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Found 33 results

  1. HMNZS_Riwaka

    Split Aircraft Carrier "Plane Groups"

    Hi, I am using USS Bogue and I would like to know if I can split the torpedo plane's and bomber planes into two group's Because when I play game I can not seem to split the airplane groups up into two. Thank you
  2. LordTyphoon

    I have a CV idea

    Guys, I have an idea that might revitalise CV play in WoWS, since CV gameplay is at an all-time low at the moment. Although I wouldn't say CVs are my favourite ship class (I'm much stronger with cruisers and BBs, CVs horrifically sink my stats), the impact of CVs to the history of modern warships, as well as the outcomes of major global conflicts (including WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War) is so significant that I think they are under-represented in current gameplay. Please don't be too harsh with your comments, as I am sure there are problems with my idea, but I came up with it in 15 mins so I haven't had the opportunity to figure out the kinks yet. I think that we should have carrier vs carrier battles as one of the game scenarios in WoWS. In addition to Co-op and Random Battles, CV battles will be its own battle type. Players can use carriers only, and both sides will field several carriers of matching tiers (e.g. 3 Taihos and 3 Essexs per side), with 4-6 CVs were team (or less, depending on practicality of the map, airwing size, etc.), and no players will not have full (see below) control of any escorting BBs, CL/CAs or DDs of the carrier groups. These will probably be played on the largest WoWS maps to make these battles practical. Historically, I can think of two battles in WWII in the Pacific-theatre where CV vs CV engagements were fought with neither fleet coming within visual/firing distance of each other (Coral Sea and Midway), and where the forces on either side were relatively even (at Midway, the island itself could be though of as an unsinkable carrier, but with B-17s of course). Therefore, I dont think my idea is without relevance or is unrealistic. Because carriers operated in battle groups with escorts, I don't have a solution on how to bring these other ships into the game. Making them purely AI would be boring. Historically, CV captains have some degree of authority to organise escort formations, so perhaps each CV player is allowed to control 1 escort within the fleet and position the ship accordingly (e.g. each carrier gets a cruiser of its nation for use as an AA screen, and uses the 0-key to select it and move it using autopilot, similar to how the 1-key is used to control the carrier currently). Grouping AA of cruisers together within a team could be quite devastating for the CV strike aircraft , so there will be defensive strategies in where to position them, and planes will need to exploit gaps in these escort screens. I'm not sure if there should be limitations to the distance between escorts and their carriers, or their ability to earn 'close quarter combat' for carriers should enemy carriers get close enough to the primary weapons of the escorts. Ás with current WoWS gameplay, I think CVs vs CVs will require a similar mix of individual brilliance and cooperation to ensure team victory. The exact mechanics to promote this, I have not yet come up with. The game will be a 20-minute time-limited game, but no capture-the-base or domination. The game will end either when all enemy carriers are sunk, or if the timer runs out. if the timer runs out, the team with most points wins. Sinking a carrier gives 100 pts, escort BBs sunk give 80 pts, CLs 75 pts, DDs 40 pts (or something like that). There could be some interesting tactics here (e.g. which CVs will fly combat air patrol (CAP) where, where to position fighters in an attack run, which enemy CV to focus on first, which CVs will dive bomb or torpedo bomb from which direction, diversionary attack runs, attacking fleets with planes/different types of planes from multiple angles/times to find gaps in enemy CAP). I think this can get really messy and potentially there can be a massive torpedo soup or furball fighter dogfights, but I think it will be the challenge to try to cause this, or stop this from happening, by either team depending on the situation. There is potential for this to be very fun. I think I'd enjoy this, depending on how they go with the CV rework. Imagine if both sides ran out of planes, the game becomes a serial map-wide ramming contest =D Guys please critique/build on this idea. Would love to one day play a Midway 1942 rematch as either Fletcher or Yamamoto =]
  3. Hi All, I bring you the HMAS Melbourne - the R21 - Which is a Majestic Class Light Carrier. Of World War 2 Era :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Melbourne_(R21) She would probably sit at that Tier 6 level, Planes would be either kitty hawkes, or Beaufighters - I couldn't find any carrier versions of planes, worst case scenario would be a copy over american / uk fighter. Anyways - Might be cool :) and I would definitely buy it purely because well aussie only ever had two carriers and I belive both of them had accidents
  4. Hello there comrade captains! It's been awhile since I played carrier. The last time I played CV was before they removed the manual drop on T4 and T5 CV. So i worked my way up to T6 CV and said "Yes! I can finally manual drop!". But, there is a problem. The usual manual drop button, left ALT key, doesn't seem to work. Have they changed the manual drop key? If so, what is the new key? I do not read patch notes so i'm missing a lot here. Help me comrade captains, you are my only hope
  5. S4pp3R

    The CV issue(s)

    CVs are broken atm, and I'm not talking about 'OP', I'm talking about useless... Ok, no manual drop - that's stupid and has made CVs in low tiers utter bollocks but that is not my primary issue. The loadouts are all bonkers. eg. Zuiho v Bogue You can have a situation where Bogue has 14 fighters in 2 wings vsing Zuihos 4 in 1 wing. And yes I realise this was influenced by Captain Perks, but still 12 v 4 is stupid. I could handle 8 v 12, but 4 v 14 is simply stupid. And I know this imbalance goes way up the tiers, swinging both to either nation with various configs. So my suggested solution: - Firstly why remove manual drop? Newer players? Removing it has removed 50% of the skill involved in playing CVs in the first place. (The other 50 being positioning of ship/planes). - Reduce the variation in the CVs loadouts. There should never be a situation where the numerically superior USN wings have more fighter wings than a IJN loadout, - The primary variation in CV loadouts should be between DB v TB, make it so a DB build is viable and equally a TB build is viable. If the Loadouts tier-tier have balanced fighter wings, make the loadout variation in how many TB or DBs they can bring to the battle. - Eliminate pure fighter loadouts, I'm sorry I know there are CV Captains out there who LOVE to control the skies, sweet - but with pure fighter loadouts you kill planes and spot, that's it. - Eliminate the variation in wing sizes between USN/IJN, this basically made balancing the whole thing a nightmare in the first place. Have the variation in speed or damage or health. - Let people be punished for being out of position. AA when ships group up being insane? That's fine, hell even buff it a bit at some tiers. Solo ships should feel fear when they see TB/DB wings closing in. To compensate, introduce proper tutorials about how to have effective AA (in this scenario, by staying with the fleet). So happy I didn't spend a load of creds and XP getting higher tier CVs when the entire ship type is crud.
  6. piaya

    Hybrids CVs

    Hybrid ships implementation Separate tree? Hull configurations? Premium? from reddit worldofwarthip thread Mogami CL CV Tone CL CV Ise BB CV Yamato BB CV (concept) edit: add HMS furious 1st CV hybrid configuration USN concept
  7. Imagine. Is there any admiral who actually order every plane squad to just keep the same altitude as enemy does? (e.g. high altitude should have low possibilities to be taken down, low altitude is vice versa.) I mean, even War Thunder players (got torpedo or bomb) don't approach like this. If this feature is updated, CV users should be able to plan their strategy more freely. (replacing that cancelled words => then another example, Navyfield online? #3) It does not mean to delete the current CV UI for controlling the plane squad, but wouldn't it be more fair for CV players? I personally think, something need to be done for CV. P.S. AA gun sound and effect need to be improved further. See this for further explanation about this topic. (the link will take you to reply #4 or you may scroll down.) http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/23045-cv-should-be-able-to-control-its-altitude/page__pid__296615#entry296615
  8. proaliahmadrz

    USS Carrier damage too low?

    Hello! I look for what community think about USS Carrier. To me, its relatively weak, why? 1. Only stock flight control is useful (most situation) which mean USS will always have less plane in air. 2. Unfair service time (example : 38 seconds for USS, 16 seconds IJN for reloading) & for replacing wiped squadron (IJN somewhere 30, and USS above 70 seconds!) even though the squad size difference only 2 planes! 3. Huge average damage difference, IJN always win. Here what i think to match number of aircraft in air againts IJN Bogue : AS (2FT 1DB) S (1FT 1TB 1DB) Independece: AS (2FT 1TB 1DB) S (1FT 1TB 2DB) Ranger : AS (2FT 1TB 1DB) S (1FT 1TB 2DB) *Can't tell anymore from here, not played above Ranger yet :/ If you want know more what i think for higher tier: Lexington: AS (2FT 1TB 1DB) S (1FT 1TB 2DB) Essex: AS (3FT 1TB 1DB) S (1FT 2TB 2DB) Midway: AS (3FT 1TB 1DB) S (1FT 2TB 2DB) So the main idea the USS always atleast 1 squadron of each type, without losing a single type, make upgrading flight control useful. And make the service time only 50% higher than IJN, since it's 6 vs 4 Making 2 TB in S loadout for tier V-VIII is broken (except for Essex and Midway to match Taiho & Hakuryu S loadout), so putting 1DB is more balanced, thus in reality the US always prefer DB. (correct me if i am wrong) Don't tell me to "git gud in USS!" , i know it but take a look at my stats, i am not pro but good enough as cv player . So what do you guys think, do USS need to be balance? (especially about flight control) Thank you
  9. legionary2099

    Getting flak in game

    Has anyone experience the flame and blame of in game chat ? All most 1 in every 4 of my carrier game i get something along the lines of where is your fighter ? you noob - f*** , report for poor play. I am extremely frustrated having to deal with these back stabbing ally at the same time of having to focus on controlling a horde of squadrons at the same time. Commanding a carrier is quite stressful as high tier where i have to dance between flak and fighter and i also get flak from the team - wth? There is also the type that go nuts and blame the whole team for loosing , when i tell them to stop it they throw back a torp or a gun salvo back at me lol. So i wanna ask those that are here on the forum , what do you think of a carrier captain ? A godlike being that you can crap on however you want and having to babysit every single one of the allied dots on the map or a human that is just like you who will make mistake and will sometimes lose focus on what is going around. TL;DR : this is a rant threat , i am too bloody angry for those that have shall we say a candy-ass that readily blame everything else when things when sore. I just so want to turn off the chat completely if not for the rare compliment that some guys give me
  10. legionary2099

    Upgrades reduce concealments ?

    Hi everyone i have just bought an Essex and godbless i have installed a Concealment module but : - Every flight and airgroup modification reduce concealment by 10 points (wth) lol. Guys is this a bug/ mistake or is it intentional ? I mean US cv are so hard to hide and this makes it worst
  11. Hello guys , to be honest i dont know if i should loose some steam here or go punch a bag , it's just too frustrating. I mainly play carriers , any other class i play i just sucks. I have a blank period of a few months and when i came back it was one hell of an AA fest. In the lexi i play strike (Air superiority is just [content removed] and wasteful to me) and god at match start some one blame me with xxx useless 0 1 3 where is your 2 0 2 , when i do die or unmanage to contribute i get something like : noob cv report him. And this is my point to those chats : there are 3 part of the problem : extremely powerful AA from every surface ship and constant threat from fighter + strafe. Now from my experience everyone treat cv like a devil and run everything to counter him : most surface ship i see ( BB , CA and a few DD ) run AA speced build and almost always have AA consumables. That means i always have to do a test run of 1 Db or Torp strike to test the water and then follow up with another strike. And here comes the lol AA immunity from USN BB (lower tier CV like my Ryujo cannot touch them at all even if they are yoloing like a *** , which is just simply bad from a balancing point) , also that press the invicible button most CA have. The problem with this is it limit who i can go after 1st ( rejoice not having to touch WASD for those guys ) That is fine and all until i have to deal with the AS plague from other USN cv and some Shokakus. Now , with the AS threat i have to constantly dance my strike crafts to avoid strafes and attacks and that is very hard especially with 3 1 2 shokaku with 3 strafe runs and once i do run that severely limit my present option to strike a target ( who i choose is only within reach and viable to not loose all strike crafts ). Finally the passive battle line up in which ships poke each other near maximum range which increase the distance my strikes has to cover since USN CV are big as the moon and has to sit near a corner to not get rekt. I dont know why but this problem happen the most in German BB , many tier of them tier 5-8 refuse to close to 10 km engagement and hang around 15km mark playing sniper scope snap shots. Combined the 3 and as you can see who i can attack is extremely limited , the 1st attack wave will almost always against a dd which i have no problem trashing unless its a Gearing or Fletcher. And this is the only wave that follow ups are possible. 2nd and 3rd waves are severely limited and mostly are targeted against lone wolf and here comes the problem : If that yolo happy go lucky guy has AA consumable , strike aborted for a minute and all follow up impossible ( fighters will come up so run ). IF it is a higher tier BB (8+) , he WASD and use the magic AA manual and drop all strike crafts. These can be solved via grouping attack and dispersed attack . However , with AS loadout cv rampant , lone targets are not even worth the time going for them because of inefficiency (follow up has to be made within a short 1-2 min time frame for dispersed attack and losses are too heavy for grouped attack , you cant sacrifiece 16-18 planes for targets like these). Too many time i have to bite the bullet and commit these suicide attack simply because i have no choice otherwise.For most of the time cv within 6-8 can split to 2 strike groups of 2 for an effective attack , however with the 3 problems presented they have to attack using single strike group and dance around for random possible targets , making focused deletion impossible (which is the whole point of the huge damage long reload for cv all about). US cv has it worst with no fighter to negate CA and BB planes when running strike and no damage to smash targets with puny DB when running AS load out. IJN cv are better with atleast partial fighter cover but their planes dies like flies to the everywhere AA happy AA everytime for YOLOers. So i have to smash dd most of the time which i feel very bad and the biggest threat in naval warfare has to go for screening ships - small targets mentality sucks hard. I also play dd and getting focused by cv all the time because they cant hit anyone else sucks. End of rant , thank you for reading this far for me , i appreciate it. Possible fix : 1. Increase short range AA and lower long range AA power for BB , CA stay where they are . Increase status effects ( burn, flood) chance while lower alpha damage. The change should be that any lone ship even at the top and with AA specced cannot and will not destroy or shoot down 80% even concentrated attack of 3-4+ squadrons before they drop their ordinance. I am fine when making costly strikes , i am not fine with making attack not has no effect and waste time at all. 2. Fighter focused ( Air superiority [content removed]) should get reduced fighting endurance ( idk why the developer buff US fighter ammo count ) , the current set up makes both AS load from US and IJN has very little if any down time at all and makes it impossible to get a strike window in with 3 fighters running around in IJN case. Strafe should use less ammo so that AS with reduced ammo count can go after strike crafts. 3. US planes should get more resistance to strafe attacks (a % bonus) and more resistance to manual AA via a skill or module since their big fat slow and not many squadrons die fast to these 2 skills. 4. Fighter should get a bonus to fighting each other so that dodge fight happen at quicker pace ( no more fighter action that takes a year of time to be done ). Fighters should be the most effective counter to planes , not AA from surface ships. 5. Troll : a new consumable called Fighting Spirit that makes any squadron lost within 30 seconds of activation instantly or after 15 seconds replaced by another squadron of the same type xD. Or another consumable that vastly increase aircraft speed by 15% orso for 30 seconds so that they can get a strike in and get out. 6. AA defensive fire should get lower duration for the same lethality for non specialized CA or other line than US ones. Any of these 6 changes are fine ( even 1 if implemented will make me happy ). GOOD LUCK everyone. If anybody meet a BB that charge like a moron thats me Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  12. NguyenArchitakuVN

    German carrier Graf Zeppelin

    So, as us - weebs are going absolute apesh*t after the release of some new shipgirls in Kantai Collection. I decided to do something about his new babe. Graf Zeppelin-class was originally planned as a 4-ship class, including the lead ship, Graf Zeppelin (Flugzeugträger A) and 3 other ships: Flugzeugträger B, C and D. But the plan was changed to build 2 and more smaller carriers. They were influenced by Japanese carrier designs because the German lack of experience in building carriers. Only one ship, the Graf Zeppelin was launched but never completed. However, by the spring of 1942 the usefulness of aircraft carriers in modern naval warfare had been amply demonstrated, and on 13 May 1942, with Hitler's authorization, the German Naval Supreme Command ordered work resumed on the carrier. But due to technical problems, all progress was delayed and eventually cancelled. The ship was scuttled on 25 April 1945 to prevent her from falling into Soviets hand. Armament for self-defense: 16 times 15 cm SK C/28;12 times Flak (10.5 cm); 22 times 3.7 cm SK C/30 (AA); 28 times Flak (2.0 cm). Aircraft carried: 10 Bf 109 fighters; 13 Ju 87 dive bombers; 20 Fi 167 torpedo bombers. Designed speed: Up to 35 knots. Range: More than 14.000 km or 8000 nautical miles at 19 knots. Displacement: 33,550 tonnesLength: 262.5 m Beam: 31.5 m So, if this ship is added into the Kriegsmarine tech tree in WOWS, she is likely to be a tier VI. Consider her top speed is quite impressive, her aircraft loadout is quite good indeed. You all know how good the Bf 109 performs in WWII.
  13. In addition to NA shop I mean, but everyone know that. Oh I'm so torn. Should I get her or not.. Don't think she's powerful or particularity special but.. A premium CV, that may never come back. I though i will have more time to contemplate. https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/ Asia got 7 days to decide. EU got 18 days, and NA got 14 days You have been warned LOL http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/premium-shop-20160413/
  14. And I didn't mean press alt, click on target like that. I have played Zuihou for a long time. At the time, I resign myself that I could hit 2 torps per squadron at most, because the spread is so huge. Then 2 things happen. 1 I got "distracted" by some USN CV game and forget how I play IJN CV. In USN, I drop as close as possible, (and regret choosing torp accelerate for captain.) If I do that in IJN CV, I could possibly hit with just one torp. 2 The patch make IJN torp converged, So If you drop from afar and target don't turn you could hit 3 or 4 with one squad. Now that I play Ryujo, I could auto-drop all day and get 2 torp per squad often, Probably the targets are bigger. And I have to approach with 2 group now, AA are better in this tier. Long story short, how far do you drop your torps? And how many group you bring in together. You can add how you drop in USN as well but I won't cover it in the poll
  15. DeepDarkfantasy_KR

    Need burf for US carriers

    please buff this ship: Langley: fighters are too weak i cant deal with Hosho's fighter hosho have 4 fighters but langley cant win with that Independence: need more payload its hard to kill enemy ship and Divebomber have poor accuarcy when i divebomb to enemy ship only one hits total it was not a destroyer and nerf japanese fighter's offence power or buff US fighter's offence power
  16. Hero_of_Zero

    Requirement for premium ships

    The requirement for premium CV Saipan has been release for the RU server. That are 20 win in any CV Play at least one battle in tier 5 CV. I understand that each region of WOWS operate individually and WOWS Asia may not feel like put the same restriction on their players Or you may not sell Saipan at all! But just in case you will. And perhaps you put greater restriction. LOL I assume 20 wins CV are for PVP since it make no sense if it's co-op. As of now, I have 10 win as carrier and I can't make the purchase. I'm ok with that. I can force myself into pvp to qualify Again, just in case you want to please PVE players (small player-base I know) Can you implement one of this? 1 Set higher win count for PVE. 50, 100, 200 you name it. 2 Allow PVE player to purchase and use it in Co-op. But until you complete the requirement, you can't bring Saipan into PVP. 3 Or you may look at SEA player-base as more casual, like when you implement low-requirement-low-reward for ARP mission in March. I like that actually. I do complete them even I don't like pvp. And maybe you put less restriction to Asia server. Thanks for listening Oh, by the way, thanks for the action against bot CVs, and thanks for let us know.
  17. There has been many discussion about how effective...or OP CV is. Some say if CV gunning for you, you can't survive. Some say if you do everything right, you'll take 1-2 torpedo at most. Now for those who never or rarely play carriers, but get sunk by them. I'd like to point out that you get sunk from all ships classes, not only CV. On the other hand. CV player have to try sink every type of ships. So I believe the number of how many time "torpedo drops" from CV perspective should be greater, and I ask for their opinion/experience. I value all opinion. But often enough I read from those who sunk be CV (and I did not dismiss them it does make me curious about how thing actually is, leading to this poll). Now, if you please, left this to those who play CV Now there're maybe different in performance in different situation. Maybe you run a USN CV and have a hard time nail a DD. Maybe you IJN paper planes has a hard time survive a cruise run. Maybe you play high or low tiers. Or anything. Please vote the most close to the truth choice and supply detail below if my choices do not cover your experience. Thanks for your time.
  18. Okay, I'm make this short. I'm playing my Zuihou carrier and I have 1 squadron of Fighters, 2 Torps, and one Bomber. I notice my teammate, who's playing their Ryuujou, is under fire with the enemy planes (same Ryuujou / Zuihou CVs as our team has). So, thinking I'll kill a bunch of enemy planes that are eating his planes for breakfast, I hold down ALT + click above where the enemy planes are, and my squadron does a strafing run - completely mowing down the numbers of the planes (although it says I only got 3 shot down). However, his squadron, which had 3 remaining seemed to be affected as well, as they disappeared after my squadron completed the strafing run. I asked them "did I just kill your planes?" but they didn't respond. I let my planes refuel, etc. And soon after they've done that, my torpedo bombers are getting rekt by the enemy Ryuujou's planes. So I do another strafing run, more kills and it seems my torpedo planes got hit and died... by my own fighters?! My question is, do i need to be careful when doing a strafing run as if my planes are doing a run, can they shoot down friendly planes? Or will the AI ignore damage from teammate planes? I hate to be doing strafing runs thinking I'm doing good for my team when in fact I'm team killing friendly planes. Cheers.
  19. I have been asking and searching for this matter, but it was from many many months ago or not enough trust from the answerer. So what better answer than from the Dev themself. So my question is : Are Superintendent add +1 airplane squadron to each AirFighter, DiveBomber & Torpedo Bomber on CV ? If not, will there be plan that Superintendent add+1 to airplane squadron ? The reason of it was because, there a plane icon in the skill. I don't want to choose it fear of wasting 3 skill point. Looking from it, my guess is, Superintendent does not add airplane number to your CV, because the idea of the skill were for Air Supremacy (Level 5). Another question arise ... Does Air Supremacy add+1 both Dive Bomber AND Torpedo bomber squadron ? I hope, with this thread and an answer from the developer or moderator, everything will be cleared for the current and future new Carrier (CV) players.
  20. T050189

    Houshou VS Langley MM

    I've been playing the Houshou for a while now and have all modules upgraded. On my grind to the Zuihou, I've noticed a lot of Houshou VS Langley matches. The outcome? Houshou VS Langley can still be at times manageable. However, in 2 Houshou VS 2 Langley matches, 8 fighters versus 12 just isn't going to cut it. It's nigh-impossible to play in such a game and most of the time I'm tempted to just torpedo myself, because any fighters we throw at the enemy will quite literally disappear within 10 seconds. I've gone into aerial combat in the most favourable conditions possible (both our fighter squadrons vs single enemy fighter squadron, with friendly cruiser AA support) and yet it takes out half our fighters to even score a single kill on theirs. If possible it would be great if the MM would take into account the type of carrier, seeing as all American CVs vs. all Japanese CVs (especially at such a tier) pretty much guarantees air superiority for whichever team is lucky enough to have the American CV. I've played almost 10 games in the Houshou today. Almost all were against American CVs. Those same games also had me losing aircraft in a 2:1 ratio against the enemy.
  21. Hello everyone. Just today I managed to unlock the Houshou Tier IV Japanese carrier and overall I've been liking it quite a lot. However, I'm noticing that just about every battle that I find myself facing an enemy US carrier, I can't do squat but try to avoid every plane thrown my way. Why? Well, there's a massive gap in air superiority inbetween the carriers of both nations. While Houshou is faster and has 2 torpedo bomber squadrons (Allowing for anvil attacks, something the Langley lacks), the Langley has 2 more fighters in its squadron than the Houshou does. And what this does is it makes any sort of air-to-air confrontation between a Houshou and a Langley nigh-impossible. I've had my upgraded fighters wither away in face of an enemy fighter squadron without even shooting down a single plane. Even with two squadrons teaming up from two Houshous, we still take heavy losses. Hell, I can barely manage to shoot down enemy torpedo squadrons without losing half my planes. So, I'm asking: Are there any tricks for countering this? It seems that the Houshou's fighters simply can't face off against the Langley's planes at all unless there's some sort of particular tactic involved.
  22. MeloMelonSoda

    German Carrier Tech Tree

    Latest information about German Carrier tech tree by The Chieftain. "Some Imagination" Love it, Waffentrager Zeppelin may be ?