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Found 1 result

  1. I'm posting this on the behalf of anyone else who might run into this problem. Description: It Basically as the problem states, I can normally exit the game with no effect on my computer. But there are sometimes when I exit the game you get the usual black screen but it stays a bit and then puts a grey screen. That happens really quickly then I get my desktop again and but all the programs and files I had open with my game are gone - like I had shut down and restarted. Current Status: I've had this for about 1 week I'd say from now (25th July 2016), I have updated my graphics card with a clean install and the problem hasn't occurred yet. What happens afterwards is that your graphics card will no longer function properly, even though the screen is rendering in my native resolution (1080p). So you need to restart the graphics card (restarting the computer, disabling graphics card/the service for the graphics card - I just restart computer then check if is working though 'Device Manager' - if its not then restart again or disable/enable the graphics card in device manager, it should be functioning again. I've only had this problem only with world of warships so far and that why I am posting here. Issue: 'As described above'Screenshots: None, see descriptionShip: -Map: -Occurrences: On Occasion. Reopen the game 2nd or 3rd time, or even for the first time.Tested: Have a couple of Google Chrome Tabs up, some Office programs, and Text Editors or Spotify and run the game.Severity: Since it occurs when I close the game it has minimal effect the actual gameplay, but is really annoying to occur at random.Details: 'As described above' ​System: Windows 10, Intel i5-4760, NVIDIA GTX 970, 8GB RAM o7