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Found 8 results

  1. G'day Folks, It's finally here... My Commonwealth Destroyer Video... Hope there aren't any errors, (still disappointed I stuffed up spelling on Delhi on the first one...) No idea when CLs will drop but probably in early September, time will tell. As usual, YouTube and Reddit love appreciated but happy to have In-Depth discussions about anything in the videos, here, on YT or on Reddit!
  2. G'day Folks, So I've finally completed it, albeit it's not 100% perfect (I forgot to put in the tier number graphics in) but I'm not going through another 6 hour rendering process (silly me for making a cool animation as a background) so it'll do. Also I'm pretty sure anyone who can count can easily tell what tier each ship is, so maybe it looks better without it. There's a bit of a preamble but all the information is relevant and helps frame the context. Thanks to everyone's input on this over the last couple of years, this is as much your Tech Tree idea as it is mine, so thankyou! Kick back and enjoy... As usual, YouTube and Reddit love would be greatly appreciated. PS: Yes I did do the Commonwealth Flag animation from scratch, yes that is why rendering took so bloody long, no that's not why the video got delayed... BAH! Stop pestering me and watch the video!
  3. Hi Wargameing Dev team, While playing the UK destroyer line it got me thinking, the Commonwealth of Nations fought along side with the British during WW2 in both Atlantic and Pacific theater. And after looking around the internet, I found that it is possible to create a Commonwealth of Nations destroyer line like the Pan-Asia destroyer line. Commonwealth of Nations playstyle/gimmik is the "Creeping Smoke Generator" and the "Individual Torpedo Launch" (Haida and Perth), where as Pan-Asia is "Deep Water Torpedo". The playstyle almost mirrors British DD, smoke, harrass, torp, flee. Almost. But if wargameing has other ideas to make the playstyle unique, I welcome it. Here is what I have come up with when looking around the internet: CA/CL T1 Swan (AU) -> (Grimsby Class) Note: Its T1 DD Line T2 Champlain (CA) -> HMS Torbay (S Class, T Class) Close to HMS Medea T3 Vancouver (CA) -> HMS Vimy (V Class, W Class) Mirrors HMS Valkyrie T4 Waterhen (AU) -> HMS Waterhen (V Class, W Class) Mirrors HMS Wakeful T5 Saguenay (CA) -> (A Class, B Class) Mirrors HMS Acasta T6 Ottowa (CA) -> HMS Griffin (G Class, H Class) Mirrors HMS Galant T7 Quadrant (CA) or Rajput (IN) -> (Q Class, R Class) Note: Unique T7 T8 Jan van Riebeeck (ZA) -> (W Class, Z Class) Note: Unique T8 Note: Either armed with 120 mm or 113 mm or gun can be upgraded / switchable. T9 Anzac (AU) or Badr (PK) -> ("Battle" Class) Mirrors HMS Jutland T10 Voyager (AU) -> (Daring Class) Mirrors HMS Daring Note: HMAS Vampire already used in T3. Note: Like the Voyager satellite, maybe they can do a unique Camo after space battles. 🙂 Branch Tech Tree (One set torpedo launcher but early access to dual mount guns in T7 branch) Edited and added on Dec. 18, 2019 T6 Fraser (CA) -> (C Class) Close to HMS Galant Note: Originally has two set of torpedo tubes. One set was removed for additional 102 mm AA gun. T7 Athabaskan (CA) or Arunta (AU) -> ("Tribal" Class) Mirrors HMS Haida Note: 6 - 120 mm guns and one set of quadruple torpedo tubes. OR T7 Napier (AU) -> (J, K, and N Class) Mirrors HMS Jervis Note: Original N class has only one set of quintule torpedo tubes. T8 Crusader (CA) or Jahangir (PK) -> (Cr Class) Note: Unique T8 T9 Tobruk (AU) or Khaibar (PK) -> ("Battle" Class) Mirrors HMS Jutland Note: Originally built with two sets of torpedo tubes. One will be removed to follow trend. T10 Vendetta (AU) -> (Daring Class) Mirrors HMS Daring Note: Built with only one set of quintuple torpedo tube. T9 Anzac and T10 Voyager guns are too small to do some real damage. In my British Tech Tree Suggestion, I requested for T9 Jutland and T10 Daring be having the option to equip 133 mm (5.25 in guns), or split them as another class with 133 mm (5.25 in) guns installed as default. I would like to see T9 Anzac and T10 Voyager have the same treatment. Either have a 133 mm (5.25 in) guns be optional equipment or have a separate ship with 133 mm (5.25 in) guns as default. Possible premium ships. T6 Leander (NZ) -> HMS Leander (Leander Class) - CL Mirrors HMS Leander T6 Ontario or Quebec (CA) -> HMS Valiant (Queen Elizabeth Class) - BB Mirrors HMS Warspite Note: She was never built, but when Canada plans to build her, she would look line Queen Elizabeth in her 2nd refit in 1926 (with 1 smoke stack but retains the original bridge and secondary armaments of 6 in guns) Note: Although unconfirmed, Australia also plans to procure some Queen Elizabeth class battleships of their own. She would look line Queen Elizabeth in her 2nd refit in 1926 (with 1 smoke stack but retains the original bridge and secondary armaments of 6 in guns) Personal opinion: Due to the success of both Queen Elizabeth Class and Bayern Class, Pan America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and possibly Peru) and Pan Europe (Spain and Netherlands) planned to procure their own battleships based on both British and German designs. It would be a common sight to see these ships in T6 plays with their own twists and gimmicks. Foot Note: CA = Canada AU = Australia NZ = New Zealand ZA = South Africa IN = India* PK = Pakistan* * = May possibly serve as Pan-Asian ships I hope that you like this suggestion and let me know if I have missed other DD that might mirror them in their respective tiers.
  4. So I'm working on something at the moment (refining earlier ideas...) So as part of that, I'm still looking for more ideas but here's how I'm going so far... I need ideas for premium BC/BBs above T4/5... Designs they were even tentatively involved with, mentioned for, funded, associated with because for CL/DDs, we got heaps (I've only shown a few here). Keep in mind I'll need to make any additions have their own thing and not just be duplicates. Either way, enjoy!!! (Oh and roasting me or toasting me, either I'm perfectly happy with!)
  5. For reference my now out-dated (I'll update it sometime, I promise) CW Tech Tree here: So we have PA DDs, Boise/Nuevo, SN BBs and duplicates as premiums all over the place... I'll take my CW DD and CL lines now thanks... And now we have the Bajie, a ship that started out on paper, made real in-game and then in our fantasy world, sold to an Asian nation of some-kind... In that case I'll have MY CW CV line now too... K thx bai In all seriousness though... I don't mind paper lines, I don't even mind WG inventions... But don't flipping try and tell me that CW lines can't be a thing because they're duplicate ships... That's a hollow bollocks excuse and you know it!
  6. Ok so I know I've done Commonwealth (CW) tech lines before (DD and CL) this post builds on that, shifting a few things around based on feedback, adds premium ships and **shock** even manages some CVs... Feel free to theorycraft, criticise or compliment any content in here, I'm doing this for the hordes of us folks from Commonwealth nations because we are often forgotten in the annuals of history... So this one is for you all you unspoken legends... The Commonwealth contributed some of the largest amounts of man-power and resources in the first and second World Wars, particularly in view of our populations and economic strength (or lack thereof). By an large these lines borrow heavily from the RN for ships but World of Warships is an arcade game and as such there's plenty of room for our own flavour. The priority was to get ships that were actually built and used and by the most amount of CW nations... Tech Tree would look like something below... Don't be quick to jump on certain ships, please read further below before dismissing a ship... I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X DD S-class V-class Scott-class A-class H-class W-class Tribal-class N-class Daring-class CL Grimsby-class Pelorus-class Challenger-class Chatham-class Dunedin Mod-Leander Bellona-class Crown Colony Swiftsure-class ZA Design CV Ruler-class (Bogue) Colossus-class Majestic-class Premiums DD HMAS Vampire HMCS Saskatchewan HMCS Sioux HMCS Haida CL/A HMAS Perth (CL) INS Dehli (CL) HMAS Australia (CA) HMNZS Black Prince (CL) HMCS Quebec (CL) HMNZS Gambia (CL) INS Mysore (CL) HMCS Ontario (CL) BB HMNZS New Zealand (BC) CV HMS Nabob (HMCS Crew) The CW CL line would be defined by frequently being older ships at higher tiers however CW nations often added extra gear or customised their ships heavily, borrowing from various allies and installing systems to suit themselves. The CW DD line is far more up-to-date, often having cutting-edge RN DDs that were then customised. They would often receive these ships as they were commissioned, so the DD line reflects that. The CW CV line is an amalgamation of the various CVs CW nations crewed or utilised during and after WW2. I know this one will be controversial but please bare with me and give it a read. [WIP] Edit: Removed Viraat from T4
  7. G'day Folks, Another theorycrafting line incoming! @PeterMoe1963 - tagging you because I know you'll love having a look at this! NB: CW = Commonwealth in this post. Ok so this has taken me a while, however is my take on Commonwealth CL and DD lines. I’m keeping the DD and CL lines in separate posts, mostly because I haven’t finished the DD line yet. Very open to alternative opinions and discourse! I heavily borrow from RN ships to provide points about balance. Either way with CW lines, I’ve tried to give us the ‘slightly different’ versions of things to maintain some difference with RN and often put ships of similar types at slightly different tiers as CW often modified the ships to suit their own purposes. The lines would look like this: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X CL Grimsby-class Pelorus-class Challenger-class Chatham-class Dunedin Mod-Leander Bellona-class Crown Colony Swiftsure-class ZA Design DD S-class V-class Scott-class A-Class H-Class Tribal-class N-class W-class Daring-class Light Cruisers The CW CLs in my mind would be similar to RN, however play on the smoke mechanics of Perth/Haida and have a lot of soft-buffs. The argument for all this is that often the ships systems would be changed by the CW nation, and often the ships were received after serving with RN. So while you may have a ship that’s above the tier of its peers in the RN, you’re getting a modified version. With the right changes to agility and survivability, the ships become close-DD support, almost a brawler CL. eg: have reduced range (a la Perth) better gun and torpedo arcs Better shell velocity and reload (many tiers have less guns than their peers) better agility (acceleration/deceleration, rudder shift/turn radius) better armour/lower citadels HE. It would all need to be finely tuned by WG but the idea is to play on the range of the Perth and the brawling nature of Haida. The idea being that by having lower citadels and better gun/torp arcs, perhaps even some HP buffs these ships could be excellent close-range brawler CLs. Some of the earlier ships may need speed buffs to keep them balanced with counterparts. Tier 1: Grimsby-class Sloop Ships for Reference: RAN – Yarra, Swan, Parramatta, Warrego, RIN – Indus, NZ Division – HMS Leith, Wellington Armament: 3 x 102mm guns (RAN) mk XVI, or 2 x 120mm guns (RIN) Speed: 16.25-16.5 knots Black Swan (RN) has 3x2 102s mk XIX, so I’m guessing Black Swan has same gun but more of them and newer. You could argue to go the Indus route and use the 120s, or perhaps the Yarra route but better refire rate. Either way, we’re already defining a point of difference. Tier 2: Pelorus-class Ships for Reference: RAN – Pioneer, Psyche Armament: 8 x 102mm, 2 x 1 356mm torpedoes Speed: 20 knots The Weymouth has 8 x 152s and is quicker at 26 knots, however only has AP. So the argument here is that Pelorus would have torps and HE to bridge the gap. By starting to play on CW better arcs or reload, she could work quite nicely at Tier 2. Tier 3: Challenger-class Ships for Reference: HMAS Encounter, HMS Challenger (Australia Station). Armament: 11 x 152mm, 2 x 1 450mm torpedoes Speed: 22 knots The Caledon is more ‘modern’ and features only 5x152s (centre-lined), however is faster (29knots) and has 4x2 torps. The idea here is that Challenger performs somewhat like a St Louis, with a bit of RN thrown in. You can see already how the CW line is a bit ‘behind’ the RN line. Tier 4: Chatham-class Ships for Reference: RAN – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, NZ Division – HMS Chatham Armament: 8 x 152mm, 2 x 1 533mm torpedoes Speed: 26 knots The CW CL line really starts to lag behind her counterparts in design comparative to other nations. While some nations still have porcupine gunnery designs at tier 4, not many do. CW CLs are this way to show how they often operated old ships for far longer than the ‘Big’ navies of the world. Tier 5: Dunedin Ships for Reference: NZ Division ­– HMS Diomede, Dunedin Armament: 6 x 152mm, 4 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 29 knots Basically a Danae-class ship at T5. Access to repair party (heal) and CW smoke. Tier 6: Modified Leander-class Ships for Reference: RAN – Perth, Hobart, Sydney, RNZN – Leander, Achilles, RIN – Dehli Armament/Speed as per Perth Basically this series of ships would function just like the Perth, however would have access to a heal instead of spotter plane. Perth may need some tweaking with the string of nerfs she's had (smoke nerf, plane in smoke nerf) however I wanted to leave her with the Spotter/Smoke combo as her own, which would distinguish herself from the line ship. Tier 7: Bellona-class Ships for Reference: RNZN – Bellona, Black Prince Armament: 4 x 2 133mm, 2 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 34 knots Bellona-class is a bit of a funny one. She has 133mm guns at T7 and less torpedoes than her predecessor. The obvious solution to the guns is to offer up increased penetration metrics to match the line and for the torpedoes, due to being ‘newer’ increased damage and/or range and/or better reload. The alternative is to switch out her 133s for 152s (not historically accurate), however she was active later many of those down the line. It’s due to these 133s and her smaller size that I’ve placed her at T7, rather than swapped her with Crown Colony-class. I would have her with CW smokes, a heal and improved-range hydro and then start applying the ‘improved’ hydro up the rest of the line. The improved hydro is to compensate for poor range up the line. Tier 8: Crown Colony-class Ships for Reference: RNZN – Gambia, RIN – Mysore, RCN – Quebec Armament: 3 x 3 152mm, 2 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 34 knots Crown-Colony is the over-head class of the Fiji-class. In this circumstance however, most ships from the CW had late refits, which meant they had 3x3 not the 4x3 of the Fiji class. Balance will need to be found with reload, however as per Bellona, CW smoke/(first class in the line with USN Radar), heal, improved-range hydro. Tier 9: Swiftsure-class Ships for Reference: RCN – Ontario Armament: 3 x 3 152mm, 2 x 3 533mm torpedoes Speed: 34 knots Basically an improved Crown-Colony-class ship, improve metrics along the line, Smoke/Radar, heal, improved-range hydro. Tier 10: ZA Design Ships for Reference: In-game Minotaur Armament/Speed as per Minotaur The differences between Mino and ZA would have to come down to balance and the adjustments made based on the CW CL ‘flavour’. Keeping in mind, she needs to be tankier than Mino, not have as fast refire rate (due to HE). Consumables would include Smoke/Radar, heal and improved-range hydro. All in all the trick with the CW CL line will be to keep them tanky enough to provide that close-range support, as I would expect their range never to top 14km at T10, which is danger-zone when you are talking about almost being in radar range and the like. Think about ZA as sort of a tankier, stealthier, aggressive, shorter-range Minotaur. Anyways the ‘flavour’ is just an idea, as far as the ships in the line, there aren’t many other options to fill slots unless you go down a ‘theoretical’ route. Every ship of the line (T10 aside) was picked due to firstly, actually built, then by number of different CW nations to field them. I couldn't get SAN thrown in, however there is a SAN DD at T9, W-class (SAS Vrystaat). The next considerations were the overall 'feel' of the line, and thus the Dido (Bellona) class ends up at T7. You could argue for a flip between T7-T8, however with 133s v 152s and the idea of the line being 'uptiered' ships, I felt it was the right place. I have mostly picked out the DD line based on the same metrics I used with the CLs, it was far easier to find variety to choose from and I used the RN DD line as a basis for 'balancing'. But in all seriousness, having spoken with some currently serving RAN pers, they love the idea of using the shorter range of Perth and 'uptiered' as an idea for a brawler, close-support CL line. Thoughts from the floor? CW DDs (detail) to follow when I have time.
  8. Hey Guys & Girls, As much as I enjoy World Of Warships I have noticed there is either a Ship Paint or Flag for special occasions, Being a current Serving member of the Australian Defence Force, I'm very passionate about Australia's Battle History and i would like to express our Very Special Day on the 25th of April to all of the WOW Community with either a Paint Scheme for the Ships or a Flag that all Australian & New Zealand Players can show with Pride while they Engage in these Wonderfull Battles. The Moment WOW Advertised the HMAS PERTH I Jumped at the chance to get that ship and what a Machine it is. I Imagine how nice it would be to Fly a Flag that Represented ANZAC Day and or a Paint that Showed Beautifull Art like the New Years Paint. I ask you all if you would like to help me get this into the WOW gameplay for the Special day of the 25th in April and show Our Commonwealths Pride. Some Designs will be needed for both Flags and Pain if you all would like to take a crack and Hopefully the WOW Dev's will accept it and Place it into the Gameplay I hope this will happen as i never see Allot of Commonwealth History shown on games. Regards, Nolan