to ruining their "Unicum stat" because you are messing around. the "the deadly AA" in higher tier is just rumour spread by the unicum to fear or prevent noob player to play CV. oh well, not everyone got AA spec build. "manual AA" and AADF is the only thing that make an AA ship very deadly. "manual AA" is 4 skill point, not every USN BB or CA take it. if you are talking about Montana or Des meme high AA, without manual AA they are not scary...... also Des Meme without AADF is another juicy target but beware, manual AA is very strong if you are bad luck to meet some CV haters ship. for comparison a Grosser Kurfurst with manual AA destroyed 3/4 of 2x4 TB shokaku, a full HP Montana only shotdown 2 TB but all torp launched. do Grosser kurfurst have better AA than Montana? nope... its manual AA also the high tier CV problem is not AA, but super duper HP from T10 BB if you are on T8 Lexington AS or Shokaku strike... 100K damage seems high, but its actually worthless because most of T10 BB have 90K++ HP and repair party. DoTs? good luck, since your CA team mates also spam HE and burn the enemy BB. HOW THE HECK I CARRY THE GAME IF THERE IS 3 BB + 3 CA remaining with full HP? 5. Lets play CV last but not least, THIS IS THE MOST EASIEST WAY TO INCREASE YOUR CV STAT! by persuading more noob player to play CV, it mean less pro CV player as opponent. since the population of CV is so low, imagine if you are just battle againts the same noob all the day, giving you free bombing and more statpad. its win win too for both CV player, noob vs noob? alright lets do this! TELL EVERYONE LETS PLAY CV!!!! and like domino, the unsatisfied and rage surface ship player will also play CV...... in the end because more noob CV player, there will be more rant about AA and ETC.... in the end, WG will buff CV even MORE! thanks to the Yamato sunk by CV, more people that interested in history will also play WoWs. and the more good news, the people that quit warship because "too much mechanic" WILL PLAY AGAIN! because CV is so easy! more and more they will also invite more player to the game...... here some interesting fact that happen in my country, "Why people play Mobile Legend instead of Dota2?" because its so crappy easy..... add more OP premium CV ship, and MOAR money! conclusion : if you are noob on CV, just persuade more noob player to play CV. ITS WIN-WIN SOLUTION, the noob got better stat and you get same skill opponent and another note, play IJN CV :V
  5. 27000ants

    WOWs Conspiracies

    It is exactly what it says. Post your own WOWs conspiracy theories so we can all have a "serious debate". I'll start: The coming IJN DD rebalance that shifts the focus of the DDs away from torps is so that the niche of torpedoboat could be opened up for premiums. And we all know THE premium torpedoboat: Kitakami