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Found 5 results

  1. I have Jack Dunkirk as my Edinburgh commander. I noticed that the skill bonuses are not show in the commander skills. I think this is a UI bug since when I pop a smoke in a battle, it's quite large and my consumables reload fast. My client is not modded. Jack of All Trades 5% instead of 10% SSE: 20% instead of 30% Also EM but I'm not using it.
  2. Hello all I have recently added the Montana to my collection and was wondering what commander abilities would be best. Previously on my Iowa I had; Points; Priority Target 1 Preventive Maintenance 1 Incoming Fire Alert 1 Expert Marksman 2 Survivability Expert 3 Advanced Firing Training 4 Concealment Expert 4 Basically I want a stealth build but able to spot torpedoes and kill aircraft's. Any Suggestions??? Also have 16 commander points. Cheers all!!
  3. Hmm this might be good for British Cruisers that can fire AP only "Armor Piercing shells which can cause fire but reducing the penetrating damage dealt with the shell" "-20% reduction to Penetrating Damage" "+15% chance of setting enemies on fire"
  4. Under current game version, once the commander skill increase by one point, it would be more difficult for him to climb up to the next level. The more skills owned by a captain, the least chance for him to gain one point. It's nearly not possible to reach 19 point for ordinary user
  5. Can anyone tell me if the torpedo armament expertise second tier commander skill ALSO applies to just BOMBERS rather than as indicated in the text "torpedo bombers" Has anybody confirmed this and therefore is it still a good choice for say bogue ac with fighters and one squad of Bombers Hey wargaming not everyone wants to drop torps - how about spending some time on bomb drops which can be just as exciting