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Found 6 results

  1. I My team is losing a lot in Random. My Furutaka WR is stuck at 48% since two months ago, even though my WTR has gone through the roof, at about 1100 recently. Shout out to our Kamakaze R who did a great job capping, and everyone on our side down to and including our Wyoming who did his best, all the top 7 played competently at least. Unfortunately our CVs were hopeless, made worse because we had so many potatoes on out side. This one hurts because we had all three caps mid game and looked certain to scrape the win. But seriously - matchmaking hey? With 2 ace Langleys and 2 terrible ones assigned randomly, the chances of getting two bad ones on your team is just 25%. ... so why is it always my team!?
  2. i am just realizing it that tier 6 is really a hell for carry the game as CV. i dont have a problem againts enemy CV, but i am still losing even we have air superiority. i am running Ryujo strike loadout aaand i hate lose, so my question will be : assume at tier 6~8 1. what is the most threatening ship beside CV? 2. what should i do to carry the game beside spotting enemy DD and prevent enemy CV from striking? [dont say about to YOLO the entire enemy fleet] 3. the torpedo protection on the tier 8 BB is so strong or they have more HP, any advice to deal more damage? 4. SAIPAN fighter IS SO FAST! + the player who play it is harder to deceive, and STRAFING is IMPOSSIBLE... any advice? 5. the full island map is make TB harder to strike, any advice? 6. what is better for winning, sunk the low HP ship or deal high amount of damage to full HP enemy ship? 7. if i focused on sunk all DD earlier (sacrifice planes), can it increase the chance for winning? 8. any other advice? 11. anybody use "ace combat strangereal" mod? why i cannt use this mod
  3. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    As usual to carry or not to carry

    So as mentioned will you carry or not to carry for your team but for this image below I decided to carry out for my team since our team cruiser and destroyer failed throughout and it our job as a battleships to yolo throughout.
  4. Hey guys I had a game in my Myoko a week ago and it got pretty intense. Watch this replay and tell me what you think :3 http://wowreplays.com/Replay/9494
  5. thx wg.for providing heal(4 heal) thx for the forward facing torp launcher thx for the 10.2 km stealth BEST premium ship of her tier
  6. Nishizumi_AnkoSP

    Who carry who in a battle?

    Ahoy Fellow Naval Commanders, Sometime I was thinking are we the one who carry the team for the entire battle or they carry for us, well what you all think hmmmm? Regards. Nimitz