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Found 16 results

  1. SgtSullyNZ

    So this happened

    A while ago co-op matches had it's EOM functions changed, so there would not be draws. If you leave the game as the last human, the game would award win/ loss based on team points at that point. So, this happened and of course I am confused, because I do not recall seeing that change. Looks like I will have to re-read it all again
  2. Co-op matches can be a joke sometime in how easy they are because the WG bots act so stupid but for one their targeting is ridiculous. If a player uses a mod to give them aim assist then get banned yet your own bots, by their nature, have computer aiming and fire with basically laser precision. If you are in a CA or a DD its not uncommon to be one-shotted, or close to that, by one of your BB bots on the other side of the map in its first salvo fired at you. Most top WoWS unicums probably can't shot as well as WG's bots, in tier 10 matches it could be understandable for them to be that good a shot, but they shot like that at even lower tiers. Why don't you have some system, that like real players, you bots improve their accuracy after a few shots. Other issues that I feel should be addressed is your bots lack of situational awareness in that they fire torps at a target even if they are on your side and you are between them and the target they are shooting at. There is nothing more ridiculous than the game issuing a warning to its own bots for friendly fire and then turning them pink etc. Yes friendly fire is not uncommon in co-op matches between real players; many DD players are like teenage boys with their systems overflowing with hormones uncontrollably wanting to blow their loads at the first target they see but your bots shouldn't also behave like that. The AI in general needs work as you see things like bot CAs and DDs laying smoke while they steam through it at full speed, bot CVs sitting still while a bot BB from the other side steams up to it and sits there and unloads into it, and every bot with a plane launching them as soon as the game starts even though that clearly does nothing at that point. No wonder newbies coming up through Co-op matches into Random matches etc. have so much trouble as co-op matches play nothing like pvp matches, so they find themselves out of their depth and help drag down a side while chat goes mad at them for their stupidity, which is really lack of experience. Summary: WG's bots are bad, ok. Now watch as the forum trolls attack me over this.
  3. Regarding the Royal Navy event and the Hall of Fame. Can anyone explain what the "Honorary achievement" is for Co-op mode? Are WG going to introduce special co-op achievements like last Halloween, but it isn't in the game as yet? Or is it a typo? There was a thread asking this same question on the NA forum, but no one knew what it meant either
  4. 能否改成兩種聯合作戰的難度,一種就是以前傻呼呼筆直衝鋒的AI,但是收益較低,且AI的炮很精準; 另一種是現在的模式,模仿隨機作戰的玩家,各種扭、躲、防空消耗品,AI的炮可以較散,打這種難度的收益可以略高於簡易模式(但相對於隨機,還是會低一點啦...) 繼8/30改版後,打一場聯合四五分鐘就判定AI點數0,開著BB打沒幾輪炮就GG了... 賺錢的沒幾個,事實上,就算打第一名,10場也有七八場是賠錢的... 除非包P帳號(所以WG的意思就是這個?!) 然後8/30晚上再玩,發現聯合裡面的AI變了... 好的改變是他們的炮不再是永遠精確瞄準玩家船艦的肚子,現在比較有機會能躲過他們的炮彈了(就像改難以前的終極前沿行動,AI是在未鎖定玩家的情況下開砲的?) 且很經常半速甚至停船(變得很好瞄準),大概船長也有點1-7技能,所以也很常看到我開炮後,目標立刻加速逃逸的(可以...這個很隨機,特別是DD、法巡、法戰). 慘的改變是AI現在學隨機場的玩家,各種龜縮、躲島後、躲煙裡打死不出來... 一旦被玩家鎖定了,會立刻扭動擺角...(AI的船長各個都點1-1技能?!) 從DD到CL/CA,凡是有可能裝載防空技能的,看到CV飛機接近就必然開啟AA(所以有航母的場次,剛好所有的AI都一定會帶著AA消耗品?!?!) 去PT測試伺服器,發現聯合的AI還是跟以前一樣萌呆,很是令人懷念..... 無論現在改成因點數機制而造成聯合作戰四五分鐘就結束一場; 或者是AI擬人化仿效隨機場的玩家作為,讓一場聯合耗時到8~10分鐘,有航母或者DD到處躲的場次更可能打超過10分鐘... 重點是:以上兩種變化,收益都沒變動啊!!! 以前6~10分鐘一場賺/賠多少銀幣,現在費時費力的打各種扭轉的AI,結果還是那些收穫..... PVE某種程度上不就是為了休閒玩家,上班族閒暇紓壓,腦袋放空的開著心愛的船去打打傻呼呼的電腦嗎?! 聯合的收益較隨機低很多,這個沒意見,玩家可以選擇買premium account+迷彩+旗子,但是難度拉高到隨機的程度....這.....
  5. HobartAWD

    Please fix bot A.I.

    I just achieved the goal that was the reason I started playing WOWS. I unlocked and bought the Yamato. Yes she does not disappoint. Only my second T10 apart from the Grozovoi. Kicking around in co-op just to get a feel for her and get comfortable playing her in all situations. Just now in co-op. Had a Henry IV launch torps straight at me, easily 90+ degrees away from the launch path needed to hit Montana, the only surving enemy. Close range so nothing I can do, I take all 3 on the nose and flood. I get a 40k shot off against Montana but I'm already low HP, damage control is 17 secs away and despite healing, the flooding wins and I die. Henry stay broadside and gets deleted by Montana's next shot and we lose. Maybe the bots are programmed to be aggressive kill stealers. I dunno. Seriously though why have the game mode if it so broken? This isn't the 1st or even the 150th time I have seen this nonsense or something else completely absurd related to bot A.I. Just the first that it has directly cost me a game. Also there are reports of the current operation Hermes being bugged as the Rouan French BB you are escorting has a tendency to run aground and cannot grasp reversing and correcting its course. You lose the operation every time this happens. I personally have had it happen once already in only 5 play throughs. WG any chance of improving bot A.I for the extremely popular co-op and operations mode? Maybe before the next dozen overpriced premium ships come out. Not to mention the huge game performance FPS drop and screen freezes with the current 072 patch. Getting people to buy prem ships etc... and play the game is obviously way more important than the game actually working properly.
  6. leerm002

    I love co-op

    So I'm just going to come out and say it: I only play Co-op. I know, I know, boo-hiss, “git gud” “what are you even doing here?” ect, ect... The thing is, I don't think I'm the only one either. And because of that, well, I would really like there to be more co-op content for us co-op enthusiasts. But before I get into that, why do I only play co-op? In short: I'm not the best player, but I still love the game. I have no real interest in becoming super skilled, dedicating a ton of time and effort into a video-game (real life is hard enough, thank you,) I also have almost zero competitive desires, and find the abusive nature of a lot of team play really quite distasteful. What I'm here for is to sit back, enjoy the game, have a good time, shoot some ships, and come away with it all with a smile on my face. That's it. Honestly, if there was a single-player campaign version based on World of Warhsips I would buy it in a second...but there is something kinda awesome about the whole co-op experience too. Much like games like left 4 dead, there can be some really thrilling moments when you and your co-op partner team up and become total badasses, blasting the enemy side by side, or setting them up with a perfect flanking maneuver. Just yesterday I was playing game as a BB, one of my destroyer team-mates came charging in on two enemy DD's and a cruiser. She torpedoed one DD to death, and then got under heavy fire from the other two. I'm chugging away, trying to catch up, and she calls for help. I line up the guns, setting up from where I'm about to come out from behind an island. She speeds past and hot on her tail is the cruiser. I blast it with a full broadside and sink the thing. The other runs, but gets hit by a torp by my friendly DD. She tells me thanks, it was a close one. I tell her no problem. (Side note: obviously I have no idea what gender the person was, but I think it's more fun to refer to ships as She.) The point is that it was a great match. It was memorable and cool and I loved participating in it. ...and of course I got barely any experience for the whole thing. See, that's my issue here. I really like the way that current co-op is set up, and I have no desire to see it turned into a different beast, but it would be nice if we co-op players could see better rewards available. I love the operation thing, and I participate in them whenever I can (having few high tier ships makes it difficult,) but I think it would be nice to have another option or two as well. Something for us co-op players to come back to so that we can actually grind our ships and get to the next tier. I would make something like 300xp on my tier 5 battleship every match, and I needed something like 45,000 to advance to the next rank. Now that I finally pulled off that grind (with the help of premium time and some premium ships,) I am looking at a 85k grind! I'm not trying to get anything for free here, but come on that's a bit much isn't it? All I'm saying is: there have to be people like me out there that love the co-op game. I think it would be nice if we had some more content to spend our hours and our money on. That's all really. Thanks for reading :-)
  7. Anyone else playing Co-Op and noticing the sloppy programming of the enemy Pan Asian bot AI DD? I run into cap as a DD and contest and meet Pan Asian DD. I kite away and use guns but enemy DD bot tries to torp me with deep water torps. Huh? Not a one off, as it happens every game I play when coming into enemy DD torp range. WG seriously are you kidding me you didn't change the code for Pan Asian DD with deep water torps fighting other DD?
  8. leerm002

    More PVE

    Greetings, I've only been playing this game for about two months now, so I'm not exactly a veteran player, but the fact of the matter is that I'm getting frustrated. On the one hand I think the game, as it stands, is really cool. I love the basic mechanics, the graphics, the music, the sounds, the cool ships, all good. What I DON'T love is pvp. I know, I know, lots of people are going to call me out, say that I should play a different game, claim I'm a bad player, or a noob, or something just for saying that. The fact is that even when I do well in PVP (which, honestly, isn't very often,) I still just don't enjoy it. PVP, for me, is stressful, and frustrating, and I never get to really settle in and appreciate the coolness factor of the game like I do in co-op mode. Yeah, so I play co-op mode about 95% of the time. I really ENJOY co-op mode! It has a completely different feel, pace, and level of stress associated with it. I like how the players are nicer, the stakes are lower, and everyone is just there to have a good time. The only problem is, well, it gives out terrible experience. I'm basically stuck on my Tier 4 ships, and I feel like I am going to be playing them forever. Breaking down the math for some of my recent games, in which I did pretty decent on both: I got 341 exp for a co-op victory, decent damage ect. I then went into random battles, did a little worse (not as much damage, and I died, but the team won,) and got a whopping 867 exp! I'm sorry but that's just frustrating to me. So I would very much like to see co-op mode expanded. I want there to be more varied and harder matches available for us co-op players. I want there to be more experience available for us. I want to FINALLY get out of tier 4. Really, I want to experience more of what the game has to offer and I feel I can't really do that right now. Thanks for reading!
  9. potato18

    Co-Op bots ram too much

    Hey guys I'm just reporting this because I just had a battle with all bots on Co-Op and this is happening to me fairly often, you see the bots on the allied team ram the enemy way too much, in 1 battle of 6v6 out of 6 bots on my team 4 of them rammed the enemy and lost and the other two were killed by gun fire or torps leaving me to the last resort you know the "our team depends upon you". I hate hearing that especially when facing a battleship, 3 Cleveland class cruisers and 1 destroyer, can we please change the way bots fight to a more aggressive way instead of just ramming? Please all I want to do is film a video with commentary about different ships but I can't do that because I don't like showing defeat about 18 times a day and only 2 wins.
  10. The map is Solomon Islands. 8v8 Co-op with only 2 human players. As expected 6 bots on my team and 6 bots from the enemy team went YOLO between the 3 islands. It's a quick match, but not a fun one for a slow BB with slow reload and a CV.
  11. Mevkins

    Arpeggio Scenario Mission

    Konnichiwa, We have been discussing (Me and Division mates) to make playing the game a bit more fun, here is one of it: Basically its a siege map with scenario for intercepting the Fleet of Fog from Arpeggio Franchise; assuming the ships can be attacked with normal means, just like the usual ARP battles in the normal game. Probably may require new ship models but its a start at least. We took the setting somewhere near the Bering Sea with some islands added for adaptability for gameplay. The scenario is to engage the fleet blocking the path (Assume Standard battle mode) and capturing area like Domination mode may work too. The specification for the Scenario is: Standard Battle or Domination or Bastion (With ARP ships or not) or Eliminate all Ships Co-Op battle (PvE), with 12 Allied ships vs 24 CPU ships (Can be adjusted based on Tiers - Smaller maps with less players and only limited Tier range) For ARP mode, there will be Gravity Cannon system, Fleet of Fog Submarine Sonar (as if I-501 attached to Takao; increased sonar output ingame) Enemy AI Upgrade with Teamwork and also Player input data sent to AI for calculation of Course of Action Enhanced enemy status or scaled up ships (More HP, farther shot range, higher rate of fire, etc. as required for balance) Installations to Capture - with Akashi Repair Ship (NPC) for repair (When new installation is captured, Akashi also moves there) Normal ship configurations can be used too, as for ARP configurations can be arranged to suit balance (Needs testing) I believe on the other servers events, there was one like a boss battle but didn't get implemented to the Asia server. Basically its like fighting a boss, which require tactics instead of just move around by yourself or a few mates and kill one by one without teamwork. Basically the aim is to increase teamwork and less individuality by shielding themselves behind the tanking ships all the time even if its their turn to tank. There are a lot of ships in the Arpeggio series, perhaps The Developers will also have to follow some regulations by the Franchisor as to what content can be applied to the game. Thus I will leave the ship design and inclusion to the Developers. However so, These are the known ones: IJN Ships: Tier X - Yamato class series (BB) Tier IX - I400 series (As Iona) Yukikaze class ships (DD), Kasumi class ships (DD) Tier VIII - Takao class series (CA), Zuikaku, Shoukaku class (CV) Maya class ships (CA) Tier VII - Nagato class series (BB), Myoko class series (CA) Ise class ships (BB)(BBV) Tier V - Kongo class series (FBB) Nagara class ships (CL) Itsukushima class (CL) or Minelayer? Hashidate class (CL) Resupply vessel Shiretoko, Repair vessel Akashi (AR) German ships: Tier VII - Bismarck class series (FBB) USN ships: Tier IX - Iowa class series (BB New Jersey), Fletcher class series (DD) Tier VIII - Lexington class series (CV) HMS ships: Hood (BB-Battlecruiser?), Prince of Wales (BB) Repulse (BB) There are more ships i believe, ingame-possible options are welcomed. We have been playing for a while now but lately it is just not as fun as last time; with a lot of variables involved so we came up with this for now. Historical Scenarios would be good too, or perhaps it is already in progress by the Developers. More explanations on: Gravity Cannon As like in the Arpeggio Series there is a beam cannon that attacks in a straight line with massive damage; like a boss's attack skill. Here is a little idea for the mechanics: Warning Notice (i.e: 10-15 seconds before firing and fire path, firing ship icon blink on map) Random ship will be selected to possess Gravity Cannon 3 second shot duration, 100km straight line attack, 10 minute cooldown, Percentage chance to use skill Varying damage depending on where major ship is located on the laser beam Armor and angling does protect the player ship Need to clarify(Decide) if damage is single point or volume based (i.e: shells inflict damage by a point on the shell or the whole shell volume by itself) - applied to laser beam mechanics After hit, decide to inflict one/two time damage or Damage Over Time damage when still within beam Decide, Merely receive highest possible damage x Armor damage reduction x Angling/Damaged ship part/module damage ratio OR a more complex volume based damage (i.e: beam area which damage a part of ship is calculated Decide, Width of Gravity cannon beam (i.e: 2 kongo class Battleship width) Modules can be destroyed when hit Decide, Ships behind the hit ship can also be damaged The "Decide" options are variable depending on feasibility of the Scenario Arpeggio I-501 attached to a ship In the series there was an event where a submarine with powerful sonar was attached to the Takao class cruiser to detect the allied ship; this is just a variation. The selected ship (Can be randomized) has a custom ability to have more sonar range and interval(i.e:4.5 times range, 2 min duration and cooldown, infinite use) When the selected ship has the ability, The division it has is able to shoot without being detected and thus forcing the player to take up tactics to take the incoming enemy fleet (i.e: 1.3 times enemy range increase with powerful sonar) While enemy fleet will also be more advanced as to adapt to player tactics (i.e: when the player shows bow, use HE; when the torpedoes are detected, move to safe area while not showing ship sides, etc) Sonar amount can be limited to a few ships Even if Sonar ships are taken out, the division still follows standard combat protocol (i.e: still smart AI) show detected notification by sonar on player HUD Repair Ship Akashi Seen during the World war, there was a repair ship that repaired with great efficiency during the War. I am not sure if the Map allows an NPC ship but/or if there is a CV player then perhaps the player may request the ship to move to a certain location (Assuming that CV/Carriers are the Commanders in the fleet) but the NPC may reject the order/request. The setup is as follows: Same as a ship, HP, Speed, Repair Ship Structure, etc. - can be attacked Circles on sides of ship, Max of 4 ships at a time perhaps When 2 destroyers are inside a circle, maybe switch repair to the latter one that enters after 10k HP repair on first one If ship is hit by allied ships (Shells, Ramming) repair output is reduced scalingly Modules can be repaired, aircrafts can be replaced but limited Can be requested to move to specified point on map Destroyed modules can be repaired (Limited amount of times?) Decide, Ship repair rate varies by ship type (i.e: 10k HP every 2 mins for Cruisers, 5k HP repair rate for Destroyers) or just the same rate of repair Decide, When an area is captured, the ship may move automatically to the captured area or not Here is the idea that we had a while back, Positive feedback(s) are always welcome, would be great if everyone could work as a team and get good rewards. No Flaming, Haters stay away please... We all want good fun games to play. m(_ _)m
  12. CarbonMonoxide

    Detonation in co-op

    Last night, I give co-op a try I sailed with my hatsuharu an AI enemy kiev rushed towards our fleet at the beginning I opened fire, landing several rounds on him our AI concentrated on him that the kiev lose 90% hp within a few seconds then the kiev did his last resort, 4 130mm shells towards me then my hatsu exploded 12100 damage can you imagine my feeling at that moment? It really hurts and I feel even worse than detonation in pvp being one shot by an AI is already an big insultation but here, I can't even get the reassure reward(the 100% no detonation flag) and you know what? the 2 living teammates reported me!! I think either the detonation reward should cover the co-op mode or detonation of ship should be removed in co-op sometimes people suffering from bad luck or RNG or what, would play PvE for reassuring themselves I don't think detonation in PvE would make the game any better
  13. 発生した現象:Coopのマッチング待機時間が30秒になっている マップ: 全部 出現頻度: 毎回 再現性: 再現可能 重要度: 中度 詳細: バージョン0.5.8からだと思いますが、Coopのマッチング待機時間が30秒になっています。以前は1分30秒でした。 どこかのアップデートで変更されたのかと思い、0.5.5までの内容を見返したのですがどこにもそのような記述は見当たりませんでした。 設定ミスなのか意図したものなのかわかりませんので、ひとまず不具合報告という形にさせていただきました。


    Umm so this has been really grinding my gears for the past couple days on the PT server umm the bots on Co-Op I have reason to believe they're cheating right in front of our eyes because 1 I was in a battle with my favorite ship the Yamato and after I sunk I used free camera mode to look at the other ships and I noticed the Yamato that sunk me had his turrets pointed in different directions his most frontward facing turret was in my direction while his second turret was facing to port (left) and I find that unfair cause I cant do that nor can anyone else so why do bots get special treatment oh and here's a laugh for ya I was just in a battle with again my favorite ship the Yamato keep in mind it has 18 inch guns!! well I was facing a bot Montana and as we both came around opposite sides of an island I narrowly dodged his ram and shot his broadside at point blank range under 1 km away and I couldn't believe my eyes 6 ricochets?!?!? and he was broadside to me flat facing broadside and I hit his mid ship and no penetration what so ever come on guys please fix this. p.s. sorry about my grammar I was ticked off when I wrote this and I don't really care about my grammar as long as I get my point across
  15. 発生した現象:陣地占領が完了しても戦闘終了しない 艦船名: FUBUKI マップ: Co-op 砂漠の涙(通常戦) 出現頻度: 2度確認 再現性: まだ再現テストを行っていない 重要度: 重度 詳細: Co-op 砂漠の涙(通常戦)にて敵陣地を単艦で占領するも「IDS_INFO_VP_ALLY_CAPTURED_BASEWITHPOINTS」と出て戦闘終了しません。 占領ゲージの進行も単艦であるにもかかわらず早い感じでした。
  16. Flying_Endeavor

    Achievements in Co-Op (Signal Flags)

    Greetings fellow seafarers, I would like to make a suggestion regarding achievements. I have noticed after so much time playing Co-Op, I have not been able to get any of the achievements, in turn, I have also not been able to earn any of the signal flags which I adore too much. I made a terrible mistake and used up a number of the flags, and I only noticed too late that they do not have an endless supply of them. I also just recently earned the Camouflage feature of the game, however, the new look of the ship (Me personal Erie) is incomplete without the Signal Flags. I mostly play Co-Op, since I would not want to go through the headaches of PVPs, and I would also truly like to have the opportunity to earn these awards and achievements and be able to obtain the signal flags. Perhaps these suggestions could fit this request of mine: 1. Make achievements also available for Co-Op. Unless, it is too much trouble, then a compromise could be set for the achievements earned in Co-Op. See number 2. 2. Perhaps make the flags earned in Co-Op unavailable in PVPs, but those flags earned in PVPs, available in Co-Op. So, the flags earned in PVPs would weigh higher in value compared to those earned in Co-Op, cause those earned in Co-Op could only be used in Co-Op. 3. Another suggestion would just to make purchasable for in-game currency, much like the Camouflage, and they have to be resupplied right after. (Hence why purchasing it via the store would be much more beneficial. ) 4. Another one would be perhaps simply giving us flags for decoration. Basically, flags which provide no bonus whatsoever but could be obtain by any of the means above for decoration. Decoration is all I am after, basically.